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Levi Johnston

Bristol's Hijacking Our Son

3/1/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston
is sick of Bristol Palin treating him like he doesn't exist -- claiming she's been traveling around the country with their son Tripp ... and he wants her held in contempt.

Levi just filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- asking the judge to order Bristol ... who's currently going to school in Arizona .. to return their son to Alaska STAT.

Levi claims Bristol up and took Tripp to Arizona in January -- and all he got was a text.

During their custody battle, Levi claims both parents were ordered to keep Tripp in Alaska unless they both agreed he could travel.

Sources close to Bristol tell us, Levi's just trying to start drama because she called him out last year for not paying child support -- he's known all along Bristol goes to school in Arizona.  And, she says Levi never sees the kid anyway ... so his whining is ridiculous.


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Bristol is a bad mom, just like her dingbat idiot braindead mom Sarah Failin

Tripp is gonna end up a teen dad just like his slore mother

173 days ago


Levi just trying to extend his 15 mins of fame. Perhaps he wants to be on dancing with the stars.

173 days ago


I wish the best for the child but Levi seems to file these petitions and drops the ball and does not follow through. We either see him on TV or in a blog saying the same thing almost annually. How much money does he and his wife make selling these stories to tabloids?

173 days ago


Please, like he cares! The kid wouldn't even be here if the idiot boy wonder had been capable of putting on a condom.

173 days ago

Get educated     

That poor kid has no chance considering who his mom,dad, and grandma are.

173 days ago


Regardless of whether Levi knew Bristol was attending school in Arizona or not she still needed Levi or the courts permission to take Tripp out of Alaska. That's the law.

173 days ago


Hooray for Levi! It's about time Bristol was held accountable for her arrogance and pure hate that has kept him from his son.

Best of luck, Levi. Your son needs your and Sunny's "feet on the ground" influence.

173 days ago


Bristol Palin's Mother is an idiot....

173 days ago


play by the rules, bi_ch!

173 days ago

Not Amused 519    

You know TMZ - you probably should have mentioned that Bristol has been going to school in Arizona for almost 3 years now. It was never a problem for Levi until he wanted out of paying child support since he already owes 65k... After he blew 200k that he got for posing in playgirl buying trucks and atv's.

173 days ago


She cannot go wherever she pleases with their child PERIOD. It's illegal.

173 days ago


Doesn't that super dopey grandmomma who Bamboozled the working class and below out of millions with crap boox and nonsense speeches And the teen knock up artist with paid appearances and reality $ have enough???? Is this innocent victim errr child really in danger of starving, no shelter or clothing So dumb

173 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

She's in school in Arizona? That stupid whore is just like her dipshlt mother, hopping from school to school until she finds one that is dumbed down enough to give her a degree.

173 days ago


levi is so creepy. and those nude pics? not appealing! I would run away from him too!

173 days ago


Considering the fact that they have the court do***ents at their disposal TMZ did a poor job of reporting the fact that Bristol has removed Tripp from the State of Alaska without permission. This is the part of the order that Bristol ignored:

This Standing Injunction is effective immediately upon delivery to the party or the party's
attorney, and shall remain in effect until the Entry of Decree.

A. Neither party shall allow the removal of any child who is the subject ofthis action
from the State of Alaska without written consent of the other parties or an order from the

BE ADVISED that by receiving this do***ent, you have been ORDERED by the court to
follow its directives, just as if you had been personally in a courtroom and this order had been given
to you personally by a Judge of the Superior Court. Failure to follow this Domestic Relations
Procedural Order is a serious matter. Failure may result in your paperwork being rejected by the
court and will result in delay of the court's consideration of any relief you are requesting. Further,
failure to follow this Domestic Relations Procedural Order may subject you to other sanctions, for
example being ordered to pay the other party's attorney fees and costs, being found in contempt of
court, etc.

173 days ago
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