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Kim Kardashian

Vienna Ball

Insulted Me With Kanye 'Black Face'

2/27/2014 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
stormed out of the hoity-toity Vienna Ball after some white dude working the event came up to her in black face, pretending to be Kanye West!

Kim was paid $500K to be the guest of Richard Lugner, an Austrian businessman who has a long history of paying starlets half-a-mil to be his arm candy at the Vienna Annual Opera Ball.

Lugner just did an interview trashing Kim for not sticking to the program, saying, "Kim is annoying me."

But we're told she was taking pics with Lugner when a guy who was working the ball came up to her ... IN BLACK FACE acting like he was Kanye.  She walked away from the guy, but had to stay another hour and a half.

The final straw.  A short time later a guy came up to Kim and asked her to dance.  She said she wasn't a good dancer, and then the guy responded, he would dance with her if the orchestra played "N****rs in Vienna." 

Kim is saying there were other problems.  She told her people Lugner was aggressive, at times grabbing her and imploring her to lose her security.  She said Lugner was trying to be alone with her.

And, we're told a lot of this was caught on tape because Kim was shooting for her reality show.


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LMAO... What did she think he was paying her for? Stimulating conversation and the pleasure of her company?

209 days ago


Trick, puhlease...

209 days ago


Why would she do this? Women that have done this had a fading career. Geri Halliwell aka ginger spice

209 days ago


Seriously, why would she do this? To be a married woman with a newborn child and all the money in the world -- what could you possibly hope to gain by being on the arm of a sleaze-ball / slime bucket for a paltry $500,000? Clearly, class and integrity are not among her values (or virtues) ... unless she REALLY wanted to go to that ball and had no other way of getting in ...

209 days ago


she is engaged and planning a ridiculous "royal" wedding and just had a baby with Kayne, yet being an old rich guy's escort in Austria.

Bet Kim and Kris were keeping this from Kayne and then going to go shopping with the pimpcome after?

209 days ago


Bullshlt. She pulls the race card to excuse her refusing to play the whore that she was being paid to play? Not buying it.

209 days ago


If she wants to stop people calling her a glorified porn star then quit wh0ring yourself out for the cash. Is she capable of saying no?

209 days ago


Kim it's truly time to face the music and if this situation doesn't open your eye NOTHING will.
You have just been publicly humiliated by a billionaire and treated like a whore

209 days ago


What do you expect when your being paid like a hoe? Your gonna be treated like a hoe. Because you hoed yourself out for big bucks for a night. U R A HOE!!!!!!!

209 days ago


Why would he let her do that, with all the money they both have. GREEDYass people.

209 days ago


Kanye must not be as rich as he claims if he has to rent out his fiancée...

209 days ago


And where was momma Kris while all this was happening. Kim already said in another interview that Kris would be dancing with the old guy because she does not like to dance. Maybe momma can give the old guy what he wants after all she does need to earn her 10%

209 days ago


Didn't Kim claim the last guy using racial slurs to her at the doctors office was "caught on tape" too - but that never appeared. I think we are seeing a new pattern appear from Kim when she is getting bad press - cry racism!

209 days ago


Kris jenner stl in charge .!! Filthy greedy !!!

209 days ago


The ****ed up thing with this is that in this day n age is the racism that still exists in the world. N***** in the Vienna? What a ****in idiot!!! I honestly hope that people wake up and smarten up. If not then shut the **** up who ever people choose its their choice. If ya dont like it turn the station read a different magazine better yet try this one MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS

209 days ago
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