2 Chainz Death-Defying Strippers Join Tour After $4K Rainstorm

2/27/2014 1:33 PM PST

Two death-defying strippers/acrobats made 2 GRAND EACH -- IN 15 MINUTES -- when they performed for 2 Chainz  this week in Phoenix ... so impressive, he's booked them on his tour!

The video is a thing of beauty ... Spyda and Magic defying the laws of gravity during their breathtaking routine at Essex Gentleman's club ... while 2 Chainz littered the place with cash.

The women tell us 2 Chainz was so impressed by their contortions he invited them to a VIP room afterward so they could talk business ... and then asked them to join him full time on his tour.

Spyda and Magic say they're still waiting to finalize the deal ... but fingers crossed. And legs and arms.