Madonna & Guy Ritchie Scolded by Judge in Custody War ... You're Hurting Rocco!

3/2/2016 12:37 PM PST
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Madonna and Guy Ritchie both called into a New York custody hearing Wednesday afternoon, and the judge went after them ... saying THEY are the ones hurting their 15-year-old son Rocco

Here's what went down in court ...

- Rocco is currently enrolled in school in London. Rocco's attorney called it a "great fit for him."
- The judge is pleased about the school decision and doesn't want to move Rocco out of the school.
- Rocco's attorney said the uncertainty of the situation is having a negative effect on Rocco, but the judge says the real problem is the "inability of the parents to come up with a solution."

Bottom line -- the judge isn't forcing Rocco to move back to New York with his mother at this time ... but is urging Madonna and Guy to find an amicable resolution to visitation issues.

If they can't, the judge is ready to intervene.