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V. Stiviano

VIDEO PROOF ... Ferrari Accident Wasn't Her Fault

5/13/2014 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

V. Stiviano CrashV. Stiviano has made plenty of mistakes in her life ... but slamming her red Ferrari into the back of a Range Rover this week wasn't one of them -- and TMZ has the video to prove it.

We broke the story ... Stiviano was involved in a fender bender in Beverly Hills Monday afternoon ... and went OFF on the other driver, cussing her out and shouting things like, "You know who you're messing with, motherf*****?"

The other driver told us Stiviano was at fault -- failing to stop as she pulled her Ferrari into a parking lot and slamming into the back of the other driver's Range Rover -- but the video tells a much different story.

In the clip, you can clearly see the Range Rover is actually the one responsible -- REVERSING INTO Stiviano ... and tapping her front fender.

If only Donald Sterling got that much action.


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Sparky McBoing Boing    

Wow, she looks like a dog with fleas. How do you look in the mirror and think "that's perfect, I'm going with THAT look"? She looks like she has a dong.

161 days ago


I wish she would get in that red Ferrari and drive to the point of no return....She and that racist bigot...Donald Sterling .....really aren't worth the media attention that they have gotten since the release of that racist audio recording . She's definitely not the quickest bunny in the forest and he has some loose lug nuts rattling around in his hubcaps ..

161 days ago


I'm glad you guys aren't my attorneys. A person making a left hand turn must make sure that they have a clear and unobstructed access to where they're going
Whether that car was stopped or backing up, ole Skanker assumed, zoomed in and there ya go
This is the start of her paybacks.
Next IRS on failure to report income on Condo, 3 cars, jewelry, clothes, 70,,000 handbags....
Then you have Extortion on the ropes
Oh let's not forget recording someone without their permission.
Yep, Skank II is on its way
Anybody want to hit that stuff, it will be going pretty cheap for anybody with two nickels to rub together will rub one out before snuggling up to her

161 days ago

jimmy d    


161 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

there's way too many dumb people in LA. really, just waaay too many of them. it's not like there's not cheaper and better places in the state,country to live. but all the stupid people just have to all flock to LA, don't they? amazing. it's like a dumfuk magnet.

161 days ago


The only reason she has her 15 minutes of fame is because TMZ is giving it to her. Other news outlets give her name, but rarely show her in that dumbass visor. I am guessing TMZ paid A LOT for that audio & want their money's worth. Plus they have no other news.

161 days ago


Alright you fans wh%#e your 15 minutes are up

161 days ago


CA traffic law clearly states it is PERFECTLY legal to cross the yellow line to turn left into a driveway. Go get the book and read it.

However, it IS illegal to block traffic, i.e. - you don't turn if the car in front of you is not going to complete the turn.

She is at fault for not paying attention, and Range Rover is at fault for backing up into traffic.

161 days ago


She's is hideous! Oh my goodness, what an ugly woman! She should keep the visor on 24/7!

161 days ago

Family Friend    

It may not have been Stiviano's fault but when I'm stopped in same situation she was I don't proceed until I know the Rover has really made a commitment to enter that parking lot. Otherwise, I'm caught blocking oncoming lanes or, worse, the Rover puts it in reverse as it did.

161 days ago


She was making an ILLEGAL turn. You can't block oncoming traffic. She wasn't responsible for the accident, but she needs to be ticketed for impeding the flow of traffic.

I have a Ferrari, so the rest of traffic must stop.

I am V. Stiviano and I'm a gold-digging traffic wh*re.

161 days ago

dr murphy    

She better be trying to sell off that stuff,her day's are numbered,no job riding in Ferraris,makes real sense.

161 days ago


No, who the hell does she think she is.

161 days ago


This bitch looks CRAAAZY!

160 days ago


When she said..."You know who you're messing with, motherf*****?"...I hope they replied...yes, you're gold digging tramp!

160 days ago
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