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Katy Perry's Fired Stripper

Back on the Grind

3/15/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The stripper who was fired for taking photos with Katy Perry -- inside a strip club -- is back in the good graces of the stripper gods ... TMZ has learned, after breaking the cardinal strip club rule she got her job back ... but with one G-string attached.

Sources tell us, Cassidy (her stripper name) received a call from Spearmint Rhino honchos, informing her she could have her job back -- but she's not allowed to work at the Santa Barbara location where she was fired.

Instead, we're told Cassidy is now back working at a nearby Spearmint Rhino location in the decidedly less tony Oxnard.

TMZ broke the story ... Cassidy lost her stripper Santa Barbara job last month after management found out she'd been taking pics with Katy inside the strip club ... A HUGE NO-NO. TMZ later posted the pics.

Ain't nuthin' but a g strang.


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She's ugly, won't be too long til she's effing for cash

189 days ago


wow, it ain't like she couldn't find somewhere else to take off her clothes and make late night dates....

189 days ago

Sandi Alexandra Nathan    

I hope I remembered the right password to login atm!

If it doesn't work, I'll be back after I re-set it (YET AGAIN!... sometimes even the CORRECT password used to login, has returned with a message telling me it's wrong?)
My 2nd try here & lets see how long it takes me to re-set, if this one is wrong too, hehe :)

189 days ago

Sandi Alexandra Nathan    

Hey there Harvey, Charles, Raquel, Van, (WE miss Max & where is he?), KELLY -U rock Kentucky Lady!-{fave in AM segments & LOVE her valid WORDS & STORIES}, Chevonne-*hope I spelled it somewhat correct?}-we've GROWN to LOVE U, ..... who else? ummmm..... oh yeah, David, Peter{Irish guy?}, & I know their names while I watch, respectively, but never all at once, but the "THREE AMIGOS", as we call them, (you guys-especially "Larry" in middle, come out with some of the funniest, spontaneous & pure GOLDEN stuff & never fail to make us crack up... Oh, I mean, "laugh ourselves to bits", we don't get crack here ;), ummmmmmm, Oh yeah, hey there to Mike & loving how much hard work you do to bring us some of the best Kardashian news & spin too.... you sure they aren't using you though?.... Just saying? Hey there Gary too, you cuddly & funny cutie {I know yr married, relax, ;)}& you say some of the best stuff, especially during TMZ Live. Hey there to some of the others, whose names escape me right this moment, but just giving a huge shout-out to everyone at TMZ , LOVE both your shows & watch every day it's on here :)
(TMZ= 1 of fave TV shows, since it started in Aussie)
Hope I spelled Raquel's name right & I love you too Charlie <3 XOX, Love the lovely lady from Armenia, I can't recall name, love the latest newbie Kelly too (kinda grew on me, lol)
There are way too many of you for me to individually mention, as I've just done for all the ones that came to mind 1st, hehe .... I 4got lots & LOVE YOU ALL! Hey Tim X

Much love from a huge fan of your show AND your staff, all the way DownUnder in Melbourne, Australia.
P.S. That guy in your office from Aussie, IS NOT A TRUE & HONEST REPRESENTATIVE OF THE REST OF US AUSSIES! Why? Hipsters are Hipsters, no-matter where on the planet they are & MOST ppl in OZ are NOT Hipsters & they're in same league/class as homeless/couch-surfers/buskers/bong-heads&hippies down here & U LET THAT GUY represent our great continent of Australia? Why Harvey? Why? LOL

189 days ago


Damn TMZ this time I gotta agree with you,I almost forgot hoe's have got rules too with their profession...they must always stick to the poll,unless there're giving lap dances,or sexual favors.Otherwise fraternizing with the public are grounds for immediate termination,losing benefits and all,damn!I never thought it would get tough for hoe's to make a buck.

189 days ago

Champagne Jayne    

Spearment Rhino is the worst name I've ever heard for a strip club. That's gonna stick out like a sore thumb if she ever gets a legit job.

189 days ago


Lux aka Xtina Larussi is the nost beautiful girl in the WORLD at 5ft 4 and 100 pounds and a hard slender body that rocks, she is the Italian/latina girl hugging Katey Perry she was the main one even thou the other one sold the story! She will be featured on Malibu Magazine soon modeling for Zuma moon in Malibu! She is a Model Dancer and actress part time party animal!!!

189 days ago


Lux aka Xtina Larussi is the real movie star in the world!!!! She is the best stripper she's the one hugging Katey Perry and she will be featured on the cover of Malibu Magazine!

189 days ago


santa barbara or oxnard she is still a whore no matter how you slice it. now i now where i can get a cheap bj.

189 days ago


Is Katy Perry back to being bi-sexual for attention?

189 days ago


it's almost 9 hours and this post has only got 7 comments from spammers...and 6 from humans....what means this whore is stop reporting about her. btw i posted a photo on my fb account and it just received 45 likes within an hour. yeepi!

189 days ago


That is really a step down. TMZ doesn't explain it well, but Santa Barbara is a very expensive and touristy town with a lot of rich residents as well as a major university. Oxnard is the armpit of the region with high crime, poverty, and not much that would bring in the tourists. You can imagine the difference that makes in the clientele.

189 days ago


Wtf. This is so stupid.

189 days ago


I'm sorry but she is one of the fugliest strippers I've ever seem. Woof!!!

188 days ago

Anonymous Poster    

She's utterly overrated and can't sing.

188 days ago

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