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Disney Star Tiffany Thornton

I'll Return The Kids

When My Husband Sobers Up

5/24/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disney star Tiffany Thornton says she'll come out of hiding -- and bring her two kids home -- but first, her husband has to get sober, TMZ has learned. 

Ruth Carney -- mother of Tiffany's husband Chris Carney -- tells us she helped Tiffany run away to escape Chris' alcohol habit ... but she says everyone's calmed down now and they're actually trying to work things out. 

We broke the story ... Chris filed a police report Thursday accusing Tiffany of child stealing ... after she took their 2 boys to Texas. Chris has denied he has a drinking problem.

Ruth adds ... Tiffany and Chris are talking on the phone, but Tiffany's still bitter because she thinks he complicated a private family matter by calling cops.


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What a ghetto hillbilly family they are poor kids don't have a chance

116 days ago


Thanks mom... Bigmouth

116 days ago

Master Po    

This bitch is well known CRAZY. All she talks about is god and its quite annoying. I have a feeling she finally lost it.

115 days ago


The only person that complicated things is her stealing his children. Use the legal system if there is a problem.

115 days ago


Was there nothing less ridiculous this woman could do to get her name back out there?

115 days ago

Master Po    

Another broad with all about me complex. These children should be with their father maybe they can help if he truly needs help by just being around to keep him grounded.

Butt nooooo another broad who thinks the world revolves around her while blabbing about god. constantly.

115 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    


May 24, 2014
THE ANNIVERSARY and Raves Section
"The House of David:
May 24, 2008 - Thy Kingdom Came"

115 days ago


When the original story came out...I knew that there was more to it! Her husband is a "drunk" & clearly it was getting out hand. A "real" mother will recognize when a situation is unsafe for her children and get out before it gets worse. The fact that HIS mother helped Tiffany says that he must have a serious problem. Just Saying...

115 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Bible thumper + drunk = Divorce.

115 days ago


Why do people have to resort to drinking in the morning? So nasty. This man needs to sober up.

115 days ago


I'm sure her first thought was not "How do I get my name back into the spotlight?" It was about the safety of herself and her children. Those saying she did the wrong thing is ridiculous. If she thought her husband's drinking could have harmed their children in any way, she had every right to remove them from that situation until it is fixed. For all anyone knows, he could be a verbally or physically abusive drinker, and if even his mother helped get the children out of there, he clearly needs to get help so they can be a family again.

115 days ago

boo boo    

His wife and his mom call him a drunk. He calls himself a "social drinker". Someone is out of touch with reality. Obviously, it's easy to say the guy is probably a lush, but some people who don't drink think a couple of beers are crossing the line. If my spouse snuck out of the state with our kids and didn't ask me and didn't plan on coming back, you'd better believe I'd call the cops and my lawyer.

115 days ago


You don't truly love your children if you would allow this type of strive into their life. Tiff is wrong also for letting it go too far before she acted. Complacency is just never enough for the typical american. sigh.

115 days ago


If my mother helped my wife STEAL my kids, they'll BOTH be out of my life. Neither one had a right to steal those kids from him

114 days ago

Chris Carney's Neighbor    

I'm sorry but I see people bashing her and I have to say the truth. Chris and Tiffany (now only Chris since Tiffany left) are my neighbors in LA. Chris's behavior has been unbelievable since she left. He gets intoxicated basically everyday, screams and curses at his neighbors off his balcony when they ask him to reduce the noise because be parties ALL NIGHT constantly and all the neighbors are constantly complaining to management and the cops have been called on him a least 2 times that I know of just since the time Tiffany left. OH! AND he is already with another girl doing drugs all the time! HE doesn't care about his wife and kids! What a phony! He acts like s*** and I am glad Tiffany took the children away from him. Children should not be around someone like that....bottom line.

104 days ago

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