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Oksana Grigorieva

Violates Confidentiality with Mel

Loses Settlement Agreement

2/21/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva
-- the woman who Mel Gibson struck in the mouth -- just lost hundreds of thousands of bucks because of her big mouth ... by violating her confidentiality agreement. ... court sources tell TMZ.

It all has to do with an interview she did in October with Howard Stern.  Oksana -- who promised in her settlement agreement with Mel she would say NOTHING about him publicly -- blabbed about the actor.

In the Stern Interview:

-- Howard sympathizes about her problems with Mel, telling her she has to go forward in life.  She refers to her "painful and dark" experience and says now she wants to help others.

-- Howard asks if Mel wined and dined her.  She says it's too painful to even talk about.

-- Howard talks about how amazing the famous audio tapes are, and Oksana responds, "Life happens ... I'm still catching up on the humor part."

-- Howard, who referenced portions of Mel's rants during the interview, told her a woman shouldn't be treated that way, especially the mother of your child.  She said, "Thank you."

Apparently that was enough for a judge, because court sources tell us, hizzoner ruled Oksana was never supposed to talk about Mel -- even obtusely -- and as a result she forfeited the remaining installments of her $750,000 settlement.  We're told she was still owed half -- $375,000 ... money she now will NOT get.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana has filed for bankruptcy.  Pretty amazing, since Mel initially offered her $15 MILLION but she rejected it.



No Avatar


Just shut up and blow me...I can't forget can you be in an arguement eith someone and demmanding a blow job

212 days ago


Did Kanye also pay ambeer to keep her mouth shut?

212 days ago


im sure howard will cover it and reimburse her ............oh wait he is a jew

212 days ago


Leave to a female opportunist to think she knows but she really doesn't have a clue!! Lol full circle puffy lips!! LOL

212 days ago


This will cost her in legal fees but i don't think it rises to the level of damaging to him... especially as mel has said far worse. regardless while i dont like her i dont see this as defaming him

212 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Question: who's dumber, this dumb bitch, or Kylee Jenner? Haha, trick question, they both enjoy getting it in the rear!

212 days ago


So stupid. All she had to do is say can not comment and move on.

She will live off the child support money they all do.

212 days ago


Mel Gibson, you walking piece of chit, how dare you use money to manipulate the mother of your child. You are so stupid and arrogant, you don't even realize that your own child will grow up to hate you, and that will damage her in life. You are the sc um of the earth and a pathetic human being.

212 days ago


P.S. That judge should be taken off the bench, because she did not say anything about Mel Gibson in that interview. She only spoke about her own position.

212 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Dam this click just seems to be getting dummer & dummer

212 days ago


You know Gibson is laughing his ass off. See what greed get's you. Nothing.

Christ, 15 million wasn't good enough and now it's nothing.

212 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Frankly, that was a stupid stipulation to put in such a small amount payout to a woman who had Mel's child, and is bringing up that child. It makes me sad that there is so little regard for a woman going through pregnancy and childbirth. All anyone thinks about is Mel's money. Well, if he doesn't want to part with it, them tell him not to have a child with the woman. Her baby deserves to be supported by the father, who is more than capable to take financial care of her, and the baby coes with a mother!

212 days ago


Now she can make the big bucks selling the details to TMZ

212 days ago


Blame the mistress..she only wanted cash Bonus: Aging Actoritis, insecure, alcoholic racist who believes in talking snakes and jesus

212 days ago


LOL, Stern, the ol bastard, he knew excactly what he was asking and why. I consider this as Oksana's 'back door' application for Vivid/TMZ . . .

212 days ago
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