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Korn Concert

57-Year-Old Says

Freaks Unleashed Broke His Back

8/22/2014 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_korn_getty2A guy who took his son to a Korn concert claims unruly fans went nuts during "Freak on a Leash" and a crowd surfer nailed him and broke his back.

A dude named Kenneth Miller wanted to treat his son -- who was celebrating his 17th birthday -- to a Korn concert in Maryland.  

Miller felt he had nothing to worry about, because there were signs posted saying "Crowd Surfing Prohibited."

So imagine his surprise when he got nailed. Miller says he felt a snap in his upper back and despite the intense pain he had to flee for his life, crawling on his hands and knees to the entrance.

And get this ... Miller says when he got to the front door he got accusations but no sympathy -- security asked him if he was drunk.

Miller is suing Live Nation and the venue for a million bucks.



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Grim reaper    

57 at a korn concert that's on you old guy.

31 days ago

Mr. Mojorisin    

Korn sucks

31 days ago


"Broke his back" ... that's some seriously bad reporting. A broken back means paralysis.

He may be hurt, but if he got back to the entrance I can assure you he does not have a broken back.

However, if the crowd did go nuts and he suffered an injury, I would think he may have a legal case.

31 days ago

This is It    

The Filmore is such a great venue. I hope he takes some personal responsibility and uses his healthcare also to treat his problem.

That venue offers great acts for very very low prices, a lawsuit like this could cripple them..

31 days ago


Omg that's horrible and Korn SUCKS!!!!!

31 days ago


Gee, imagine that, someone disobeyed a prohibited sign. If you were really worried about crowd surfing, you shouldn't have bought floor seats.

31 days ago


Ever been to a Korn show?? First note of the first song you are all the way on the opposite side of the room. That's some truth

31 days ago


Dosent stand a chance because of his own statements about the sighns.but he will get some money do to the fact it will be cheaper to settle then fight it.kinda sad its set as basically extortion.if you sue somebody and lose because you cant prove your case,then you should have to pay their lawyer fees.bull**** law suits would all but disappear with in a year saving the tax payers billions.go sue the guy that hurt you dumbass...p.s. korn sucks...

31 days ago


That's what you get for going to a Korn concert dude. What are you doing in the crowd at your age anyways?

31 days ago


These guys look like something out of a George Romero movie.

31 days ago


It's not 1999, who would go to a concert for these washed up hasbeens "Korn"?

31 days ago


Crowd surfers suck, I paid, I waited in line and I got up close to SEE the band I want to see.. I don't need some dip$h*t trying to crowd surf kicking people in the head and face. Last concert I went to the crowd had had enough of the same morons running back up and repeatedly trying to crowd surf.. they were sloppy, sweaty and probably drunk.. the crowd started putting them immediately down if not flat out dropping them. If the sign said crowd surfing prohibited than I hope the guy wins. It's a concert and assuming that going to one somehow means you should know you might get hurt is stupid.

31 days ago

August Baby 77    

Its not the venues fault...what are u suing them for ok idiot...sue the guy that hurt u

31 days ago

boo boo    

Instead of crawling around looking for sympathy, he should have dialed 911 on his cellphone and gotten an ambulance. This guy is an attention seeker. Btw: korn sux.

31 days ago


If anyone's going to be sued, it's the venue. Generally good venues will let a crowd surfer go through once and then kick you out of the show if caught again. On the other hand if you can't physically handle the crowd you can go towards the back and watch. Your 17 year old son can handle himself, seriously. If you have a problem with him being by himself (really?) then he can hang back with you too.

28 days ago

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