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Meek Mill I Got $68,000 on My Wrist But I May Not Be Allowed to Wear It

2/2/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0201-meek-mill-rolex-MAIN-INSTAGRAM-01Meek Mill dropped $68,000 over the weekend on a Rolex ... which might become an antique before he's able to wear it, because they don't allow fancy watches in the slammer.

Meek bought the piece from Joe the Jeweler aka "Shyne." It's a custom-made Presidential Rolex with 23 carats of white round diamonds. 

Here's the problem ... Meek has a hearing Friday in his probation violation case. You'll recall he left the state of Pennsylvania without permission. There are also allegations he tried to cheat a drug test. The judge could send Meek to prison for the violation.

Meek might need a fortified safety deposit box for his collection. 



Kris Jenner Jewelry War Heats Up We Ain't Too Proud To Sue

2/1/2016 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0129-kris-jenner-tmz-01Kris Jenner is way too proud about her #ProudMama ... according to the jeweler who's one step closer to launching a full-scale legal war over the hashtag.

TMZ broke the story ... Jenny Present, who owns a jewelry company and the trademarked phrase "Proud Mama," issued a warning to Jenner when the momager attempted to get her own trademark.

Present says Kris hasn't backed down, so she's just fired off a cease and desist letter to the momager's company. Tensions are definitely rising since Kris recently announced she's doing her own jewelry collection.

Present's letter demands Jenner stop using #ProudMama on all promotional platforms.

If Jenner doesn't cut it out, Present says she's ready to let a judge decide who's the proudest mama of them all.

Mariah Carey Oh, This Little Thing?

1/29/2016 6:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0129-mariah-carey-getty-01Mariah Carey flashed her giant engagement sparkler Thursday night in L.A.  for all to see.

The black tie event was the first time Mariah and James Packer were photographed together since he popped the question.

In case you're wondering ... 35 carats and more than the rest of us will make in our lives.


NFL's Cameron Jordan I Got Myself a Sack Gift ... Worth $35k

1/24/2016 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Treat Yo'Self!!!!

New Orleans Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan decided to reward himself this year after racking up 10 sacks on the field ... and his gift to himself is pretty sick. 

Check out the $35,000 gold chain Jordan picked up from Avianne & Co. in NYC -- a 14 karat yellow gold chain that weighs in at 1 kilo!! 

We spoke with Joe Avianne who tells us, "Cameron wanted to buy himself a fat gold chain to celebrate his 10 sacks this season ... as soon as I showed him that piece he said he had to get it."



Miley Cyrus Does This Ring Look Familiar?

1/18/2016 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118-miley-cyrus-engagement-ring-getty-01Miley Cyrus dropped a clue things are not only back on with former fiance Liam Hemsworth ... they might be eyeing the altar.

Miley arrived at JFK Sunday wearing what looks very much like the engagement ring she got from Liam back in the day.

The two split in 2013, but they've been hanging out lately and it looks like it's back on ... possibly in a big way.



WWE Diva Tammy Sytch Mega Offer Comes In For H.O.F. Ring ... But There's A Catch

1/18/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0114_Tammy-Lynn-Sytch_vivid_facebookWWE Diva Tammy Sytch might soon be free of the Hall of Fame ring she's auctioning off ... a bidder's come forward with a sweet 6-figure deal and one condition ... Tammy's gotta do porn.  

Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch made the offer ... $100k for the ring and in return he wants Tammy to shoot a 90 min sex tape. He's even giving her some options on the specifics of the shoot, letting her to choose her partner and the location.  

No word yet on if Tammy will accept but Hirsch isn't playing around ... he wants the whole thing done in less than two weeks.  

Time's a wastin'.


Floyd Mayweather $250k Jewelry Spree ... Can I Pay In Cash?!

1/13/2016 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another day, another super expensive purchase for Floyd Mayweather ... this time, the boxer dropped $250k on two diamond and gold chains -- and offered to pay IN CASH!!!

The boxing legend hit up Mr. Flawless in NYC -- where he had his eye on two diamond cuban link chains.

0113_Floyds-chains_SUBWe're told one chain weighed in at 2.2 pounds ... with 60 carats of diamonds. The other weighs 2.65 pounds and sports 70 carats in diamonds.

When it came time to pay, Floyd whipped out a giant stack of cash ... but we're told he was just playin' around -- and did what everyone else does at a jewelry store ... charged it. 


Ex-Diva Tammy Sytch So Done with WWE ... You Can Have My Hall of Fame Ring!

1/13/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0112_sunny_wwe_diva_ring_ebay_launchTammy Sytch is giving fans a chance to get a piece of her WWE Diva alter ego, Sunny, by hawking a totally unique piece of memorabilia ... her Hall of Fame ring!

Sunny got the ring in 2011 when she was inducted, but says she's ready to turn the page on her pro wrestling days. She's unloading the ring on eBay with an opening bid of $3,000. 

Sytch says the sale has nothing to do with her legal troubles last year, she's just wiping the slate clean. She told us, "It's time to let go of the past and selling my ring is the right way to get back on track!"

Mark Rypien Super Bowl Ring Hits Auction Block

1/11/2016 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0111-redskins-rings-getty-02The Redskins are out of the playoffs, but Kirk Cousins could still get a Super Bowl ring this year -- if he buys the one Mark Rypien won back in 1988 ... 'cause it's officially on the auction block. 

TMZ Sports has learned ... Rypien's championship ring from Super Bowl XXII is up for grabs via Goldin Auctions -- starting bid is $15,000. 

Of course, Rypien didn't play a single down in that game -- when Washington beat Denver 42-10 -- 'cause he was only a rookie back then ... playing behind Doug Williams and Jay Schroeder. 


Goldin Auctions tells us Rypien sold the ring back in 2013 -- and the current owner has decided the time is right to put it back on the market. 

We're told the ring is expected to fetch around $50k. 

Don't feel bad for Rypien -- he went on to lead the Redskins to a victory in Super Bowl XXVI ... and even took home the MVP trophy. 

We're guessing he hung on to that ring. 

T.I. Jewelry Company Sues ... He's a Very Flashy Deadbeat!

1/8/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-ti-gold-01T.I. may have to start mining for some gold of his own because at least one jewelry store is done with him, claiming he walked off with a ton of their bling and never anted up.

Aydin & Co in Georgia says in a new lawsuit it delivered an 18.5 karat white gold bracelet, a ring and yellow gold rosary to the rapper in 2014 and Tip paid $20k. Problem is ... he still owes $44k.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. According to the lawsuit, during the decade T.I. was one of its shoppers, he stiffed them out of more than $400k.

All tolled, Aydin's gunning for T.I. to the tune of $700k. 

T.I. says the lawsuit is BS. 


Adrien Broner Joins In On 'Championship Ring' Frenzy Drops $84k On Bling

1/5/2016 10:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0105-adrien-broner-instagram-01What does Adrien Broner have in common with Chris Brown and Drake?

It pays to be friends with all three guys apparently ... 'cause Broner just laced his crew with the same Championship style rings that Drizzy and Breezy hit their teams with.

Broner hit up Avianne & Co in NYC -- jewelers to HUGE stars like Chris Brown and Future -- and commissioned championship rings for himself and his closest friends ... to commemorate winning a title in his 4th weight class.


0105-sub-drake-tmz-01Joe Avianne tells TMZ Sports each ring consisted of 60 grams of 14 karat yellow gold and 12 carats of flawless diamonds with "ABOUT BILLIONS" engraved on the side.

Final price tag for the whole haul ... $84k!!!!!


Sean Kingston Case Closed in Crazy Kidnapping Caper

1/5/2016 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1230-sean-kingston-instagramSean Kingston's claims he was kidnapped in a jewelry dispute have fallen on deaf ears, because the LAPD is chalking it up to a simple business disagreement.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Kingston's story just doesn't ring true ... that he met a jeweler in downtown L.A. in the middle of the night to settle a dispute over a $185k watch. Kingston claims the jeweler and his goons took the watch, locked him in a car at gunpoint and drove off, eventually dumping him in the street.

Our sources say the story didn't make a whole lot of sense ... why would Sean be making business deals in the middle of the night in a desolate area? It seems unclear so cops are calling it a civil business dispute. 

Frankly, the whole story is too confusing for words, so just let Raquel explain it you.

Floyd Mayweather My New Ice Cost Seven Figures!

12/28/2015 7:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

1228-floyd-mayweather-instagramFloyd Mayweather really outdid himself this time ... dropping over $10 million on some new diamonds.

According to Floyd's rep, the giant ring alone is 50 carats and smaller necklace is made of 74 diamonds, each one being three carats each. 

All told, Floyd's rep says the collection ran Floyd between $10-15 million. 

Earlier this month, Floyd spent over a million bucks on a sick diamond watch while shopping in Dubai.


Apparently diamonds are a boxer's best friend too.

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