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Axl Rose Flips the Switch ... I'm in AC/DC Mode Now!

4/25/2016 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl Rose is on to the next one ... his Guns N' Roses days are done -- for now -- and he's already got AC/DC on the brain.

We just got Axl cruising through LAX on one of those scooter thingys. Broken foot and all, he's jetting off to Europe to join his OTHER band. Of course, Axl is standing in for Brian Johnson during AC/DC's upcoming tour dates ... and he revealed which song he's most looking forward to belting out.

He'll be with AC/DC now through mid-June and then back to GNR to kick off their U.S. tour later that month.

As for the Guns shows at Coachella -- Axl says fans brought their A-game ... on one night, anyway.

Check it out ... he also had a few words about Prince.


Ariel Winter Coachella Rage ... Underboob

4/25/2016 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0425-ariel-winter-coachella-day-three-AKMGSI-01Ariel Winter ditched flower crowns and chokers and started a whole new Coachella trend on the final day of the festival.

The "Modern Family" star's top kept getting smaller throughout the weekend. To her defense, it gets hot in the desert and it doesn't hurt to always be pool ready.

Too bad the fest's only 3 days long.


Ariel Winter Hangin' Out At Coachella

4/24/2016 8:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0424-ariel-winter-coachella-laurent-claude-boyfriend-18-AKMGSI-01Ariel Winter got right into the Coachella spirit ... combining some lace and ripped shorts for a barely-there outfit. 

Winter was spotted strolling through the Californian festival grounds Friday with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette.

We can't speak for Gaudette ... but we're guessing he'd give his gf two big thumbs up.


Disney's Kelli Berglund Busted at Coachella Too Young to Party Here

4/20/2016 8:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kelli Berglund -- former star of Disney XD's "Lab Rats" -- got arrested at Coachella before the party even started.

Indio PD tells us 20-year-old Berglund was caught last Thursday night with a fake ID. Sources close to the actress tell us she was trying to get into a restricted area to meet up with friends when security spotted the fake and alerted the cops.

Tons of celebs and partygoers -- including Berglund -- showed up early to the Palm Springs area music festival, which didn't kick off until Friday.

We're told Kelli was issued a citation and released back into the wild to party her face off ... which she did. The little arrest thingy didn't stop her from hitting the Paper Magazine party the next night.


NFL's Josh Gordon Partying with Manziel at Coachella

4/18/2016 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418-johnny-manziel-coachella-GETTY-01Josh Gordon was part of Johnny Manziel's party crew at Coachella this weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Several people told us they saw Gordon -- we were able to confirm by the tattoos on his arm.

0418-johnny-manziel-josh-gordon-coachella-MAIN-GETTY-02With several teams reportedly still interested in signing Gordon for next season, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver hit up the California music festival with Manziel ... despite the fact Gordon has been in major hot water for not being able to stay sober. 

Still, Gordon decided to road trip with Manziel -- where the two spent the weekend partying in the desert with a bunch of Johnny's friends ... including OVO Ryan

The two were spotted at one of the bars at the festival -- where it looks like Manziel was ordering vodka and Red Bulls. 


Johnny Manziel Partying with Drake ...'s Dad

4/18/2016 7:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0418-johnny-manziel-dennis-graham-coachella-INSTAGRAM-01Johnny Manziel went from 0 to 100 real quick at Coachella ... partying with Drake's dad!!

Check out these pics of Dennis Graham -- who was CRUSHING IT at Coachella this weekend ... not only hangin' with Manziel ... but also partying with Philadelphia 76ers prodigies Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid.

0418-dennis-graham-coachella-INSTAGRAM-01No word on what he talked to Manziel and Noel about ... but with all of their off-the-field/court drama, maybe some good ol' fashioned fatherly advice? 

It's possible ... but wait a sec, 'cause now he's with APOLLONIA!!!! 

Drake's dad is a frickin' baller. 


Stars In The Desert See The Coachella Candids

4/18/2016 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Coachella weekend one may have come to an end, but thanks to social media ... the memories will live on forever.

Check out the festival photos to see the stars who soaked up the sun and took in the tunes in the desert.


Guns N' Roses Coachella Goes Wild

4/17/2016 6:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was all about Guns N' Roses Saturday at Coachella ... clearly the highlight of the festival.

Axl and the boys slayed with "Sweet Child O' Mine," and went on for an astounding 3 hours ... well, a skosh shy of 3 hours.    

Axl was confined to his throne -- courtesy of fellow broken-legger Dave Grohl -- but midway through their set he brought on Angus Young, telling the crowd someone needed to jump around the stage.

BTW ... AC/DC announced Axl will be their lead singer for their world tour, because Brian Johnson was in such bad shape hearing-wise he was afraid he'd go deaf on the road.


Kesha Kills at Coachella

4/17/2016 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kesha ended her self-imposed exile Saturday night, joining Zedd on stage at Coachella.

She hasn't performed since her feud with Sony and Dr. Luke erupted, but it was just like riding a bike, because she sounds awesome. 

Unclear if there's any symbolism in her song choice ... "True Colors."


Coachella Axl and Cube Front and Center But No NWA

4/17/2016 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

041716-coachella-gallery-launch-getty-02Coachella was the place for music Saturday, with an awesome lineup.

Axl, O'Shea Jackson, Ice Cube, Zedd, Kesha, Snoop, Skrillex and lots of others performers hit the stage .. and no one failed to please.  

BTW ... NWA was not fully there ... DJ Yella and MC Ren joined Cube for "Straight Outta Compton," and "F the Police," but Dre was a no show. 

Coachella Day 2 More Turnt Up

4/17/2016 7:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Coachella was a little less yuppy Day 2, at least based on the videos shot by members of TMZ.

A bunch of our staff is at the festival, and the stuff they shot on Day 1 looked a little too Santa Monica.

But the festival is now in the groove ... lots of booze, trippy guitar solos and the obligatory disco ball.

Come back safe. 

Kim Kardashian I'll Help You Get High at Coachella

4/17/2016 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0415-kim-kardashian-getty-tmz-01Kim Kardashian just made it easier for stoners to get high at Coachella.

Kim dropped a list of essential festival items on her website that included the cigarette style design pipe that allows stoners to smoke on the down-low for just $6.36. 

The folks at -- the site linked to the Digger One Hitter -- tell us they received more than 500 orders in 1 day ... more than 16 times what they normally get.

Another Kim essential ... the GenTeal eye drops. 

Chanel West Coast Job 1 at Coachella Is NO Going #2!

4/17/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chanel West Coast is happy to TALK about dropping a deuce at Coachella ... as long as it's only talk because she has some very strict rules about the music fest and porta-potties.

We got the "Ridiculousness" star right after she did some pre 'chella prep at a tanning salon, and she spoke openly -- maybe too much -- about her phobia.

Check out CWC's revelation ... and a little explanation for her now infamous "Don't You Know Who I Am" incident last year at Coachella.

Our advice for Chanel: Eat nothing. Drink very little.

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