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Adam Richman

Obese Target

Wants Pound of Flesh

7/2/2014 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Richman Thinspiration Instagram

The woman whom Adam Richman called a c**t is licking her chops now that Adam's show has been yanked from the Travel Channel ... telling TMZ she will only be satisfied if he walks with fat people.

Amber Sarah -- got in a Instagram battle royale with Adam after he pissed off the eating disorder community by bragging about his 70-pound weight loss by posting a pic with #thinspiration.  Sarah and others called him out for being insensitive.  He responded, "Grab a razor blade and draw a bath."

Sarah is happy the network pulled Adam's show, "Man Finds Food" from the schedule, but she's not out for blood.  She wants Adam to volunteer with eating disorder groups by participating in walks that help obese people get in shape.

And she wants him to donate money.

BTW ... Sarah says she could end up arm-in-arm with Adam on one of the walks.   She doesn't weigh herself, but calls herself a "fat activist who is fat."



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She's gonna want it from you, too, after she reads that headline.

113 days ago


fat people don't want to lose the weight or else they wouldnt let themselves get as big as this cow... she was just jealous he lost weight.

113 days ago


Is this a joke? She needs to get a life and move on.

113 days ago


She needs to calm down and eat a churro. I'm a fatty too but u don't see me bitching about some guys awesome weight loss. Trying to lose weight is a bitch, so forgive him for using #thinspiration as a tag and be happy that he's moved on to a healthier lifestyle. Kudos to Adam!

113 days ago


Fat activist - you actively got yourself fat that's for sure

113 days ago


That's not really a fair description of what happened. She simply explained to him that #thinspiration is what young women google when trying to achieve very unhealthy or unrealistic weight goals (thigh gap, eating tissue to feel full etc..) then he went off and had a complete meltdown and told her to commit suicide and a bunch of other crazy stuff. It escalated very quickly.

113 days ago


Really?? He WAS fat! He lost the weight! Don't hate!

113 days ago


Hope Adam doesn't get the weight loss curse and lose his sense of humor...

113 days ago

harvey is racist    

the ultimate joke....that lard ass pretending that she actually does "walks".

Her "walks" only extend from the bedroom to the kitchen to stuff her fat face with more fatty food.

I cant stand fat people thinking the world is going to be okay with them being fat. We're not. Its disgusting to look out and your gluttony is sickening.

No you're not fat because you have some illness, you're fat because you're lazy and have zero discipline.

Fat will never be beautiful because its disgusting ..plain an d simple.

Plus if they are so confident in themselves, why do they always seem to seek validation for their weight?.

Disgusting lard of meat that is just wasting space. They really need to just commit that.

113 days ago


It's hard to beleive that anybody would think it's okay to say:"Grab a razor blade and draw a bath."
She has asked him to volunteer his time. Not exactly a big deal.

113 days ago


What most articles miss out is the rest of the caption of the photo he put up he was explaining that he had got an expensive tailored suit to inspire him to lose weight and now it was too big for him so he captioned it thinsperation because that was his inspirationto get thin.

Isee nothing wrong with this. He adopted a healthy lifestly and exercise regime nothing unhealthy about the eay he lost it. Fair enough he shouldnt have said grab a razor and draw a bath but he was being personally attacked for his weight loss which anyone who has lost weigth knows it is a very hard and gruelling challenge so obviously he is going to get defensive. He shouldnt have to go to people with eating disorders he didnt target them. Its good what she does for people but seems She is just looking for her 15 minutes.

113 days ago


Crazy thing is I don't know how I came across man vs food but I watched it and I liked his show

113 days ago


Fat people disgust me like how do you allow yourself to get so big? A little fat okay but this bitch waist size is diabetic the last time she stepped on a scale it sued her for pain and suffering like wtf

113 days ago


Fat activist? Great job Sarah. You look more like a great fame ho to me. You just want attention. Work on mouth muscles, how to keep it closed.

113 days ago


Awwww how sweet she's dressed to look like her idols Ronald mcdonald and the hamburglar or maybe she's their daughter that was left in the kitchen too long

113 days ago
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