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Joe Jackson

Someone Bailed Me Out of Tax Debt

2/24/2014 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has a mysterious benefactor ... who just bailed him out of tax debt ... and we think we know who that person is.

Joe owed just over $70,000 in back California taxes ... way back, as in 1996. 

Joe just didn't pay ... but suddenly -- 4 days ago -- the debt was cleared.

Joe doesn't have a lot of spare cash lying around these days, so who paid the dough? It's highly unlikely/out of the question that the Michael Jackson Estate anted up for Joe.

So the logical person is the one we're going with -- Katherine Jackson, who gets around $100K a month from the Estate. And even though Katherine and Joe don't live together, he has a lot of influence over her. And there's this ... his last known address is Katherine's house.

Educated guess, but we'd put money on it.



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Lol so what will happen when prince turns 18 and gets control of his fathers money? Will the family still have their hand out?

150 days ago




150 days ago

Gsharon 710    

If Katherine did it, so what? Michael knew it was best not to leave money in Joe's name because of his get rich ideas, and lawsuits. I am sure Katherine is doing what their son would have wanted. I would not worry about the family going after the children's money, Katherine has her own and his estate holders are doing a good job when they take home their paycheck. If the estate paid it, it is to keep the family from the subject of how Michael signed his last will on a day he was not close to Calif.

150 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

You bastards wanna call him an ape, too? Don't make me bring Farrakhan back out.

150 days ago


What a loser. It's time for a dirt nap Joe. R.I.P.

150 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Harold Ramis, a true comedy icon, passed away this morning... yet there goes TMZ, posting yet again about this worthless PoS.

Get it together, Harvey and Co.

150 days ago

John T.    

Looks like Kathrine is spending that 6 million load she got from Mikes kids. Hope when they can control their own money she can this blood sucking family. They have no shame. The kids have to see through the grandparents.

150 days ago


Great, couldn't have happened to a worse human being.

150 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

A senile old lady being strong armed into giving cash to a disgusting old man.
You just know that the rest of those Jackson dirt bags are scamming the old lady out of that money.

150 days ago



150 days ago


What a slimeball.

150 days ago


You're welcome Joe.

150 days ago

mj fan forever    

Every dime comes from Michael Jackson's children's allowance of course!!! NO surprise that greedy unnatural mother Katherine made sure to manage it and had even gotten an increase from Michael ALSO to finance her parasite hubby just like her. So even if the Estate doesn't pay Joe's debts it does through the allowance it pays for the children anyway. He shouldn't get a dime from Michael Jackson's money as he wanted, not even indirectly, it's not fair WTF??!!! Katherine supports her whole family of parasites with that money, no wonder the Estate pays $3 million for Michael Jackson's children, plus Katherine's vices etc and of course her worthy hubby is included, it's only a damned shame!!!

150 days ago


But all those kids he touched dont get a dime??

150 days ago


Ur out ur mind if think these spawned science projects will get "control" of MJ's money. I love how all the people who were a part of his real legacy are labeled leaches, but these lily white kids are so entitled to hundreds of millions of dollars. GTFOHWTBS. If these kids were black, no one would care what they got. In fact, as cruel as the public is, you would be clowning them too.

The estate probably paid it as they should. MJ's estate generates tens of millions annually, how could anyone sit and watch his parents suffer? I'd come from my grave and haunt your phuckin organs til ur dying day. MJ would not want his family to suffer. He many not wish to support them, but suffering would not be an option either.

150 days ago
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