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Man Sues for $1.5 Million

They Only Gave Me ONE NAPKIN!!!

2/27/2014 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

has made a new golden arch enemy -- a California man is suing the company for $1.5 MILLION ... because he says he only got ONE NAPKIN with his meal.

Webster Lucas claims he was stiffed on napkins at the Mickey D's in Pacoima, CA on January 29th -- after ordering a Quarter Pounder Deluxe -- and when he went up to the counter to ask for more, he was rudely rebuffed by the manager ... who insisted he already got some.

According to his lawsuit, Lucas -- who is black -- then retorted, "I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn't come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat."

That's when Lucas says things got racist -- claiming the manager (a Mexican-American) mumbled something about "you people."

Lucas subsequently emailed the general manager to complain -- insisting he couldn't work because of the "undue mental anguish" he was suffering as a result of the napkin debacle -- and says he was insultingly offered free burgers in return.

Lucas wants to super size instead -- $1.5 million.


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see if he had got the napkin there way. maybe he would of got the burger his way .then he could of got the napkin one or tow ways u think .lolholla @meeee

204 days ago


see if he had got the burger his way, then may-b they would have gave him the napkin his way. holla @ me what u think? lol

204 days ago


What An Idiot!! Grow A Pair .Ball's That Is.

204 days ago


What An Idiot! Grow A Pair ,Ball's That is..

204 days ago


And People Wonder Why People Say " You People" Hellooooo

204 days ago


this is stupid... theres ****ing napkin dispensers next to the soda fountains in every mcdonalds ive ever been to

204 days ago


Hey Webster Lucas. Can you hear me? Good. Listen up. Your a useless wart on society! Get a F@CKING real job you P.O.S.! You need an ass whopping and should go back to the hole you came from. And if you want to call me racist thats fine. Im racist against blood sucking leaches on society like you!!!

203 days ago


I guarantee there is more to this than what is being reported. I mean, first off, who goes back into a McDonalds to ask for more napkins? Aren't they usually in dispensers out in the dining area? Second, what possible reason could the employees there have to refuse giving him napkins? I'm willing to bet he was belligerent when he went in there and his attitude is what got him denied. Then he suffers "mental anguish" that prevents him from working after the manager, who is Mexican-American, says "you people" in a comment? Perhaps he was referring to difficult customers, rather than black people. Maybe, it was Mr. Lucas' belligerent attitude that provoked the manager. Now, I'm not saying that the manager was justified and if he did say that, then he needs to reprimanded up to and including, termination. But in NO way does Mr. Lucas have a right to a 1.5 million handout! He stopped working because he found a way to exploit the judicial system and not have to work any more. I'm sure the lawyer he hired is the main one constructing this scenario in order to get that huge payout. I hope his case is dismissed and he just fades back into obscurity where he belongs.

203 days ago


dumb you're not even going to get free burgers!!

203 days ago



203 days ago


how many napkins do you need for a quarter pounder? McDonalds should let him sue and then make him pay their legal expenses also. The way to stop all the nonsense lawsuits is to make the loser pay all the expenses, maybe then jerks like this will stop trying to get a quick buck. Oh wait a minute if he does lose he will be to distraught to work and then we will all have to pay for him!!!!!!!!!!!!

203 days ago


I would say he definitely qualifies as "you people" ...the you-stupid-trying to get free ride- jerk-lazy-people

202 days ago


Well they mess up my coffee 10 times out of 10 so that should be worth a few milli?

201 days ago


Webster Lucas spent time in prison for sodomizing an 18 year old and admitted to smoking PCP on a daily basis. Where is that in your story TMZ?

Huffingtonpost has the full details.

198 days ago

Uncle Fester    

This lawsuit should be dismissed.

197 days ago
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