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Chris Brown


From Alleged D.C. Beatdown

5/6/2014 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0506_chris_brown_bodyguard_fight_court_photos_launchBloody photos from the brawl allegedly involving Chris Brown, his bodyguard, and the D.C. man they're accused of brutalizing have just been released -- and they're gnarly.

A judge approved the release of the photos Tuesday -- the pics were entered into evidence by prosecutors during the recent trial of Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy.

The bloody face belongs to Parker Adams, the man who says both Brown and Hollosy went ballistic on him in October outside a D.C. hotel -- punching him in the face for attempting to photobomb a pic Brown was taking with two girls.

0506_chris_brown_bodyguard_fight_court_photos_subHollosy has already been found guilty of assault. Brown has been locked up since March. His trial has been indefinitely postponed.


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South Fort    

This dude looks like he got a Rodney King whipping!

113 days ago


Ain't bad. Just a bloody nose. No swollen eyes, got all his teeth, nose is straight. He's fine. Too bad it wasn't worse

113 days ago


All im saying is there is no discoloration around on or around his nose anybody can make their nose bleed by picking at it going into a different climate etc you can tap your nose a few times and it'll bleed do how can we go off of a lil bit of blood no scratches no black eye still got his teeth no busted lip y'all seen what he did to rihanna not saying it's ok but I just don't think Chris really hit him maybe the bodyguard did from what I heard Chris Brown only hit the guy on his arm

113 days ago


Lol weather or not he did real or massive damage he still assaulted someone. You can't go on a rampage and start beating on people... Seriously he's not for to be in society. He should have been locked up for destroying Rihanna's face.

113 days ago



113 days ago


Point blank no one has the right to put their hands on you. Chris Brown had a disrespectful the long because he felt that you could do what you want to do because of who he was because of his celebrity now you know its not true no you are not getting away with things like your white counterparts

113 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out how does a pic of his bloody nose prove Chris hit him. Have anybody stop to think that maybe he was trying to get on the tour bus and got punched by the bodyguard and he through Chris in the mix for monetary purposes. Just because he says it happened and Chris supposedly has anger issues doesn't mean he touched this guy.

112 days ago

first power    

I hate Chris Brown,Look at what he and his bodyguard done;I want him to be aware of him violating his probation and he will sit in jail until this case in Washington D.C is over,By him violating give proper grounds o hold him til this vicious case is over.Which he will be found guilty and that when his time will run adjacent.Chris will not get any other option but to sit in jail to rot and give him time to realize his faults.Chris Brown done **** everything up and he know what he done and hes going to pay for the lives hes ruined.

111 days ago

first power    

People you guys need to stop,Oh,its just a bloody nose,or this and that.I don't care if theirs a booger hanging from Mr.Adams nose after the punch,Chris had know reason punching this man anywhere on his body,Chris can't go around attacking people because he thinks he can because of his stats,Chris is wrong for throwing a punch period,Chris Brown was involved in this attack period,and by being the aggressor will land his ass in jail for the next 4 years,Chris needs to learn the protocol and learn to keep his hands off of people,if he want to discipline somebody,he needs to have children to correct.So here and out he will learn his FATE today,I promised,Chris Brown is dead wrong,all around the board.

111 days ago

first power    

How many chances do he gets until he actually kills somebody.He had more than 10 chances,he kept beating on people.Chris Brown is not the victim in any of his vicious crimes assaults he done to people,he kept attacking and beating on people.So for you all to say he's being treated unfairly,no you all are the unfair and gross people who keep approving Chris of his wrong doings.He been kick out 2 rehab facilities,attack 3 recording artists.Disrespect is mother and other women and men across the world rather it was on the web or in person,Chris Brown is a mean nasty person,and the look at things 7 weeks won't correct his wrongs and ll the pain he cause people.This whole case must take his course with him behind bars,I feel the Judiciary system tried working with him from the start,but when you dealing with animals you must treat them as such.Chris Brown ain't know different from me or you,it's only his bank account just shows different.So yes he will be treated like a criminal that he is,he don't get know special treatments ok people,if you all will like to join him make the Law day.All you all talking about praying,Jesus ,and calling on God now because you all and Chris Brown in trouble,but when he was attacking people and hurting people feelings it was all fun and games,you all was applauding him and working on his payroll.As soon as that fire get on your ass,first name you all call on is GOD,Keep God first and none of you all evil ways won't arises.Yes we all make mistakes and we all not perfect,only the man sitting on the throne,but how many times do you keep putting God to shame,even God gets tired ok,Everything ain't always the enemy fault,look at yall selves,look at you,because I know for sure that Chris and you all plays a role on what you do in life,Stop blaming people for what you all done and do,be human and mature and take the fault for what you doing or done,and grow and move on.Stop being childish and think that you all and Chris right all the time,so suck it up folks and deal with life and grow up!

110 days ago


The spelling and grammar in these comments are atrocious.

110 days ago


His ass should've ducked it's a bloody nose he needs to man up .... I'm not on Chris Brown side but come on with the B.s.. ..

101 days ago
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