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MJ's Alleged Son

"Dad" Speaks Out

He Warned Me About DNA Lies

3/8/2014 12:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A man has come forward claiming he's the real father of 31-year-old Brandon Howard -- NOT Michael Jackson -- telling TMZ, Howard warned him earlier this week the DNA story would be breaking ... and told him it was phony baloney.

65-year-old Augie Johnson tells us, he fathered Brandon during his relationship with Brandon's mom, Miki Howard in the 80s -- and has remained a central figure in Brandon's life.

He tells us, he was in the delivery room when Brandon was born and even brought Brandon to recording studios as a child. We've seen multiple family photos of them together.

Augie says they're so close ... Brandon called him days before TMZ broke the story about the DNA test, telling him, "Don't worry about this stuff. You are my dad."

Augie insists his son had nothing to do with the DNA stunt -- telling us the "greedy people" around Brandon are the masterminds.

As for Brandon resembling MJ -- Augie says it's purely a coincidence. If anything, Brandon resembles Michael AFTER surgery -- so there's actually no resemblance at all.


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1. If you didn't know or believe who your father was, would you wait to get a DNA test at age 30?

2. If you thought a wealthy celebrity was your father would you get a DNA test immediately and when he died, file a claim with his estate ASAP?

3. How many people name another child with the same name as a child you lost during childbirth? None

4. Jermaine was an "associate" of Miki Howards years ago.

5. If MJ was Brandon's father, Brandon would have been moved into the Hayvenhurst house the same as Joseph's son Donte was. Other MJ look-alike kids lived with and/or were supported by the Jackson family like Obee and Frank Cascio. Only the males make it to Hayvenhurst because the dance or look like MJ. The females produced out of wedlock don't make the house like Jermaine's daughter Dawn and Tito's Tanay.

6. Brandon wasn't the mastermind of this scam. It was Alki David. Brandon did provide Alki with his DNA saliva, so he knew this scam was doing down.

7. Augie Johnson and Miki Howard are giving statements now to clear their name and reputations defamed by Alki David's scam.

8. When you listen to Alki's video of the DNA results, it is NEVER said who the father is.

9. When Alki David admitted to TMZ he tampered with the DNA logo on the DNA report, he thus defrauded the owner of the real logo company (if there was ever a DNA report to begin with and not a blank copy printed off the internet).

231 days ago


Smh I just don't understand the people's minds work in this day and age. The crazy think about genetics are you never know who you're going to look like. Secondly never take stop stating opinions like it's law ( crazy) . Third I didn't know that all of you were in Mikki or Michael's bed at night. He could very well be his son . So ignorant I swear !! Tmz was scared that Michael could actually be normal for a sec then it would make their stories less appealing. Just because a Man releases a statement claiming to be his father does not make it fact. If that's all it takes then I'm a multi millionaire -.-

231 days ago


He looks more like Sr. Jackson. Than he does MJ. Which still makes him, a double loser& a triple douce bag.

231 days ago


**douche** stupid iPhone.

231 days ago


What a piece of sh*t this Howard is. And he is recording music? Good luck trying to get people to buy it after you tried to scam MJ's family.

231 days ago


Great story. Compelling and rich.

231 days ago

Margarida Maria    

To put an end to this whole story, Brandon's father Howard, Augie Johnson, should do the DNA test, along with Brandon, to prove his paternity. Or he, Augie, also wants to have their minutes of fame through Michael Jackson ?
Because the mother of Brandon, Miki Howard, or Billy, also does not say who is the father of her boy ? Either she doesn't know ? Brandon is the son of Augie or Joe Jackson?
Because Michael Jackson in his song "Billie Jean", says that's not his son.
All this looks like a circus.
TMZ wants to see the circus to burn !

231 days ago


First of all, every body knows Michael Homo-Jackson would never have sex with a female!!

231 days ago


They are SO close....he CALLED him ! And not only that...he reassured him that he was indeed his real dad.

231 days ago

Miss D-L    

Ok, so no one ever thought meet all the pretenders
and have them do a DNA family test group? I mean,
if they are the children of MJ, should not there be a
relevant link between all the results ?

That would explain everything !

Just saying lol

231 days ago


Where is Maurie? Augie, you are not the father! Michael, you are not the father!! Joe Jackson, you are the father.

231 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Isn't funny how no one can even imply MJ had sex with an adult or a female or a human without it being a joke. It's about as believable as MJ not bleaching his skin or having only two plastic surgeries.

231 days ago


OK if anyone showing off wouldn't it be Augi? Let me get this straight it's his son and not MJ why is it that Brandon don't got Johnson last name but the mother's? I believe he was not the father of Brandon and believed Miki cheated so Brandon didn't get Auto last name. No on knows if he is or not.Was on the News here in LA not TMZ

231 days ago


That boy looks nothing like this "Dad" . He looks like a combo of MJ and Micki Howard. The chin,lips, eyes, chin,and widow's peak are Jackson traits. The skin color and ears are all Micki
Micki was a *gospel* singer. If that kid isn't Michael's then someone might want to hand Katherine a tissue. Joe and MJ's brothers have always been dogs. That kid is a Jackson.,..but from which Jackson son(or father)? Vitiligo is inherited and starts to show in the 20's . All everyone has to do is wait.

231 days ago


Joe Jackson dirty little secret is out! That professional relationship he had with miki paid off lol!

230 days ago
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