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Liza Minnelli

Ellen Called Me a Drag Queen ...

And it Wasn't Funny

3/4/2014 6:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Liza Minnelli didn't like the joke Ellen DeGeneres cracked about her at the Oscars ... suggesting she was actually a drag queen.

Liza and a male companion hit up Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood Monday night ... and Liza made it clear -- Ellen's joke backfired big time. 

Liza's note to Ellen:  She should have stopped and acknowledged they were friends, but instead Ellen blew through to the next joke, so it sounded mean.

But Liza says she's sure Ellen was filled with the best of intentions.


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Is she on drugs

196 days ago


A drag queen is a male that dresses up as a female, so isn't Ellen Degenerate the real drag queen ? She dresses up like a man, or drag "king" she's calling Liza what she/he (ellen)actually is..too funny!

196 days ago


Liza is a one of a kind star. Ellen is a nobody. . Some nerve speaking badly about a legend. Disgusting Ellen.

196 days ago


Seriously, who likes Ellen? Who watches that ? Embarrassing.

196 days ago


Isn't a drag queen a male that dresses up like a female? So Ellen is actually a drag king..not just looks like one IS one, oh the irony!

196 days ago


This Nation has gotten away from "Respecting your elders" The joke is funny of course if it is not made about your self. All these comments like they all laughed it is okay, well hey, they are jumping off cliff okay everyone is doing it so relax it must be okay...... This Country cannot tell between good and bad or the use of common sense anymore

196 days ago


Liza is the #1 actor drag queens emulate. She has always embraced that but suddenly she is offended. I don't think Ellen was being mean spirited.

196 days ago


The joke wasn't exactly at Liza. It was more aimed at the fact that she has sooo many female impersonators.

196 days ago


So much for respecting your elders. Of course it is funny if the joke is not about yourself. Everyone thought it was funny so that means its okay, just like everyone is jumping off a cliff that must mean its okay, when the fact of the matter not everyone thought it was funny and not everyone is jumping off cliffs.

196 days ago


Oh Grow up people and quit making trouble where there is none! Ellen does not do " mean ". Ellen and Liza are friends. Liza's live appearances are rare. Liza does have more Drag Queen impersonators than personal appearances...who are men. It was a complement. Liza has a great sense of humor, and took it like the Pro that she is. If Ellen had wanted to be mean, she could have mentioned her missing bra, which was her standout feature of the evening. Her face looked fabulous.

196 days ago

Ken Ochsenhofer    

The joke was....that so many dragqueens dress up as Liza tha..t Hey are you an imposter too or are we actually lucky enoughg to have the real thing in our presence. Cher and Marilyn Monroe would have gotten the same joke. It's a compliment to be a Diva!

196 days ago


Lighten up, you drugged-up old hag. Be happy Ellen mentioned you at all, since you've been irrelevant for the past decade. Everyone else thought the joke was hilarious.

Side note: Why would this woman need two tries (with assistance, mind you) before she could negotiate a 4-inch sidewalk curb?

196 days ago


Ellen was a little bitchy, not only to Liza but to the 84 year old actress who was in Nebraska, (pretending that the 84 year old was hard of hearing)... I'm surprised that she was making jokes at other people's expense... she should have known better... it would have been hurtful if people made jokes at Ellen's expense..and God knows there's a lot they could have made fun of her about, and in a hurtful way as well...

196 days ago


When Ellen made the joke I actually thought Liza was a drag queen because she looked so different than when I had last seen her. Once I saw her again I think she has had some recent work, but I like her look - it softened her look. Ellen should maybe check with people before the show to see if they feel comfortable being the butt of a joke. Some jokes are funny and some are not depending on which side of the joke you're on.

196 days ago


Sorry Liza but you spent YEARS abusing booze and drugs.
You look TERRIBLE and the face work didn't do you any good.

196 days ago
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