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Celebrity Nude Photo Leak


Is on the Case!

9/1/2014 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0901-kate-upton-j-law-fbi-getty-01The celebrity nude photo leak scandal has reached a boiling point ... and now the FBI is getting involved. 

In a statement released Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for the FBI said, "The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter. Any further comment would be inappropriate at this time."

Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton -- the two most prominent names in the leak -- have both expressed interest in pursuing legal action in the matter.

An Apple spokesperson told they are "active investigating" whether or not their iCloud system was hacked as part of this leak.

Kirsten Dunst became the latest celeb featured in the leak to comment via Twitter, placing the blame squarely on Apple's shoulders (while also acknowledging the photos are real). She simply wrote, "Thank you iCloud."


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Maybe, just maybe these "high profile" people should STOP TAKING NUDE PICTURES WITH YOUR PHONES!!!! It's REALLY simple. If you don't want this kind of stuff leaked and seen by the public, then stop friggin doing it. Now, they're going to waste tax dollars sending the FBI out to find whoever did it... again, simply because it was done to "high profile" people. This has happened to your average nobody before... they're told things like 'maybe you shouldn't have naked pictures of yourself on your phone', or the police imply that they deserve it for taking the nude photos in the first place, but god forbid a celebrity do it... then the damn FBI is on the case.

16 days ago


Yay! Get the FBI on them and outlaw stealing and posting nude pictures of other people. I don't care if anyone takes nude photos of themselves, but no one should be trying to steal them, make money off them or think that they should be the ones to be embarrassed for mostly guys who demand the world be their masturbation aid.

16 days ago


Some of the pics I saw that were alleged to be Upton, were obviously not her. One had a large mole on her breast which she doesn't have, others had a star tattoo on her side, that she doesn't have. No big deal anyway, they're just nude pics. Upton makes a living from her body, modeling in next to nothing. Don't take pics if you don't want them to get out. Simple.

16 days ago


Who ever did this if I was you I would move to Russia

16 days ago


Instead of worrying about these pretentious hussies, how about the feds worry about protecting USA from terrorists?

16 days ago


So wait you can take photos of food in HD but when it comes to nudes why is it always shot with a potato cam? UNBELIEVABLE ITS 2014 FOR F#CKS sakes :p

16 days ago



16 days ago


Justin verlander should be most upset because he has all these pictures of women in his phone who aren't Kate Upton.

Was he cheating?

16 days ago

my 2 cents    

The FBI has nothing better to do ? Don't take nude photos. If you must, take them with a Polaroid. Last but not least, do what Madonna did decades ago, own up to the pictures and say "so what ?"

16 days ago

Bob Barker    

FBI? Taxpayers dollars going to good use. Lol.

16 days ago


Don't take the pictures in the first place or at the very least, be smart enough not to store them on ANY on line service, and you won't have to worry about things like this.

16 days ago


This kinda of stuff happens to regular Jane women everyday but the FBI doesn't give a ****. But God forbid celebrity women's nude pics get ( they make a living showing off their body anyway so it is nothing no one saw before. Especially for Kate Upton). The FBI has to get involved because they are rich and famous. But if I want to the FBI with the same complaint I'd be laughed off the phone.

16 days ago


if any celeb who previously stated that the photos were fake then ask the fbi to persue legal action we all will know they were real then

16 days ago


GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't they have something better to do than to spend their time and OUR tax dollars on these D list sluts?????

16 days ago


why don't we spend a few dollars to educate these losers? I mean at least get them up to 8th grade level on the internet.

16 days ago
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