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Justin Bieber

Penis is a Moving Target

Hard to Blur

3/5/2014 6:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miami Beach cops are having technical difficulties with Justin Bieber's penis ... because it moves too much.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... they fully intend to release more jailhouse videos of the dainty jailbird ... including one showing him peeing into the visible jail toilet.  The judge previously ordered cops to blur Bieber's junk before releasing it ... we mean the video.

But there's a problem ... Our sources say they're having trouble obfuscating Bieber's genital area, because he moves as he pees.  But they're also having technical issues blurring the video.

We're told the police tech team has been working on the problem non-stop since Tuesday. 

The judge will review the police department's handiwork before releasing the video.


No Avatar


Wheres the pics of Obama's daughters on the toliet? Im sure if child molesters want to use the Freedom of Information Act to view them, they can right? Lets see them.

232 days ago


too funny

232 days ago

Lisa G    

I don't care for JB but how is this OK? Those videos and pics should not be released.

232 days ago


Gsharon710 do you live in Siberia or something? He's not a child & he is acting like a pompous ass due to his bank account. As an ADULT, you get treated like you treat others & he treats others like they're less than human. What a terrible arguement to push. Yeah, he is someone's son but so was Ted Bundy. Go defend that guy. It makes about as much sense. I know Bundy killed people but give Bieber time. There is an o.d., car wreck or deap prostitute there somewhere.

232 days ago


Wth why are they working so hard to blur a video of jb penis? Smh this is ridiculous

232 days ago


this is where tax money is going!? Blurring Justins penis non stop since tuesday. The hell....

232 days ago


not ****ing cool

232 days ago


This is the stupidest **** ever .

232 days ago


Why r the police releasing these dumb videos anyway?

232 days ago


This makes me sick.. really gonna use tax payers money to figure out how to blur biebers snatch? Why does this need to be released to the public soo bad they need a judge to determain if his p lips are blurred enough. I seriously feel sick to my gut. I'm sure tax payers are paying for this.. for something that will do the public absolutly no good, other than tmz worshipping it for 2 weeks after its release. I never felt soo ashamed to call myself american.

232 days ago

Fat Matt    

This is SO absurd. These cops don't have anything better to do than sit around editing a video of justin bieber plssing?! The punt of media attention this little scab gets is in-fncking-sane. And really, what's the societal value in releasing this video anyway?! The police are actually pandering to tabloid and Bieber fans. That's a horrendous spin on "To protect & serve"...

232 days ago


That poor, poor, police tech.

232 days ago


I kind of find it funny how the trial gets deley after deley after deley what are the police hiding now. It's makes me wonder maybe their have second thougth he hasn't even met with the Judge to give them his evedince. It kind of worries me that the Prosecution is taking the sweat or d#mn a## time if you have a d#mn case then try it already. I think the prosecutor is afaid and doesn't really want this to go to trial I can see them dealing after the see Justin lawyer evedince .

They haven't yet see Justin's lawyers evedince that might flip the prosecutor mind why risk it if it brign reasonable doubt. and it does.

232 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Why do we have to see video of him In jail anyway. Ridiculous. Screw the media

232 days ago


why do they want to release this tape anyways? its none of our business what goes on, so why do they need to release it so bad....I am so sick of corrupt policemen and politicians. There should be an overhaul on EVERYONE in those two fields....and that is just starters for me....

232 days ago
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