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Bryan Singer

My Accuser Has Suspicious Selective Memory

Of Sexual Assault

4/18/2014 6:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 31-year-old man who is suing "X-Men" director Bryan Singer for allegedly sexually assaulting him in a swimming pool at a 1998 L.A. party claims he didn't remember the incident until recently ... yet he filed a lawsuit over the very same party in 2000 alleging sexual abuse against 3 other men and had a clear memory of what they did to him.

Michael Egan claims in his new lawsuit Singer forced oral sex at the party when he was 15.  He's very graphic, claiming Singer held his head underwater and forced him to orally copulate the director.

But TMZ has obtained the lawsuit Egan filed in 2000 against 3 men, including Marc Collins-Rector, who owned the party house.  Singer was NOT named in the suit and no reference is made to him.  Egan ended up getting a default judgment of more than $2 million, but we're told Collins-Rector and the others left the country so Egan got virtually nothing.

So fast forward to Wednesday, when Egan sued Singer.  At his news conference Thursday, Egan said he blocked the incident long ago and numbed himself with alcohol, but became sober recently and started therapy ... which unleashed a flood of bad memories involving Singer.

Sources connected to Singer tell TMZ ... they believe it's ridiculous Egan could remember the pool party in question in such vivid detail as to 3 other men but repress memories of Singer.




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Who would forget this?

167 days ago


It definitely happened, but this guy just wants a payday. You know he was down to suck d ick!

167 days ago


So he sued people before over this incident, didn't get a dime and never mentioned Singer during the first lawsuit. Now he needs money and magically Singer was there and the only perpetrator? Something smells fishy.

167 days ago


Pedophiles in HWood is not news. Twink parties where young hopefuls service older men in power not news in the movie industry. It is never ok to engage in sex with a .inor or to rape (Duh) BUT these former twink party goers KNOW what they are doing when they go to these parties. It is no secret what the hosts have in mind. The only time it becomes a horrifying issue for thesr twinks is when their careers go no where after they are passed around from producer to actor to director to studio head. All of a sudden they are scarred for life and victims. The entire process from sex abuser to twink party goer is sick and twisted.

167 days ago


Teenagers aren't fully adult yet. As for the oarents, stop neglecting your children!!!

167 days ago


*parents, I mean!

167 days ago


I believe him 110%!!!! There is al lot of shame and guilt

167 days ago


oh please, everyone knows this is true. I have witnessed it myself. he will end up paying him off to shut up, but it will keep going on. this is hollywood baby, smoke and mirrors and spin control.

167 days ago


There is a lot of shame, guilt & embarrassment that comes with being sexually abused. He may not have wanted to admit to all that he had done. Regardless, the so called adults/hollywood individuals need to be held accountable for their actions!

167 days ago


The guy Singer was hanging out with, Marc Collins Rector, was a very wealthy businessman who had just made a ****load of money selling one of the first dial-up ISPs. His first venture after selling that company was called Digital Entertainment Network, which was supposed to be basically what YouTube is now, only with scripted and reality shows. He was actively searching out underage male talent to use on these shows because he wanted to bring in a fresh young audience (at least that's what he said. What he was really doing was luring underage boys there, plying them with drugs and alcohol, promising them fame and fortune, and then molesting them.) If all he wanted was a young audience, why not talent scout women, too? And trust me, he didn't. Collins-Rector started this company with his boyfriend (who was 23 at the time, but he had started dating him at the age of 16- suspicious?) and another child actor- Brock Pierce, who starred in First Kid and the Mighty Ducks movies. Collins-Rector was trying to make tv obsolete and make internet based tv shows that would be the first of their kind. He was very intelligent and knew a lot about internet, which not a lot of people knew about at the time. And he had the money to back up his vision, so he had a lot of well known people at these parties and when the underage kids showed up, they were told there would be directors, agents, celebrities and let's face it- even at 18, 19, 20 years old, people are still pretty naive. And they WANTED to believe they were gonna be the next big celebrity in a medium that had never been used before. The adults that came were almost exclusively male and they knew exactly what they were there for. I know several people who innocently and naively ended up at these parties and surrounded by these people. The kids thought they were about to hit the big time, the adults knew they could use their influence and status to exploit these kids. Somehow, even with all the **** that went on at this house, and even though Brock and Collins-Rector's boyfriend were just as active in recruiting these kids, and even though they ALL fled the country, somehow the only one charged was Collins-Rector. And even he was only convicted of ONE charge (either of sex with a minor or transporting a minor across state lines for the purposes of sex, can't remember which). I don't know what happened to Chad Shackley (the bf of Collins-Rector), but Brock Pierce, Collins-Rector's right hand man, went on to make MILLIONS employing Chinese kids working in 12 hour shifts making 30 cents an hour to play role play games like World of War Craft, etc. and then selling whatever achievements they won (I'm not a gamer and don't know the language, but he was basically having these players earn extra lives, suits of armor, etcetera and then selling them for real money). The whole story is totally ****ed up and IF this guy Brian Singer was at these parties, I promise you, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. And the guy that's suing was probably very naive (and we know he was young) and had stars and his name in lights on the brain. But don't judge until you know a all the facts. TMZ gave a very abbreviated version of the story. Dig a little deeper before throwing out judgment calls.

167 days ago


I'm looking forward to TMZ covering these parties - have the paps out there in the street when the party breaks up. Ask those TMZ questions like "hey how's it hangin dude?

167 days ago


He was repeatedly raped and he repeatedly came back for more???????

167 days ago

Double Bubble    

Hope he gets millions for this, but it wont matter anyway..He's not the first kid nor the last that this happened to by the hollywood weirdos in the indusrty.. It's been going on for decades and has never been a total secret.. Most of these cases get handled way before it hits the media so no one ever hears about it.. Nothing will happen to Singer except he will be known as a pedo which doesnt seem to make a difference in that industry anyway..Nobody who is big in the industry gets harmed by these lawsuits or accusations.. Woody Allen is and has always been as popular as ever as well as the many others who are well known pedos and freaks.. Singer and friends will be diddling little kids for decades more and will still be a big deal in Hollywood no matter what the outcome of this is..

167 days ago


If this is True....

Then EVERYONE connected to this, no matter what their status, need to be Investigated and if true... CHARGED and let the courts sort it out.

'ANYONE' who takes advantage of a 'Child' under 18 should not only be Shamed and all steer clear of them, they should pay the Price for hurting our children when 'they know better' being adults.


167 days ago


I'm sure little 6 year old JonBenét Ramsey DID SOMETHING to deserve being brutally raped & murdered; as always in the USA...BLAME THE VICTIM.

167 days ago
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