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Justin Bieber

Tatted Up

at 40,000 Feet

3/23/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0321_justin_bieber_tattoo_launch_v2Justin Bieber has joined a very exclusive mile-high club that does not involving banging ... but it does involve body parts and a little prick.

It's true ... TMZ has learned Bieber got fresh ink on a flight to Canada just five days after his infamous Miami Beach arrest. The new tat was done by New York City tattoo artist Bang Bang, who has tatted up the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and many other big celebs.

Bang Bang tells TMZ the work was done at 40,000 feet (which he thinks might be a record for highest altitude tattoo) and during terrible turbulence. He called it "the most difficult tattoo I’ve ever done for sure."

In case you're wondering ... a rep for the FAA tells TMZ there is nothing illegal about getting a tattoo aboard a plane, as long as it doesn't interfere with the safety of passengers and crew.

As for the significance of the tattoos ... Bang Bang says Bieber sent him a text afterward, explaining, "Forgiveness is powerful, forgive as Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins."

Or strike a plea bargain. Whichever works best.


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Justin doesn't care about the size of the P R l C long as it's a black one.

182 days ago


P. O. S.

182 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Very few things piss me off more than the "smartest person in the room" mentality, mainly because it is a complete delusion and a serious personality/emotional flaw. Just by looking at his eyes you can see he's high on who knows what. The cross tat? Justin, you freaky little girly man, Paris Hilton did it first by carrying a bible around with her before her sentencing. Please take more drugs, a lot more, a whole lot more, all at once.

182 days ago

Yu Lee    

Anybody want to sign this new White House petition??? To deport all TMZ staff on a Malaysian airline! LOL

182 days ago


He has the worst tattoos lol

182 days ago


He still looks like a 12 year-old, no matter how many small random tattoos he gets.

182 days ago


Horrible tatt. Looks like I didnit, and I've never done one.

182 days ago

BB not bb    

People should scar their hearts with the gospel instead of their flesh. What is a cross but a giant symbol of murder and torture, not just for Jesus but for every other enemy of the Roman empire. It is such a hipster fad now to get tattooed. They are such sheeple looking for an edge to their reality.

Their minds are basically the consistency of jello. They don't dare even think outside of the box lest they be called some sort of enemy of the pack. Maybe they should start to get tattoos of little taser guns to support all the innocent Christians who get tasered.

What makes you godly is what is in your heart, not what is on your skin. If he read the Bible on that plane, that would be way more dramatic than getting this tattoo, but it would also take real faith and courage.

182 days ago


This is true brain power at work here! Too much money and too few brain cells are a dangerous combination.

182 days ago



182 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

If only it had been his flight instead of the Malaysian one!

182 days ago


Really? I don't call this journalism, I call this someone is stalking someone I don't need to know who gets a tatttoo and where. As much as I enjoy tmz, can you guys please something that's entertainment news worthy. Thank you

182 days ago


If Beaver is going to quote the image of Christ he should conduct himself in the way Jesus wanted. Beaver is confused and above all hypocritical.

182 days ago


Now if they could just sew his mouth shut and make him pull up his pants....................

182 days ago

Black Adam    

For Sins to be forgiven, you have to actually be sorry for committing them, and put forth an effort to not do them again.

182 days ago
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