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A$AP Ferg Remembering Yams ... With 65 Carats

1/19/2017 11:54 AM PST
Exclusive Details

A$AP Yams was immortalized this week in concert by the hip-hop community -- but he also lives on around the neck of A$AP Ferg ... diamond-studded and all.

Ferg was presented with a custom 14k white gold chain and piece featuring a new moniker for the late producer: Yamborghini. The piece is also laced with 65 carat diamonds ... meaning it'll burn your eyes out with its sparkle and shine.

The chain and piece was designed by jewelry company IF & Co., and took 1 month to design and make. We're told jeweler Ben Baller was personally responsible for overseeing its creation and transfer to Ferg for Wednesday night's Yams Day 2017 concert. 

Yams died 2 years ago on January 18 due to a drug overdose.

No doubt about it now -- Yams' legacy will never fade ... diamonds are forever, after all.


Cesar Millan Home Burglarized They Came in Through the Bathroom Window!!

1/14/2017 12:40 AM PST

0113-Cesar-Millan-tmzCesar Millan got bit where it really hurts when someone broke into his house and made off with a ton of jewelry.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the break-in happened Thursday night at Cesar's home in Studio City, CA. We're told the burglar or burglars entered through an unlocked bathroom window -- and left with several hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bling.

Sources close to the 'Dog Whisperer' say he had been in Asia on business for several weeks, but the good news is his security cameras were working. Cops say surveillance footage captured the heist in progress ... and will be critical to identifying any culprits.

No animals were harmed in this crime -- this home isn't the one where Cesar has his training facility.

A rep for Cesar tells us the Millan family requests privacy while they work with the police department to conduct a thorough investigation.


Soulja Boy Home Burglarized During War with Chris Brown

1/12/2017 12:40 AM PST

0111_soulja_boy_cops_tmz_wmSoulja Boy's house was burglarized Tuesday ... in the throes of his war with Chris Brown that now has tinges of a gang feud.

Law enforcement sources tell us a man busted into Soulja's Hollywood Hills home early Tuesday morning. After busting the front door down the crook nabbed $10k in cash and $12k in jewelry.

We're told SB wasn't home at the time of the burglary ... but his house is wired with surveillance cameras, one of which captured the suspect's image.

TMZ broke the story ... Soulja and Chris Brown are taking their feud into a boxing ring -- probably in Dubai. Wack 100, who's siding squarely with Soulja, says very clearly the fight is being controlled by West Coast gangs. Chris' team, which includes Mike Tyson, begs to differ.

Cops are investigating the incident ... they were at the house again Wednesday afternoon. We're told so far there's no evidence Chris or his crew were involved.


Magic Johnson Sues I Got Screwed In $850k Jewelry Deal

1/11/2017 2:35 PM PST

0111_magic_johnson_the-borrowed-necklace_subFile Under: Extremely Rich People Problems!

Magic Johnson says he borrowed $850,000 in fancy jewelry for his wife for their big 25th wedding anniversary last year ... only to get completely ripped off by the jeweler. 

It's all part of a new lawsuit Johnson filed against Gina Amir Atelier ... a Bev Hills jewelry business that Johnson refers to as a "thieves den."

Long story short ... Johnson says the store took a $250k deposit so he could use 2 pieces of jewelry -- a gold and platinum ring covered in diamonds and a HUGE platinum necklace with 101 white diamonds. 


Johnson says his wife, Cookie, wore the stuff and brought it back unharmed a week later -- but the store never returned his $250k deposit.

He claims the jewelers "conspired to defraud" him all along and says they used him as a "personal ATM." He's suing to get back his $250k.

Attempts to reach Gina for comment were unsuccessful. 

Kim Kardashian Robbery Suspects Tied to Belgium's Illegal Diamond Trade

1/11/2017 10:26 AM PST

0111-kim-kardashian-antwerp-diamonds-tmz-getty-02Kim Kardashian's robbers have strong ties to the illegal diamond trade in Belgium and now the country's federal police force is on what is probably a futile hunt to track down the bling.

Sources with knowledge of Belgium's "black market" for diamonds tell us several men arrested for the Paris robbery have ties to the market. There's a diamond district in Antwerp and shady jewelry shops do business just outside the perimeter ... that's likely where Kim's jewelry ended up.

Law enforcement sources in Belgium tell us their federal police force is investigating, but our sources say ... since more than 3 months have passed it'll be next to impossible to get the bling back. Stuff on the illegal market just moves around too quickly.



Kim Kardashian My Stolen Jewelry's Long Gone

1/11/2017 12:50 AM PST

0109-kim-kardashian-tmzKim Kardashian won't be wearing that $4 million stolen ring anytime soon -- or ever for that matter -- because authorities have told her there's virtually no chance of retrieving it.

Sources close to the investigation tell us Kim's legal team has been briefed by Parisian cops on the big break in the robbery case -- rounding up 17 suspects -- and they have made it clear the only way she'll ever see the bling again is in photos.

The cops say most diamonds the size of Kim's are immediately shipped off to Antwerp's diamond district in Belgium and then quickly disappear.

TMZ broke the story -- Kim submitted an insurance claim after the robbery listing her 20 carat emerald cut stone diamond ring at $4 million -- in total, 13 items totaling $5.6 mil were stolen.


Kim Kardashian Gold Chain Reaction To Robbery

1/9/2017 12:20 AM PST

0106-kim-chain-snapchatKim Kardashian has been truer to her word than we ever thought ... the bling around her neck has taken a nosedive from 7 figures to 3.

Kim vowed after her robbery in early October she would lose the expensive jewelry for good ... jewelry that exceeded $4 MILLION for certain pieces.

So check out the necklace she's been wearing lately. Turns out it's a custom piece from XIV Karats, which sells in the $500 range.

Kim’s stylist picked up the piece during the holidays, and we're told Kanye also made the trip and scored a bunch of zodiac signs he gifted to friends.

As we previously reported ... Kim said she was done flaunting her wealth on social media.


Odell Beckham I Got My Strip Club Pinky Ring Back!

1/8/2017 12:45 AM PST


Odell Beckham Jr. has been reunited with his swag ... getting back the iced-out diamond ring he lost at a NYC strip club back in November.

TMZ Sports broke the sad tale ... Beckham lost his super sparkly diamond ring on a night he was turning up with Von Miller at Sin City booty club.

Staffers scrambled to find the jewelry ... but couldn't locate it in the dark, silicone-filled cabaret.

Here's the happy ending ... we've confirmed with the Giants that OBJ got his ring back before the G-Men played the Browns ... when the party who found it showed up to the stadium to make the return.

We're also told Odell actually got a chance to thank the person when he returned to the club a couple weeks later ... and promised tickets to a game ... but it hasn't happened yet.

C'mon, Odell ... be as clutch as Eli.

LaVar Arrington Warns Michael Crabtree About Repeat Chain Snatching

1/7/2017 12:15 AM PST

LaVar Arrington has a message for Michael Crabtree -- if you don't want people to snatch your chain on the field, don't wear it during games!!

The former NFLer says Aqib Talib's decision to rip Crabtree's gold chain off during last Sunday's game was an "outright blatant move of disrespect," ... but says if jewelry is part of the uniform, it's M.C.'s own fault.

Bottom line ... floss at your own risk.

Serena Williams Reveals Engagement Ring It Weighs a Wimble-TON!!

1/5/2017 8:12 PM PST

0105_serena_williams_ring_reddit-zoomSerena Williams just showed the world her new engagement ring ... and it's massive. 

Williams posted the pic Thursday with new fiance and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and -- while it's not a super close-up of the rock -- you can tell she's sporting some serious bling. 

The couple announced their engagement last week ... but somehow the diamond hasn't seen the light of day until now. 

A Grand Slam for Ohanian.


Emma Roberts Gets a Ring On It ... Take Two?

1/5/2017 6:44 AM PST

0105-emma-roberts-new-ring-wenn-02Emma Roberts put some weight on her left ring finger ... with a diamond piece that has all the markings of engagement ring #2 from Evan Peters.

Emma was out in Bev Hills Wednesday sporting what looks like a diamond and onyx ring. Interesting timing on the new bling ... considering she and longtime on/off bf Evan are just a few months into their latest reunion.

As we told you, the couple was spotted back in November doing some major PDA after they'd broken off engagement #1 earlier in 2016. They've had a rocky road at times -- a domestic violence incident in 2013, but maybe the kids have worked it out. Again.

The new ring's a big change from the old one. People change.



Jason of Beverly Hills New Ring Brands Celeb Husbands ... As 'Married'

1/4/2017 8:48 AM PST

0104-married-ring-Jason-of-Beverly-Hills-instagramOne of Gabrielle Union's favorite jewelers just rolled out a wedding band every woman's gonna want ... for her husband.

Jason of Beverly Hills -- celeb jeweler to Gabby, Evelyn Lozada, Tyga and many more -- has created a thick wedding band for dudes which has the word "Married" embossed on the inside. The idea ... "Married" will be imprinted on the guy's finger even if he takes off the ring.

Brilliant ... for a few minutes anyway. That imprint won't last forever.

To be fair, he should make one for chicks too. Just sayin' ...

Kris Jenner Runs Full-Court Pre$$ On Tristan Thompson

12/26/2016 8:45 AM PST
Breaking News

It's clear Kris Jenner wants to keep Tristan Thompson around -- because she SMOTHERED Khloe's NBA star boyfriend in expensive Christmas gifts ... and he was all about it!

Kris personally hooked TT up with an unreleased Louis Vuitton bag (aka EXPENSIVE) along with a sick cigar ashtray. Khloe commented that Kris has already fallen in love with the guy (obviously).

But the piece de resistance ... the crazy expensive timepiece Khloe gave to the Cavs star -- a rose gold nautilus by Patek Philippe, which usually runs around $85,000!!!!!!!

One jeweler familiar with the watch told us, "Yeah, s**t ain't a game."

Yeah, this dude ain't going anywhere ... 


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