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'The Bachelor'

Lawyer Vanishes in Court

To Become New Bachelorette

2/27/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's been a mysterious disappearance in a notorious murder caper in Atlanta ... and TMZ has put the pieces together and the missing person ... IS THE NEW BACHELORETTE!

There have been rumors Andi Dorfman -- the smoking hot lawyer lady who dumbed herself down to impress "Bachelor" Juan Pablo -- will become  the next "Bachelorette".

So here's our smoking gun that it's true.  Andi is currently in the middle of a murder trial in Atlanta and she has mysteriously just taken a leave of absence -- and no one in the Fulton County D.A.'s Office will say why.

Here's the thing.  We've now confirmed that Andi is indeed this summer's "Bachelorette."

So case closed.



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I'm sure that since Harvey was an attorney, he would know, she's answering the Judge on a Motion to Compel by Defendant's attorneys in which they claim not all discoverable material was turned over during the discovery period. Also, this couldn't be at Trial because as Harvey would also know, discovery motions are no longer heard after the pretrial conference; all Motions and Motions in Limine are heard prior to; the fact that she's only saying "We gave them everyone" doesn't show she's smart, matter fact, I could put up any one of my paralegals and they can do the same thing. If she was doing closing arguments fine, but where does that clip blow our minds? Goodness... that was definitely dumbed down.

153 days ago


LMAO what a dumb a$$!! Knowing the show is a total fixed farce this broad decides to go for seconds?!? Desperate much!!

153 days ago


If you shaved her head and put her next to JP they could be twins...creeeeeeepeh

153 days ago


What kind of lawyer takes a leave in the middle of a *murder trial* to be on reality TV, of all things?? Unbelievable. She must be third chair or less, because if she were lead on the case I would also have to ask "what kind of judge ALLOWS it?"

153 days ago


I don't care what the reason is, barring a death in the family or a bad illness, no lawyer should just up and abandon a trial.

153 days ago


Let's face it people didn't like Juan Pablo because although he is white..he's not american white and the women were not use to a latin man...This bachelor just goes to show that a BLACK bachelor will never happen..White american is not ready to accept anything thats not white and blue eyed as a symbol of beauty to be wanted..Most white americans are racist whether they acknowledge it or not..Every other bachelor has done the exact same things this guy has done and worse...The shows track record PROVES IT...He's just not an american white boy which is why he is not accepted.

153 days ago

Bob Kennerson    

I think the reason she quit the show is because when they were spending the night in the fantasy suite, he wouldn't let her do him with a strap on. She's a know it all, abrasive biatch. Men don't like women like her.

153 days ago


TERRIBLE CHOICE. She's annoying, condescending and VERY BORING. That t will definitely be the first season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad that I won't watch!!!

153 days ago


I really liked her and hoped JP would pick her but after that stunt she pulled. Really grow up you know what you signed up for and if you didn't like him you should have left earlier. She just wanted to be the bachelorette ridiculous!!!

153 days ago


From one stupid show to another!! They never learn.

153 days ago


Hot piece of ass

153 days ago

Honey Bear    

So Juan Pablo "you don't understand English" give me a break!!!!!! You look so dumb when you say "I don't understant"!!!! To me it looks like all you want is a female that you can kiss and make that god awful sound as well as f--k, that seems to be what's on your mind. Stop pawing the women's face that is very bothersome - don't touch the face. And all of the crying you are worse than a 2 year old. You need to pull up your big boy pants and be a MAN not a baby!!! Do you know how to dress without looking like you just got out of bed? You do not look like you know how to take a bath - you need to hosed down!! What's up with the greasy hair - wash your hair. You were a piss pour choice as the bachelor. I didn't think the show could chose a looser like you, just shocked that you were the choice. Bad move!!!!!

153 days ago


Didn't she just trash the whole process??

Sure seems a bit conflicting....

153 days ago


I will definitely not be watching the show with her on it. She is full of herself and is a liar, a lawyer and trained to just talk her way out of things. The way she talked to jp seemed so planned out and calculated, like she knew she didn't like him from way long ago and decided to build a case against him at the very end to become the next bachelorette. Poor choice abc. Only authentic and wife material girl on there was Rene.

153 days ago


I don't get how a 0:28 second clip shows her "kicking ass" in court.

150 days ago
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