... Say Cops Stuck In 1983

5/15/2014 9:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Journey Underage Drinkers
SORRY UNDERAGE KIDS, your days of getting hammered at Journey concerts are OVER!!!!!!  

At least in Chula Vista, CA ... where cops say the local PD is DOUBLING its patrol out of fear underage drinking will run rampant when the band takes the stage. 

For the record, no ... it's not still 1983. 

But seriously, the Chula Vista PD just issued the following release to the media:

"CVPD will be enforcing ZERO TOLERANCE for underage drinking and public intoxication at the Journey concert tonight at Sleep Train Amphitheatre. We will be doubling our enforcement efforts to combat underage drinking and public intoxication both during the concert and the pre-concert tailgating activities.

Underage drinkers will be cited and removed from the venue without a refund for their ticket. Officers will also be on the look out for excessive drinking that is disruptive and/or a safety concern. Intoxicated patrons will be denied access to the event and NO refunds will be given.

All this ... and Steve Perry isn't even with the band anymore ... BUT COULD YOU IMAGINE IF HE WAS!?!?!?!!?!