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Meek Mill Done with Drake ... Takes Shot at Nicki On New Track

7/21/2017 7:06 AM PDT

Meek Mill dropped Nicki Minaj like a fly and buzzed off, not the other way around ... at least that's how his latest lyrics make it sound.

Meek dropped his "Wins & Losses" album Friday, and on the track "1942 Flows," he makes Nicki out to be an emotional ex who would do anything to have him back: "Cut her off, act like she's dead and it's killing her."

There's also a line where Meek warns bloggers not to ask him about his relationship with her.

Nicki and Meek dated for almost 2 years, but ended things around December -- and it wasn't pretty since there were cheating allegations

Your move, Nicki.

Mike Vick Regrets Kaepernick Hair Comments 'Truly Sorry For What I Said'

7/20/2017 8:40 AM PDT
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Mike Vick says he never should've suggested Colin Kaepernick cut his afro to look more presentable to NFL owners ... and admits he "should've used a better choice of words" when addressing the free agent QB.

Vick's been under fire since he made controversial comments about Kap on FS1's "Speak for Yourself" earlier this week ... and the ex-NFL star says his original message was taken out of context.

"Obviously, we all know his afro has nothing to do with him being signed, and I wasn't trying to relay that message. It was just more so about helping him at the end of the day," Vick told the "Dan Patrick Show" on Thursday.

Vick says he's always been a Kaepernick supporter and is "truly sorry for what I said."

Rosie O'Donnell Plugs Pushing Trump Off a Cliff In Video Game

7/19/2017 7:19 AM PDT

Rosie O'Donnell's all for killing President Trump in a video game ... at the very least.

Rosie's been getting her kicks playing an online game called "Push Trump Off a Cliff Again" and she's promoting it on her social media. Not exactly shocking considering she's never hid her hatred for Trump, and vice versa.

On the other hand ... it's pretty bold for her to promote even virtual violence against POTUS in the wake of Kathy Griffin's bloody head debacle. And remember Rosie had to eat crow after a verbal attack on the President's son, Barron.

Conservatives are destroying her for plugging the game, although reaction from Rosie's fans seems to be ... play on!

Colin Kaepernick Fires Back At Mike Vick 'Stockholm Syndrome'

7/18/2017 7:47 AM PDT
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Colin Kaepernick believes Mike Vick has been "brainwashed" -- and his advice to cut his afro is the result of Stockholm Syndrome.

Here's the deal ... Kaep just posted an Instagram message that's clearly directed at Vick, despite the fact he never mentions Mike's name in the post. 

Vick went on FS1's "Speak for Yourself" on Monday and said he wants Kaep to cut his afro and go with a more clean-cut look to be more "presentable" to NFL teams.

Kaep has remained silent until now ... posting the definition of Stockholmn Syndrome -- "When an abused victim, develops a kind of respect and empathy towards their abuser."

"This syndrome is also called 'traumatic bonding' or 'victim brainwashing.'"

Kaep's post notes that the syndrome was named after a bank robbery -- when victims developed empathy toward their captors.

It seems obvious Kaep views Vick as a victim and the captor is White America.

Ex-Kermit Puppeteer Played a Bitter, Depressed Frog ... Says Cheryl Henson

7/18/2017 7:57 AM PDT
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Kermit the Frog always said it wasn't easy being green, but it's the blues that got his longtime puppeteer, Steve Whitmire, fired ... according to Jim Henson's daughter.

Cheryl Henson ripped Whitmire's on-the-job performance, saying he was making Kermit a "bitter, angry, depressed, victim. Worst of all, in the past few years he had not been funny or fun."

She says it was high time to make a change, and implored Whitmire ... "Stop with the pity party!"

Whitmire was canned last week, and bitched that Disney let him go over the phone.

The Muppets Studio issued a statement Monday, saying the official reason they pulled the trigger was "unacceptable business conduct" -- which is pretty much what Cheryl said ... with bigger words.

Floyd Mayweather Harassed By Crazy McGregor Fans ... Security Hit By Rolls

7/18/2017 6:49 AM PDT

You thought the last Mayweather, McGregor news conference was nuts?! Wait'll you see what happened outside!

As Mayweather's Rolls-Royce was leaving the SSE Arena in London on Friday, dozens of McGregor fans swarmed Floyd's ride ... flipping him off and shouting insults at the car. 

Security tried like hell to keep the hooligans away ... literally ripping people from the car ... but during the process, one guy appeared to get rocked by the front of the Rolls.

You can't actually see the collision -- but you can hear it -- and you can see the security guy go flying down the street. He appears to be okay.

Eventually, Floyd made it out ... but damn, craziness!!!

Blac Chyna to Ex-Side Piece You're Freaking Me Out ... Stay Away from My Gig!!!

7/15/2017 1:00 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's beefing up her personal security and got her former side piece banned from her upcoming club appearance ... because his recent actions are scaring her.

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ ... Ferrari won't be allowed in at the Medusa Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta Saturday night, where Blac is scheduled to host a party. We're told  Chyna's hired 4 extra bodyguards for the night in case the rapper -- who hails from ATL -- shows up.

Chyna's camp claims Ferrari's been calling and texting her the past week, and demands for him to stop the harassment having been blown off. We're told Chyna believes he's released revenge porn despite a letter warning him not to, and she also fears for her safety because he's acting obsessive and delusional. His interview with TMZ particularly scared her.

The owner of Medusa, Lil Henny, tells us he will honor Chyna's ban request and make sure Ferrari is not allowed on the premises while she's working the joint.

Ex-'Shahs of Sunset' Star Cleared in Extortion Investigation Over Sex Contract Dispute

7/15/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Ex-"Shahs of Sunset" star Sammy Younai had a sex contract all drawn up but then got pissed when his mattress got pissed on, and his reaction triggered an extortion investigation.

Sources close to the case tell TMZ ... Sammy was recently dating a woman who wanted rough sex. He emphatically shut it down unless she agreed to put something in writing to protect him from sexual assault claims.

We're told they worked it out over email and went forward. We're also told Sammy pulled out his cell phone and recorded part of the encounter.

Sources tell us after the session the woman peed on his mattress. Sammy was outraged and demanded she pay to replace it. She refused, and that's when Sammy allegedly said if she didn't ante up, some people will learn some stuff about her.

Sources close to Sammy tell us he never demanded money for the mattress and he's never asked for money from anyone he's been with. She went to cops and filed an extortion complaint.

The case ended up in the L.A. City Attorney's Office where the case was rejected for lack of evidence.

Floyd to Conor I've Got Slurs Too ... 'You F****t!'

7/14/2017 1:27 PM PDT
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Mayweather's rep says, "The reason Floyd called Conor the F word is because Conor called Floyd a monkey. Floyd has nothing against gays or lesbians at all ... Floyd has them on his staff. Floyd has nothing but the utmost respect for gays and lesbians."

We're told the monkey comment allegedly happened off mic when Conor was storming around the stage and hyping up the crowd. Floyd Mayweather crossed the line -- much like Conor McGregor did -- by calling him a "fa***t" during their London news conference.

The fighters were in the middle of wrapping up their world tour to promote their upcoming boxing match, and when Floyd grabbed the mic he started ripping into Conor ... calling him a string of names, including the homophobic slur.

Conor didn't react, but the crowd certainly did ... and it wasn't good.

Remember, a few days ago ... Conor told Floyd ... "Dance for me, boy!" He was, rightfully, taken to task for spewing a racist term to an African-American man.

Looks like it's Floyd's turn to feel the heat.

Mayweather, McGregor Lock Horns In London

7/14/2017 1:02 PM PDT

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather finally met in the boxing ring Friday ... but instead of throwing punches, the 2 fighters traded ferocious insults.

SSE Arena in London was packed for the 4th and final stop on the super fight world tour ... and Conor fans ruthlessly booed Mayweather as he tried to get his verbal jabs out.

Conor rubbed Floyd's "peanut head" and made fun of his "brittle hands" ... while Floyd dropped a homophobic slur and referred to Dana White as Conor's pimp.

It's the last time Floyd and Conor will meet for a while before the super fight in August. Which is probably a good thing, 'cause these guys gotta give their voices a break.

J.J. Watt Shades LaVar Ball Your ZO2 Shoes Suck!

7/14/2017 8:21 AM PDT

Another day, another enemy for LaVar Ball ... this time it's NFL superstar J.J. Watt who roasted Ball over the ZO2s ... saying they suck, are overpriced ... and most importantly, Watt's shoes are better.

Watt took to Twitter to announce the release of his $99 Reebok training shoe and took the time to call out Ball when he did it ... posting a not-so-subtle shot at the Big Baller Brand boss.

"400 dollars less than some shoes on the market and 100% more effective" ... "And I actually wear them."

LaVar and Lonzo's sneakers retail for $495.

Lonzo's been killin' it in the NBA Summer League ... but only since he stopped wearing the ZO2s ... and switched to Kobe's Nikes and Harden's Adidas kicks.

Shots fired.

50 Cent Fires Back at McGregor You Got Choked Out, Fool!!

7/14/2017 7:40 AM PDT
Breaking News

50 Cent is ripping into Conor McGregor for calling him a bitch in Thursday's press conference ... mocking the UFC superstar for getting choked out by Nate Diaz.

ICYMI -- 50 called out Conor for using his famous "Floyd can't read" insult (which Fitty used when he was beefin' with Floyd a few years back) in Toronto ... saying T.B.E.'s "gonna kill him for saying that."

Conor responded to the NY rapper's comments during the Brooklyn stop of the world tour Thursday ... simply saying "50 Cent's a bitch!"

Fitty didn't take it lightly, calling out the Notorious ... saying "What the f**k wrong wit this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool" ... and posting a pic of Conor getting choked out by Diaz.

Curtis added "champ about to be 50-0, and the Little leprechaun is just the 50th Victim. Floyd said 'I'm a put the hand of God on that boy.'"

Looks like Conor's gonna have to address this during the London stop of the world tour Friday ...

Little leprechaun Vs. KANAN July 16 Sunday 9Pm POWER Episode 4. Ain't no tapping out over here LOL

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

Kim Kardashian Makes Peace With Danielle Bregoli

7/13/2017 6:01 PM PDT

6:15 PM PT -- Sources close to Kim tell us she had no idea who Danielle was, and was only introduced as "a fan" and not the "Cash Me Outside" girl. They say Kim took pics with several fans.Kim Kardashian -- who hangs with the richest, most powerful people in the country -- peaced out with "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli.

Kim and Danielle Bregoli's worlds collided at The Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel Thursday, where the 2 stars were both enjoying a meal. Danielle was dining 2 tables away from Kim when someone who knew both introduced them.

Sources close to Bregoli tell us Kim was denying photos with other patrons, but made an exception for her. We're told Danielle was apprehensive -- you know, because she talked crazy smack about her whole family in February -- but Kim couldn't have been nicer.

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