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'Pit Bull Girl'

KFC Concludes

Story Is BOGUS

6/24/2014 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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KFC Pit Bull Girl Story

KFC is calling BS on  the "pit bull girl" who was allegedly turned away from one of its franchises because customers were grossed out by her bite wounds.

KFC claims there have now been 2 investigations -- one internal and one independent -- and both show "no evidence" such an incident ever occurred at the Jackson Mississippi franchise.

3-year-old Victoria Welcher's family claims the girl was kicked out because employees felt her facial wounds from the dog attack were upsetting customers.

KFC says it will still honor its $30,000 donation to assist Victoria's family in paying her medical bills. 

So even if the claim was phony ... it worked.


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If our medical system were better people wouldn't resort to this to get their kids the help they's no excuse but I don't know what I would do for my kid if I were in her shoes.

89 days ago


useless white trash. and her mom is a wh0re

89 days ago


Poor girl - I can understand why KFC is still paying - she is the innocent one and didn't choose her crappy parents - Hopefully she will turn out ok.

89 days ago


Gee, KFC did their own investigation on their own stores and found they did absolutely nothing wrong. Color me shocked.

89 days ago


WOW....People are desperate for money and attention...smh

89 days ago


Shame on the family, using their daughter like that!!

89 days ago

im not going to spend my life being a color    

Either way I'm happy they paid. Calling her pit bull girl is bs. Dogs are dogs. I've been a k9 trainer for 10 years and all dogs can be *******s like humans. Yea pit bulls are more of a risk do to strength. But you can't condemn a breed based of the actions of some. if we were fair about that crap then all humans would be murderers, rapist and thieves. But some of is are good. I'm very sorry she was hurt and that dog was awful. But that doesn't condemn them all

89 days ago

Joey Boots    

I think this is more about the grandmother's own mental issues - sort of like a münchen by proxy situation except the grandma didn't cause the injuries to her granddaughter.

89 days ago


Hopefully all the idiots that said "I'll never eat at KFC again" will go buy a bucket of fried chicken tonight.

89 days ago


I wouldn't want to eat looking at that face either

89 days ago

Colour Me Derp    

The FB page has already been taken down. Apparently they couldn't handle the mounting backlash caused by their own greed.

All donated monies for Victoria should be put into a trust overseen by a court ordered conservatorship and anyone that has thus far pledged to help her with her continued facial reconstruction, ought to fulfill their promises because this young lass is the ONLY victim in all this.

It's telling, to me, that the memaw's demonising choice of words of "disrupting other customers" is her projecting on how she truly views her granddaughter's injuries, caused by her and her husband's severe negligence on keeping their dogs safely away from Victoria.

What monsters these grifting adults are.

89 days ago


Sorry about little girl's face bite but I'm sickened these grifter parents are being rewarded.

89 days ago

river rat    

Karma is a bitch for the lowlife who concocted this scam! Shame on the family member(s) who are teaching this child that it's okay to lie and steal!

89 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Karma will get them soon enough. The world is going to hell alarmingly fast lately

89 days ago


Why aren't the ppl who donated to this sham screaming foul and suing them to get their money back? I understand that she is a little girl, but it was gramma, auntie, etc, who made the grab for the dough, so they should be sued. There would have to be proof in a court of law, so PAY IT BACK A S S HATS!

89 days ago
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