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'Pit Bull Girl'

KFC Concludes

Story Is BOGUS

6/24/2014 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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KFC Pit Bull Girl Story

KFC is calling BS on  the "pit bull girl" who was allegedly turned away from one of its franchises because customers were grossed out by her bite wounds.

KFC claims there have now been 2 investigations -- one internal and one independent -- and both show "no evidence" such an incident ever occurred at the Jackson Mississippi franchise.

3-year-old Victoria Welcher's family claims the girl was kicked out because employees felt her facial wounds from the dog attack were upsetting customers.

KFC says it will still honor its $30,000 donation to assist Victoria's family in paying her medical bills. 

So even if the claim was phony ... it worked.


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They're not on surveillance video, and no record of receipt of what they clai.m to have ordered

119 days ago


Grandma originally said it happened at a KFC that has been closed. Aunt changed story claiming it happened at KFC near hospital, which gets plenty of disfigured customers.

119 days ago


Not taking sides but how exactly do you prove it? Kinda boils down to the employee's word against the grandmother's

119 days ago


This is just sad!

119 days ago


BS story, why pay them shyt

119 days ago


Poor pitbull girl

119 days ago


Wow that's so messed up. I can appreciate wanting help to get her the surgeries she needs but lying!? That's wrong, no one has any morals now days.

119 days ago

Matthew S    


119 days ago


Lying grandma should serve a few months in jail. I am sure the little girl needs money for plastic surgery but grandma crossed the line. I believe an employee was fired because of her story?If so he should be compensated.

119 days ago

There's a problem here    

I doubted the story from the get-go. It was 3 of 10 dogs she and the grandfather had in their trailer and it was their fault that baby girl was in harm's way. The KFC originally in question has been closed for two years, and surveillance video showed no sign of them ever in their second KFC of choice. That poor baby has not only to live with this tragedy, she is being raised by a family of grifters who are abusing her disfigurement for financial gain. Poor child.

119 days ago


Oh please! Grifting Granny was NOT trying to get $ to help this child. She was USING the child's horrific situation to help herself. Let's not act like this is some despetate situation that Grifting Granny felt there was no other way to help. I KNOW Jackson MS well and besides charities there, there is a world of help available to children with illnesses, deformities and mental conditions. This old hag was hoping to line her pockets at the expense of her granddaughter, an innocent employee, a major corporation and the publics sympathy. I bet this family are filled with criminals, alcoholics and druggies. I am sure more will come out. Poor little girl. I wish nothing but the best for her. Adoption would be a great solution. The family she has is pure trash and low lives.

119 days ago


Better yet, is child services involved yet? Who was watching the girl when she was mauled by Grandpa's dog. Now Grandma pulls this nonsense? Where are the parents? This household needs to be investigated.

119 days ago


I had a feeling this was BS. Just too hard to believe someone would say that a mother of a little girl wiith facial injuries.

119 days ago


I hope they get into trouble.

119 days ago


KFC should press charges against the parents and if they really want to go through with the donation it should be put in a trust and only used to pay medical expenses directly. Even better would be to donate it to a legitimate children's charity.

119 days ago
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