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Apollo Nida

Phaedra Bailed On Me …

So I'm Ready to Bail on Our Marriage

7/18/2014 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apollo Nida Phaedra Parks Divorce
Apollo Nida may be going into prison a married man -- but it's doubtful he'll come out that way … because his wife, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member Phaedra Parks "didn't even f***ing show up" for his sentencing.

Nida -- who just got 8 years for check fraud and money laundering -- went off about Phaedra with Atlanta's B-100, admitting he's still "salty" about how she's treated him since he got charged.

Just as fascinating … Nida talking about accepting his punishment like a man, but also copping to crying like a baby over it.


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Asshat I wanted to believe you. Do ur time.

99 days ago


Damn 8 years.....

99 days ago

SoCal Born     

Hope this guy gets it up the azz every single day for the next 8yrs he's locked up & has to pay back every penny he stole from those poor people who lost their whole retirements because of this tool! Can't but wonder if Pheadra really did know about it since she spends money like it's water. How could she not know? Where the hell did she think the money was coming from? All $2.5 mil of it especially since he has never had a real job other than being a career criminal? WTF?

99 days ago

I don't really know Apollo maybe I would check what's going on!

99 days ago


I don't believe a felony crime should be punishable by rape while incarcerated... That is abuse & not a treatment to correct the problem, but enhance the problem & that persons interaction with every other human being including but not limited to the persons innocent family & Children (who are the workers, friends, & significant others of others family & children... Wish that on no one who hasn't dished... Just that), & future co-

99 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Apollo is so strange. As open as he's been in interviews about his situation he has never copped to humiliating his wife and forcing her into single parenthood against her will. He doesn't seem to understand why she might be angry when it should be clear as day.

99 days ago


so selfish wtf he should be greatful to her for raising their children instead of boo hooing to anyone who will listen. i mean he is the one who got into trouble and mrs. 2 kids multiple jobs having phadra is the bag guy. bs

99 days ago

SoCal Born     

AGAIN, @MViewz, Maybe if it was your grandmother who had lost her ENTIRE retirement fund because of what this F**KTARD did, you might feel differently & definitely pissed off! But it's apparent by your rambling on that you wouldn't! My grandmother lost her beautiful house that her & my now deceased grandfather (no thanks to the stress he had been under because of that jackazz) saved up to buy to live out their final years in because of that F**cktard! So save your dumbazz sermon for someone who actually gives a sh*t! F**k off! SMFH!

99 days ago


He is so arrogant.. Look at how he treated his wife on camera. Captain obvious.. Phaedra if u weren't involved good luck. If u knew screw in you, you deserve it all.

99 days ago


Spam again!!!!!! every asshat on the internet is rich.

99 days ago


For one phedra is an attorney she already had money, so why would she be involved, she's not stupid at all, but she is gullible for falling for a criminal like Apollo, come on phedra you didn't do your homework with this menace to society, I know God says don't judge a person for his are her past, but come on folks, it wasn't even part of his past yet when she hooked up with a criminal minded person, and she's an attorney she should've known better but yet she let luste get in the way, cause that's all it was they didn't love each other, he was just getting out of prison and she was doing good making money and she had no kids, she had the world in the palm of her hands until Apollo smooth talking yellow ass touched down and needed him a safe haven, so he spreads his wings and Flys to her nest and never left, they married out of lust not love, and phedra was embarrassed because she got pregnant out of wedlock and the name of the show is Atlanta house wives so she needed him just as now his boys going to be middle schoolers before he touch down again, I don't feel sorry for neither of them, bringing them baby's into the world at the mist of the devil's fingertips, what was she thinking, any body that scams old people are anyone of any nature and does it twice and did it a second time while on parole don't need 8 years that's a slap on the hands, his ass don't need to be walking amongst the other civilization of God's people, so na what? They going to let the menace back out on the streets to do it again, they just giving him enough time to.sit back in his cell and think about how he can correct his mistakes next time with out getting busted again, I don't think it's fair to everyone involved, 8 years that's it come on I saw where a guy got 10 years just for having a half ounce of weed and he wasn't distributing it to sale he purchased it to smoke and not have to keep ripping and running to find it when he wanted to smoke and he wasn't harming anybody are scamming anyone, but all Apollo gets is 8 years.lawd what this world is coming to be.

99 days ago


No Apollo you bailed on her when you got all those charges so she has to distance herself so she doesn't get disbarred. How rlse are getting money on your books?
It's all an act so that she does get involved in his schemes. The lawyer can be seen helping the felons.

99 days ago


Thats what you get for CHEATING

99 days ago


He didn't cheat he just commented fraud lol I hate ephedra

99 days ago


Let's not act like Phaedra didn't know!!! Come on ppl!!!

99 days ago
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