Hillbilly From 'Deliverance' Redneck Romance I'm Hooking Up With Mema

7/19/2014 12:30 AM PDT

The actor who played a backwoods rapist in "Deliverance" -- famous for his "purdy mouth" line -- may have finally found his true hillbilly love ... right here in Hollywood.

TMZ has learned Herbert "Cowboy" Coward -- who now stars on the TV show, "Hillbilly Blood" -- is going on a blind date with Mema -- the matriarch of Reelz Channel's "Hollywood Hillbillies."

Celebrity manager David Weintraub says he ran into "Cowboy" -- who's still working at age 90 -- last week and offered to set him up with 70-year-old Mema. He says "Cowboy" readily accepted.

Weintraub tells TMZ ... Mema's family fully supports the idea of a redneck romance ... and they've arranged the first date for next month.

We can already hear the banjos.