O.T. Genasis Swimming in Drunk, Twerking Groupies

6/24/2015 8:23 AM PDT

O.T. Genasis got caught in a blizzard on Hollywood Boulevard -- a parade of white chicks who followed him out of a club and showed NO SHAME ... partying with him on the street. 

The wild after-party went down outside The Argyle around 3 AM, and here's all you need to know -- O.T., 5 super fans (probably super drunk), short skirts, lots of twerking, an inflatable dinosaur and an amazing soundtrack courtesy of a sax player. Think sidewalk slow jams. 

O.T.G.'s description of one of the girls says it all, "Her name must be Simba, 'cause she got jungle fever!"

This video's got "walk of shame" written all over it. Enjoy!