Amanda Bynes Parents Knew Nothing of Arrest No Idea Where She Is Now

9/30/2014 6:15 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

The parents of Amanda Bynes are in the dark about their daughter's arrest and have no idea where she is or what she's been doing since her conservatorship ended.

Bynes' father Rick said he and his wife learned about Amanda's arrest from the media ... they weren't the ones who bailed her out. Rick repeatedly said, "We don't know," when asked about Amanda. 

It's interesting … Rick said he thought his daughter might be in New York, but TMZ has learned she's staying in the Hollywood area right now. 

As TMZ first reported, Amanda moved out of her parents' house once the conservatorship ended earlier this month … but many people close to Amanda feel it was a terrible mistake not to extend it.

We're told Amanda is smoking a lot of weed and is off her anti-psychotic meds for Schizophrenia and bipolarity.

We're also told she was busted for DUI because she was under the influence of Adderall.