Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer I'm Disgusted the CIA Allegedly Used Our Music To Torture a Man!

4/12/2014 2:05 PM PDT

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith almost threw up in a Malibu parking lot Saturday ... after learning the CIA allegedly used his band's music during a suspected terrorist interrogation.

Chad was leaving Coogies when our photog asked for his opinion on a recent news report saying RHCP music was used during a CIA interrogation in 2002.

According to Al Jazeera ... the report says Abu Zubaydah was shackled by his wrists to the ceiling of a secret prison site and forced to listen to one of their songs on a loop -- among other torture methods.  No word on which song.

The 52-year old rocker is pissed at the feds -- and he's not shy about it.

Someone's gonna get audited this year.