Stitches Celeb Tattoo Artist Rejects Rapper He's Full of Garbage!

2/28/2016 12:30 AM PST

Stitches is so unpopular ... he can't even get tatted up.

Stitches got turned down flat by a celebrity tattoo artist in the O.C. The rapper, who famously got knocked out by Wack 100 during a beef with The Game, called Chapter X's Muddymoney for fresh ink that would link his "F*** a Job" tat to his Tupac ink, which sits atop his "cocaine" one.

Muddy -- who's tatted everyone from Flea to Dodgers star Matt Kemp -- tells us he doesn't want his art associated with "garbage work." Muddy adds Stitches style conflicts with the shop's family friendly, drug-free vibe.

As the saying goes, he couldn't get arrested in this town ... but in Stitches' case, he probably could.