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Justin Bieber

Condo Hires Security

To Keep Bieber in Check

7/3/2014 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
 has just screwed over the owner of his Beverly Hills condo units the way he screwed over the other residents ... because the owner is now on the hook to pay for security to keep Bieber and his buddies in check.

As TMZ first reported ... Bieber's new neighbors are at war with the singer ... cops have already showed up twice in the middle of the night over party noise.  Some neighbors says they have literally choked over the smell of weed in the hallways.

So the Home Owner's Association had an emergency meeting this week and decided to hire security during the evenings and bill the owner of Bieber's units.  The guards will work between 6 PM and 8 AM.

The HOA can't go after Bieber because he's just a renter ... a renter who parties hard with the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese and Johnny Manziel.

The security team started Tuesday but there'll be plenty of time for a snooze -- Bieber's currently wreaking havoc in Miami.


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They shouldn't have let him in there in the first place. Now they're just trying to lock the barn door.

115 days ago


The owners have every right to be pissed off. The police need to arrest him the next time they are called. How come he cannot be deported and not allowed to enter our country. He has become a nightmare. Enough with him and his childish behavior. Send the worm back to Canada and let them deal with his sorry behind.

115 days ago


The idiot that rented the unit to him deserves to pay everything! Evict his butt. Shoot I had 2 people liviing w me and I almost got evicted.if I had parties like that...I wouldn't even.have a chance...

115 days ago


And, I thought Tyrese was a responsible type of guy. Clearly, I was wrong. Both he and those other two should know better than to encourage Bieber to disrespect and cause upset among the other

115 days ago


I wonder why Bieber seems so delayed in his development. I mean I know there are guys who aren't very hairy, but he still looks 13. I didn't think taking Concerta for a prolonged time stunted adolescent development.

115 days ago


And, I blame Tyrese and those other two for enabling Bieber. I thought Tyrese was an upstanding and responsible individual, but I guess I was wrong.

115 days ago


Why should my rent go up make this little mother****et pay for everyone if u want to live here

115 days ago

105 4N93135    

And what exactly is this security guard supposed to do? Ask him to quiet down? The HOA has more power than they claim to. Yeah they may not be able to evict him themselves but what they can do is hold a vote and force the landlord to pay ridiculous fines for allowing a tenant to violate his rental agreement and the HOA's guidelines. This wouldn't be tolerated by anyone if he wasn't a celebrity... Everyone wonders why celebrities do stupid sh*t and end up overdosing or getting drunk and crashing their car through a house. It's because we show them that they don't have to live by the same rules that everyone else does

115 days ago


What a Kush job. Wish I had it.

114 days ago


lil beaver totally rocks the frog hair mustachio...

114 days ago


I'm so glad my niece, who's only 9 hates Justin Bieber . She totally can't stand him!!

114 days ago

my 2 cents    

The condo owner and the Biebs - the neighbors from Hell

114 days ago


Come on tmz, the guys in miami for his dui case.....

114 days ago


Those neighbors probably have prayer meetings every night. A little noise from a party and those Threatening blacks at his party must be disturbing to them-get the point?

114 days ago


What havoc is he causing in Miami? The havoc is usually caused by fans he can't control that pop up wherever he goes or stays.

114 days ago
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