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Taylor Swift Man Breaks into Home ... Showers and Sleeps in Her Bed!

4/20/2018 3:15 PM PDT

Taylor Swift had a real life version of Goldilocks play out in one of her homes, as an intruder got way too comfortable after breaking into the place.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Roger Alvarado allegedly climbed up a ladder, smashed a window with his hand and got into the NYC brownstone early Friday. Once he got in, he took a shower and fell asleep in a bed.

This would be the part where Taylor walks in on him, if this really were Goldilocks ... luckily, she wasn't there. However, a witness spotted Alvarado breaking in and called cops. He was arrested inside the home and charged with stalking, burglary and criminal mischief.  

Taylor just owns the property -- she bought it a few months ago, but we're told she's never lived there.

She's been the target of several scary run-ins lately. Most recently, a man was arrested trying to scale the wall of her Bev Hills mansion, and another showed up at that same mansion with a mask and rubber gloves. Both were arrested.  

The Obamas Summer's Almost Here So, Let's Build a Swimming Pool!!!

4/19/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Barack and Michelle Obama have decided 2 summers without a swimming pool were enough ... so with another summer around the corner, they are finally gonna build one.

Obama's post-presidential pad in Washington, D.C. -- the one they first rented back in 2016 and then plunked down $8.1 million to buy last year -- is undergoing construction for a new swimming pool.

According to building permits, obtained by TMZ, work includes construction for a brand spankin' new residential swimming pool ... an in-ground pool, of course. Barack was the 44th prez, after all. The pool will also feature a terrace of sorts.

Barack and Michelle got the permit application process going in January ... and there has been a series of reviews in the months that followed -- from plumbing and electrical to several mechanical corrections.

Nothing like a staycation after a SICK 2017 vacation.

Serena Williams Bel-Air Home Price Drop ... Advantage Potential Buyer!!!

4/19/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Serena Williams is making an adjustment -- to her real estate game -- by slashing the price of her Bel-Air home ... to just a shade under $10 million.

The tennis star put the 6,101 sq ft, 6-bed, 7-bath mansion -- featuring a pool, gym, bar, salon and private hiking trails -- on the market for $12 mil back in October ... but apparently hasn't had any takers.

With a new price tag of $9,995,000, Serena's still set to make a nice profit on the sale -- she bought the place for just over $6 mil in 2006.

As we reported ... Serena plunked down $6.7 mil on a Beverly Hills pad right around the same time she listed her Bel-Air palace with Greg Piechota from KASE Real Estate.

So ... don't worry about her not having a place to stay in L.A.

Calvin Harris Sued by Blind Man Over Mega-Expensive Home Rental Deal

4/18/2018 3:37 PM PDT

4/20 6:56 AM PT -- A rep for Calvin tells us, "The claims filed against Calvin Harris are absurd and without merit. We are confident that the Court will dismiss the frivolous lawsuit."Calvin Harris is being sued by a blind man who claims the DJ screwed him over in a super-expensive home deal.

Harry Moscatel claims he leased Harris' home above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood last year for $35,000 a month. He put down a $70,000 security deposit and moved in ... according to the docs.

Moscatel's attorney, Scott Doonan, tells us ... the house had problems from the beginning, including hot water and heating issues, faulty doors and a sound system that never worked right.

We're told Moscatel and his family bailed on the home, and he now claims the lease agreement was invalid ... in part because he's a 79-year-old blind man and protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The lawsuit does not explain why his disability would allow him out of the lease.

The house was once the love nest of Calvin and Taylor Swift when the 2 were an item.

Moscatel makes other technical arguments about the lease and is asking a judge to declare it null and void. He's also preparing to sue Harris to get a portion of his rent and his security deposit back.

BTW ... Moscatel made news last year after a hoverboard caught fire and burned his multi-million-dollar mansion down. Presumably, that's why he rented Calvin's pad.

We reached out to Calvin's people, so far no word back.

Taylor Swift Obsessed Fan Busted for Felony Stalking

4/17/2018 12:40 AM PDT

11:41 AM PT -- Beverly Hills PD filed for and was granted a temporary firearms restraining order against Taylor's alleged stalker, Julius Sandrock, in which they claim his car was found to contain an empty gun holster, live rounds of ammunition, latex gloves, black gloves, a knife and multiple types of masks, black rope, Rx medication, and psychologist paperwork. Cops also say Sandrock was arrested attempting to break into Taylor's home while wearing a mask and rubber gloves. They claim he told officers he suffers from OCD, bipolar disorder, severe depression and manic episodes. Sandrock is on probation in Colorado for "disorderly conduct and discharging a firearm," according to police.Taylor Swift's home, a designated historic landmark, keeps attracting bizarre behavior -- another obsessed fan was arrested there after trekking across several states ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops were called to Taylor's Bev Hills mansion Saturday after security spotted a suspicious man in front of the property. Police responded and busted a 38-year-old man who said he'd driven from Colorado to meet with Taylor. We're told she was not home.

After searching the man's car and interviewing him, officers determined they had enough reason to arrest him and book him for felony stalking. He's still in custody, and we're told cops are in the process of issuing an emergency protective order for him to stay away from Taylor. 

Taylor's security was already on high alert -- as we reported, a trespasser was recently sentenced to 3 days in jail and 3 years probation after he attempted to scale a wall at Taylor's home.

'The Crossing' Star Peace Out, L.A. Thanks for the Profit!

4/16/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Natalie Martinez, from ABC's new show "The Crossing", is tapping out of L.A. but she's making a small bundle on her way out ... by selling her house.

Natalie bought her 4 bedroom, 3 bath crib in the San Fernando Valley back in 2015 for just over $1 million. She just sold the 3,400 square ft crib for $1.32 million -- so, she could be walking away with a tidy $280k in profit.

Mica Rabineau was her listing agent, and we're told Natalie got multiple offers within 3 days of putting it on the market. We're guessing the awesome backyard was an attractive selling point.

As for why she decided to sell, we're told "The Crossing" shoots in Canada, and Natalie wanted to live closer to work.

Blac Chyna I Got Architectural Digest Suckin' Up to Me!!!

4/11/2018 7:24 AM PDT

Blac Chyna has turned the world upside down ... hoity-toity Architectural Digest is featuring her meeting with a prominent architect to design her dream home.

Michael B. Lehrer, who got his pedigree from Harvard Graduate School of Design, is working with Chyna on an insane pad ... with a 10-car garage, helicopter pad, infinity pool, sex room and a bank vault. She said she got the money-room idea from Macaulay Culkin's "Richie Rich" flick. Seriously.

No mention of a nursery or kids' room for King Cairo and Dream (#priorities).

Unclear if this will just be a dream home or a reality. 

The Harvard-educated architect can't be cheap ... is probably what Rob Kardashian's thinking. He's forking over $20k a month in child support ... and it wasn't long ago he was renting from Kylie.

Only in America.

Kim & Kanye Old Bel-Air Home ... New Owner Embroiled in War!!!

4/10/2018 5:09 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's former Bel-Air home is the scene of a nasty war ... between the new owner and a woman who claims to be her tenant. 

Marina Acton -- who plunked down $17.8 million in November for Kim and Kanye's mansion -- is being accused in new legal docs of harassing Deeona Capital. Deeona says Acton has been downright vengeful, cutting off the water and power, bullying her and threatening her family.

According to the docs ... the harassing behavior's been going strong since late March, and the woman claims Acton and her cronies have also damaged her personal belongings and tampered with her mailbox and Internet connection.

Here's where it gets stranger ... sources close to Acton tell us the woman -- who filed the legal docs asking for a restraining order against Acton -- is her former assistant whom she fired and who has now turned into a squatter.

Our sources say Marina offered to rent the place out to the alleged tenant for $55k per month -- but hasn't received a penny -- so she's ordered Capital to get the hell out. She's even called the police but so far Capital, her spouse and sister won't budge.  

We broke the story ... Kim and Kanye sold the mansion to Acton, a rich Ukrainian philanthropist, for a huge profit.

Taylor Swift Transient Arrested at Bev Hills Mansion

4/10/2018 12:18 PM PDT
Breaking News

4/11/18 3:02 PM PT -- We've learned the trespasser -- Justin Lilly -- was sentenced to 3 days in jail, 3 years of summary probation and has been ordered to stay away from Taylor's Bev Hills pad.

Taylor Swift's gonna need a bigger wall at her historic Bev Hills mansion ... a man was busted for trespassing at the place.

The man, who cops described as a transient, was trying to scale a wall Sunday afternoon at Taylor's compound ... according to the L.A. County D.A.'s Office. We're told he was yelling Taylor's name, but Swift was not home at the time. Her security guards gave the man several warnings to get down off the wall ... before calling police. 

Bev Hills cops busted him, and the D.A. has now charged him with one misdemeanor count of trespassing and also for refusing to leave private property. If convicted he faces up to 6 months in county jail.

As we reported, Taylor bought the mansion -- formerly owned by MGM mogul Samuel L. Goldwyn -- in 2015 for $25 million. In 2017, it was designated an historic landmark, and Taylor installed walls around the grounds that were up to 7 feet high. 

Rough week for Taylor -- TMZ broke the story, an alleged bank robber was busted in Connecticut and told police he'd done it all to impress the singer.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Got 99 Problems A Fortress Ain't One!!!

4/8/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Beyonce and Jay-Z have their sights set on an impenetrable security compound ... and a comfortable one at that.

Bey and Jay wanna build a new 10-car carport and 2-car garage, complete with living quarters and security guard rooms at their baller Bel-Air property ... this according to building permits the Carters submitted, and obtained by TMZ.

The additions will each include a half bath and the garage will be a 2-story structure. They'll be strategically placed, too -- the carport will face the back road and the garage will face the road closest to the front of the house.

Beefing up security's smart -- the Carter family's hitting the road this summer to go on tour, and with all the prowlers and break-ins happening in L.A., they're making a preemptive strike to keep the crib secure.

Bill Lawrence & Christa Miller Our New Condo Ain't for Scrubs

4/8/2018 12:40 AM PDT

"Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence and his wife, Christa Miller -- one of the stars of the series -- are living the good life in NYC ... in a home fit for a Hollywood power couple.

Lawrence -- who also co-created "Cougar Town" and "Spin City" -- and Miller -- who also starred on "Cougar Town" and "The Drew Carey Show" -- dropped a cool $7.55 million on the 3-bed, 3.5-bath condo on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.

The pristine pad features high ceilings and gallery walls, marble countertops and radiant-heated stone floors in the master bathroom ... as you can see in the pics by Travis Mark. Their condo's in a recently renovated 1912 building ... featuring a top-of-the-line fitness center, yoga studio and screening room.

The couple probably had no problem with the hefty price tag on their new NYC home, though ... because they just sold their Malibu home in November for $21 mil -- after paying $4.5 mil for it in 2003.

Scott Disick Shells Out $3.25 Million ... For Hidden Hills Pad

4/4/2018 12:10 PM PDT

Scott Disick just scooped up a brand spankin' new crib in Hidden Hills, complete with a massive pool and waterfalls.

Disick plunked down $3.25 million on the nearly 5,000 square foot space ... it features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The pad was built in 1973, so it's possible he'll feature it on his upcoming house-flipping show.

Scott started renting out his other Hidden Hills home last year for $60k/month.

The new purchase features plenty of privacy for Scott -- who was repped by agents Kozet Luciano & Andre Manoukian of JohnHart Real Estate in the sale -- with over an acre of land.

Fun fact ... Scott's new place is only a couple houses down from the same one KimKris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie called home during the first few seasons of "KUWTK."

Minnie Driver How Do You Like Them Apples? My Border War's Over!!!

4/4/2018 9:01 AM PDT

Minnie Driver's years-long war with her neighbor has finally come to an end ... TMZ has learned. 

According to legal docs ... Minnie and her neighbor, Daniel Perelmutter, reached a settlement in their heated dispute over their property line. The exact terms of their peace agreement are not included in the docs -- but sources connected to both parties tell us money did change hands. The case was scheduled to go to trial soon. 

We've chronicled their battles since 2015. Highlights include Minnie claiming Daniel blew cigar smoke in her children's faces and told her to "f*** off and die" -- and Daniel suing Minnie for chucking baby food jars filled with paint at his house. She also got a restraining order against him.

Cops had to get involved in 2016 to break up a shouting match between them.

Daniel once told us he'd like to see a movie about their war, but after all this time ... we're guessing he'd settle for a picket fence.

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