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Future Ciara's Lawsuit's a Joke She Made Money Off Bad Mouthing Me!

2/10/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209_future_ciara_tmzCiara's throwing $15 million rocks from inside a giant glass house ... which is why Future thinks she doesn't have a chance in hell of winning a dime off him. 

Sources close to Future tell TMZ, the rapper thinks it's absurd his baby mama filed the slander suit, since she's talked plenty of trash on him. We're told he believes Exhibit A is her 2015 platinum selling hit, "I Bet." 

With lyrics like ... "You know that it hurts your pride but you thought the grass was greener on the other side. I bet you start loving me as soon as I start loving someone else. Somebody better than you” -- the song is widely believed to be about Future allegedly cheating on Ciara.

Our source says he could've sued over that, but didn't want to be petty. As for whether he fires back with a lawsuit now -- we're told he's considering it, but hasn't seen Ciara's docs yet. His team claims the process server at LAX failed to deliver.

Bottom line: it's a safe bet this is gonna get much uglier.


Ted Cruz Is a P***y Website Goes Live Thanks for the Idea, Donald!

2/9/2016 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0209-ted-cruz-site-tedcruzisapussy-02Still too early to call New Hampshire, but the Internet is definitely loving Donald Trump's declaration about Ted Cruz and uh ... cats.

Less than 24 hours after Donald said, "He's a p***y!" -- someone hit up Go Daddy and snatched the domain, tedcruzisap*** No word on who cyber-squatted the phrase -- they've chosen to stay anonymous.

Predictably, the page touts the Trump campaign -- but also includes this vocabulary lesson: "pusillanimous" ... showing a lack of courage or determination.

We know what you're thinking. We're told the Donald's campaign had nothing to do with it.

Ghostface Killah Shkreli 'Bout to Catch a Big Mama Ass Whoopin'!

2/9/2016 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know rap beef is serious when mamas get involved, and Ghostface Killah's just stepped into his feud with Martin Shkreli ... threatening to open a fresh can.

Ghost posted a video rebuttal to the threats Shkreli recently made against him, and this time he brought back up -- his mom and a couple friends ... who made a badass entrance in ski masks.

Just watch ... Shkreli and his goon squad might want to stand down

Wu-Tang moms ain't nothing to f*** with!

Matt Barnes Trolling Derek Fisher?

2/8/2016 9:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

020816-matt-barnes-instagramMatt Barnes posted this pic on Instagram moments after his nemesis Derek Fisher was fired by the Knicks. 

So ... this is total shade, right? 

Look, it coulda just been bad timing and Barnes just wanted to show off his swag (he is after all a very fashionable guy). 

Then again, he hates Fisher's guts and the look on his face says -- "Take that, bitch."

We're going with option #2 ... but hey, choose your own adventure.

Abby Lee Miller Warring Over $5 Deal ... I'll Insta-Bomb On You, Pizza Hut!!

2/5/2016 7:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0205-abby-lee-miller-pizza-tmz-02update_graphic_red_bar10:30 AM PT -- We checked and the Pizza Hut Abby called does not offer the $5 flavor menu -- it's a national deal, but individual stores don't have to honor it. update_grey_gray_bar

Abby Lee Miller treated a Pizza Hut manager like a pre-teen girl in a tutu -- unleashing her social media soldiers on the guy after an argument over her order.

The "Dance Moms" instructor went ballistic Thursday night when she called a PH in Santa Monica to place an order. Our well placed pizza sources tell us Abby was put on hold, like anyone else might be.

When a PH employee got on the line, we're told she inquired about the "$5 pizza deal" ... but when the employee didn't know what that was, Abby got pissed and asked for a manager. 

We're told the convo got heated. Abby claims PH hung up on her, and then she hit the nuclear button -- posting the store's phone # to her 2 million Instagram followers, asking them to call "the idiot who keeps hanging up on paying customers." 

0205-sub-abby-lee-miller-instagram-01Our sources say the store was flooded with calls until closing, and it was so bad they had to stop answering the phones. We're told PH has been reaching out to Abby, asking her to take down the post as they're concerned it will continue to screw up business, but she hasn't responded.

BTW, seems Abby was asking about the $5 flavor menu. The lady knows her pizza! 


Game 'Mascot of a Transvestite' Won't See a Dime!!!

2/4/2016 7:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


update_graphic_red_bar4:28 PT PM -- Priscilla Rainey's lawyer, Brad Edwards, tells TMZ Game's tirade is "outrageous," adding, "It is extraordinarily troubling that [Game] has decided to use his celebrity to spread such extreme and hurtful lies with the malicious intent of causing Ms. Rainey catastrophic humiliation and reputational damage."

The lawyer says his client is "devastated by [Game's] knowingly false claims about her."update_grey_gray_bar

The Game has gone ballistic on the woman who just scored a legal victory in a $10 million lawsuit against him, calling her a "thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite."

Game was reacting to a sexual assault lawsuit filed by Priscilla Rainey, who claimed Game crossed the line during his TV reality show, "She's Got Game."

Game didn't respond to the lawsuit so a judge just entered a $10 mil default.

Game scoffed on Instagram, saying he will have the default undone, adding, "Soon as I get home, me & my lawyers will EAT THIS CASE like a box of Minion Twinkies on sale at Walmart!" 

He calls her a "Thot Bot" and says she won't get enough money to buy her "a lifetime supply of lace front hair glue."

Game denies even touching Rainey on the show and says she was upset she got kicked off and that "made her lil wee wee hard so she did what all chicks like her do when life gives them no other options ... They sue you!"

He goes nuts on her, saying her "mustache is probably a bit longer than it was during taping," and then using various hashtags, including, #HairyAssUnderArms and #BitchWasUsingMyOldSpice."

We've reached out to Rainey's attorney, but no word back yet. 

Wiz Khalifa Kanye West Apologized to Me ... We're All Good Now

2/3/2016 7:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wiz Khalifa closed the book on his nasty feud with Kanye West -- but before he did, he made it clear that Yeezy bowed to him.

Wiz was on Power 105 in NYC with Angie Martinez, and broke down the peace accord the rappers reached after a phone convo. As we first reported, the guys talked first on Monday morning -- and hours later Kim and Amber followed suit.

However, what we didn't know is ... who first extended the olive branch.

Wiz wins. 

Dencia Disses LisaRaye & MLK Jr. Over Skin Whitening War!

2/2/2016 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LisaRaye McCoy and singer Dencia's feud over a skin whitening cream is getting so heated ... even Martin Luther King Jr.'s becoming collateral damage.

We got Dencia outside Mr Chow, where she told us her lawyer's drafting a lawsuit against LisaRaye. Dencia owns a cream called Whitenicious, and as we first reported ...she's accusing LisaRaye of saying it causes cancer.

For the record, LisaRaye says she actually said, "whitealicious."

But check out this video ... Cameroon native Dencia blasts her enemies for attacking a "young black girl from Africa" ... and then she drags MLK Jr. and Malcolm X into the mess.

This is one way to mark Black History Month. Just not a great one.

Kanye West White Flag Is Waving In War with Wiz

2/2/2016 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

020216-kanye-wiz-tmzKanye West now has peace on all fronts after hashing things out with Wiz Khalifa.

Kanye says he and Wiz chatted on Monday and it was a "Great convo." He didn't reveal much more about their discussion ... other than to say it was "All positive."

We've learned the peace summit was two-pronged. Our sources tell us Wiz and 'Ye's convo went down Monday morning -- and a few hours later Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose spoke to each other ... then decided to have their meeting at Kris Jenner's house.

Ever since their feud exploded on Twitter last week, Wiz has been blasting Yeezy almost every night during his South American tour -- but in an interview with Bootleg Kev on Tampa's Wild 94.1 ... Wiz said it's all squashed.

Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose Secret Meeting to Squash Beef

2/2/2016 6:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0202-kim-amber-twitter-01Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose had a secret meeting Monday to bury the hatchet in the Wiz/Amber/Kanye feud ... TMZ has learned.

Both Kim and Amber posted this pic on their respective social media accounts early Tuesday morning, showing their newly-formed alliance. As we reported, the war started when Wiz called out Kanye over his new album and Kanye then went off denigrating Amber -- calling her a stripper and even dragging her son into the beef.

Our Amber sources say Kim called her Monday afternoon and asked to meet at Kris Jenner's house early that evening. Amber accepted the invite, and the 2 hashed things out. We're told after a long conversation they're both good with each other.

Later Monday night Blac Chyna hosted a party at Ace of Diamonds in West Hollywood and Amber was right by her side. You may recall Blac Chyna and Amber had beef after Chyna was a no show at Amber's slut walk, choosing to be with Future instead.

Now Chyna's with Rob Kardashian and got her Future tattoo removed Monday.  



Ronda Rousey's Trainer Shrugs Off Mom's Attack 'That's Her Opinion'

2/1/2016 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-ronda-rousey-mom-trainor-fight-TMZ-GETTY-01Ronda Rousey's trainer says he's not bothered by the scathing verbal attack Ronda's mom directed at him over the weekend ... saying Ronda's opinion is the only one that really matters. 

Ronda's mom AnnMaria De Mars went on Submission Radio and launched new insults at Edmond Tarverdyan -- calling him an "idiot" and a "fraud" ... and begging her daughter to cut ties with him. 

But Tarverdyan tells TMZ Sports ... he can't focus his energy worrying about what Ronda's mom thinks -- he's got more important things at hand ... like training her for her Holly Holm rematch

"It's just her opinion," Edmond says ... "I'm just here to train Ronda and it really doesn't matter."

"Ronda knows who I am. I am her trainer and that's really about it."

As for Ronda, she stood by Edmond the first time her mother went after him in public -- and it seems she's committed to him this time around as well. 

Scott Weiland Ex-Wife Tries to Take Guitar ... Cops Called

2/1/2016 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-scott-weiland-getty-02Scott Weiland's ex-wife needed cops to keep the peace after going nuclear when she was barred from taking some of his instruments.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officers were called to a recording studio in Burbank, CA last week -- where Scott's ex, Mary Forsberg, was causing a scene while trying to make off with a keepsake.

Mary showed up with her and Scott's teenage son -- we're told he wanted one of his dad's guitars -- but an employee of the recording studio refused to give them access.

An argument ensued ... and cops were called to calm everyone down.

Mary was told it was a civil issue ... and would need her lawyer to work out any division of property.

The tension's been building -- as we first reported, Mary filed docs stating Scott wanted her, not widow, Jamie Weiland, to be executor of his will

Start the countdown to a lawsuit.


Kanye West I Messed Up ... Kids Are Off Limits in My Twitter Wars

1/30/2016 7:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0130-kanye-west-tmz-01Kanye West blinked ... indirectly apologizing to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa for dragging their son into the epic Kanye/Wiz twitter war.

Kanye took to Twitter late Friday with this mea culpa ... "God's dream .... Never speak on kids again."

Mr. West crossed the line when he told Wiz, "I own your child!!!"  The implication -- Kanye made Amber famous, which then made her desirable to Wiz, which then produced Sebastian. 

0130-sub-kanye-west-twitter-01Yeezy, who said his new "Waves" album was gospel seems to be hanging with the right people ...  2 Chainz posted a pic of Ye in studio with gospel musician Kirk Franklin.


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