MJ's Alleged Son "Dad" Speaks Out He Warned Me About DNA Lies

3/8/2014 12:34 AM PST

Michael Jackson's Alleged Son -- "Dad" Speaks Out ... He Warned Me About DNA Lies


A man has come forward claiming he's the real father of 31-year-old Brandon Howard -- NOT Michael Jackson -- telling TMZ, Howard warned him earlier this week the DNA story would be breaking ... and told him it was phony baloney.

65-year-old Augie Johnson tells us, he fathered Brandon during his relationship with Brandon's mom, Miki Howard in the 80s -- and has remained a central figure in Brandon's life.

He tells us, he was in the delivery room when Brandon was born and even brought Brandon to recording studios as a child. We've seen multiple family photos of them together.

Augie says they're so close ... Brandon called him days before TMZ broke the story about the DNA test, telling him, "Don't worry about this stuff. You are my dad."

Augie insists his son had nothing to do with the DNA stunt -- telling us the "greedy people" around Brandon are the masterminds.

As for Brandon resembling MJ -- Augie says it's purely a coincidence. If anything, Brandon resembles Michael AFTER surgery -- so there's actually no resemblance at all.