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Beyonce Coachella Cancellation Ticket Resale Prices Go Up!!!

2/25/2017 12:50 AM PST

0223-beyonce-coachella-INSTAGRAM-02Beyonce's Coachella cancellation didn't cause resale prices to plummet ... in fact, it's been quite the opposite -- tickets actually went up in price.

When Bey pulled the plug Thursday, the cheapest resale GA pass was going for $540 on StubHub. Twenty-four hours after the cancellation, tickets were going for $550 a pop.


Coachella insiders tell us it just reinforces the fact ... fans of the festival are going for the experience and not one particular headliner.

As TMZ reported, the festival was almost completely sold out before Beyonce's appearance was announced. There clearly wasn't an avalanche of resales on the market ... otherwise the prices would have dropped.

Beyonce Bails On Coachella Doctor's Orders

2/23/2017 12:22 PM PST
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0223-beyonce-coachella-INSTAGRAM-01Beyonce has just canceled her gig at Coachella ... because her pregnancy makes it just too dicey.

Bey cited "doctor's orders" as the reason for bailing on the festival, which is interesting. She performed at the Grammys less than 2 weeks ago, but was seated for most of it. Obviously, doctors don't think it would be wise to even attempt that kind of low-impact performance at Coachella 2 months from now.

As for the festival, sources tell us they are now looking for a replacement, and Beyonce says she'll be back to headline in 2018. Makes ya think ... she's probably planning to release new music between now and then. 

Silver lining?


Beyonce Tells Team She's Definitely Doing Coachella ... With a BIG Asterisk

2/13/2017 9:34 AM PST

0213-beyonce-pregnant-grammys-GETTY-02Beyonce broke it down for her team at the Grammys -- vowing pregnancy will NOT stop her from playing Coachella, but she's giving herself an out ... just in case.

Sources at the Grammys tell us Bey was backstage before her performance, meeting with her production crew when someone asked about the 2 festival dates in April. We're told she said as long as she's healthy she will be performing.

The word "healthy" is key. Since she's having twins, Beyonce could be concerned doctors might order bed rest. We're told Bey reassured her team -- many of whom signed one year contracts -- they would all be compensated, even if she couldn't perform. We're guessing that's a reference to an insurance policy.

This was the first time some people on the team had seen her pregnant, and that's why they raised the Coachella topic.

As for the big mystery -- we're told Bey never mentioned exactly how many months pregnant she is.


Coachella Full Steam Ahead with Beyonce

2/7/2017 12:40 AM PST

0206-beyonce-cochella-getty-tmz-03Coachella music festival producers have had no contact with Beyonce since her pregnancy announcement, but they are NOT making alternate plans ... because pregnancy is a tricky issue.

Sources connected with the festival tell TMZ, producers have not reached out to Bey and she has not said a word to them since telling the world last week she's having twins.

One source intimately involved in organizing the festival tells us it's a slippery slope for them to start inquiring whether a pregnant woman can perform. They are aware her first pregnancy was high-risk and even required bed rest, but we're told they have no alternative plans ... it's full steam ahead.

We're told producers have not reached out to other singers in case Beyonce won't show. They believe they will know soon, and it's better for her to make the first move than for them to jump the gun.

It's unclear how far along Beyonce is in her pregnancy, but we may get a good idea at Sunday's Grammys, where she's expected to perform.


Beyonce All Signs Point to Coachella Going On as Planned

2/4/2017 1:00 AM PST

0202-beyonce-coachella-GETTY-01Beyonce's forging full steam ahead with plans to play Coachella, even with her 2 buns in the oven ... TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in pulling off Coachella tell us Bey has no intention of canceling, and has already booked 2 other big artists to join her onstage. She's made housing arrangements out in the desert for her guest stars, and we're told both knew well in advance that Beyonce's preggo.

One of the performers is from the Roc Nation roster. The other is from a different label, but still close to Bey. Our sources say the guests have blocked off their schedules for the gig and there's no going back now.

It's still unclear how she'll handle the performance, since she'll likely be in her third trimester by April. Beyhive might not love it, but there's always the seated option.


Flo Rida Coachella or No Coachella Beyonce Still Should Get Paid

2/3/2017 6:45 AM PST

Beyonce deserves a million bucks whether or not she takes the stage at this year's Coachella, at least according to Flo Rida

Flo Rida was leaving Madeo in West Hollywood when he explained Bey's put in the work to have her already well-lined pockets filled a bit more -- be it from promoters or her insurance company.

As we reported ... Beyonce's banking north of $1 million for her 2 day headlining gig, but if she bails due to carrying twins ... her insurance policy could still pay out 7 digits.

She should put Flo on the payroll as lead publicist.


Beyonce She Could Get Big Coachella Money Even if She's MIA

2/3/2017 1:00 AM PST

0202-beyonce-instagram-06Beyonce could easily make a million dollars by laying in her bed during Coachella ... TMZ has learned.

Bey has not told the folks who produce the festival whether she'll be able to headline during the April event. It's unclear how far along she is in her pregnancy, but it seems 4 to 5 months would not be an unreasonable guess, which would mean she could be at least 6 months pregnant when she's scheduled to perform.

Sources connected with the festival, along with several huge 2016 performers, tell us Beyonce was set to make north of $1 mil for her two-night performance.

If Beyonce's pregnancy makes performing in April too risky, she could still collect her fee under a very common insurance policy written for entertainers.

According to one such policy, obtained by TMZ, the insurance company will pay the fee of a sidelined singer for "incapacity" ... which our lawyers say typically includes complications from a high-risk pregnancy.

Bey would need a rock solid doctor's note though. Y'know how insurance companies LOVE writing big checks.


Beyonce Coachella Performance 'Up in the Air'

2/2/2017 1:00 AM PST

0201-beyonce-coachella-instagram-05Beyonce is not saying whether she'll perform at Coachella, and we've now learned she did NOT tell festival organizers she was pregnant when they announced she was headlining.

Goldenvoice -- a subsidiary of AEG Live which produces the event -- did not learn Beyonce was expecting twins until they saw it Wednesday on TMZ ... seriously.

Goldenvoice is playing it close to the vest, but our sources made it clear they're not thrilled they went out on a limb with the announcement, given this is a high-risk pregnancy. Bey is 35 and her first pregnancy with a single child was difficult, requiring bed rest.

Our sources say Goldenvoice still has no idea how far along she is, which obviously becomes a factor for the April event.  In fact one source says Goldenvoice tried in vain Thursday to reach Bey or her reps.

A source connected with Beyonce told us the singer still plans to perform, assuming her pregnancy goes well.

That said, we're told Goldenvoice is not worried and doesn't feel pressure to find another headliner. We're told the festival was almost sold out before the January 3 lineup was announced.

As one source put it, Coachella is fluid in that Goldenvoice "constantly talks to bands," so a replacement won't be difficult if necessary.


Axl Rose Flips the Switch ... I'm in AC/DC Mode Now!

4/25/2016 3:21 PM PDT

Axl Rose is on to the next one ... his Guns N' Roses days are done -- for now -- and he's already got AC/DC on the brain.

We just got Axl cruising through LAX on one of those scooter thingys. Broken foot and all, he's jetting off to Europe to join his OTHER band. Of course, Axl is standing in for Brian Johnson during AC/DC's upcoming tour dates ... and he revealed which song he's most looking forward to belting out.

He'll be with AC/DC now through mid-June and then back to GNR to kick off their U.S. tour later that month.

As for the Guns shows at Coachella -- Axl says fans brought their A-game ... on one night, anyway.

Check it out ... he also had a few words about Prince.


Ariel Winter Coachella Rage ... Underboob

4/25/2016 7:20 AM PDT

0425-ariel-winter-coachella-day-three-AKMGSI-01Ariel Winter ditched flower crowns and chokers and started a whole new Coachella trend on the final day of the festival.

The "Modern Family" star's top kept getting smaller throughout the weekend. To her defense, it gets hot in the desert and it doesn't hurt to always be pool ready.

Too bad the fest's only 3 days long.


Ariel Winter Hangin' Out At Coachella

4/24/2016 8:27 AM PDT

0424-ariel-winter-coachella-laurent-claude-boyfriend-18-AKMGSI-01Ariel Winter got right into the Coachella spirit ... combining some lace and ripped shorts for a barely-there outfit. 

Winter was spotted strolling through the Californian festival grounds Friday with boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette.

We can't speak for Gaudette ... but we're guessing he'd give his gf two big thumbs up.


Disney's Kelli Berglund Busted at Coachella Too Young to Party Here

4/20/2016 8:47 AM PDT


Kelli Berglund -- former star of Disney XD's "Lab Rats" -- got arrested at Coachella before the party even started.

Indio PD tells us 20-year-old Berglund was caught last Thursday night with a fake ID. Sources close to the actress tell us she was trying to get into a restricted area to meet up with friends when security spotted the fake and alerted the cops.

Tons of celebs and partygoers -- including Berglund -- showed up early to the Palm Springs area music festival, which didn't kick off until Friday.

We're told Kelli was issued a citation and released back into the wild to party her face off ... which she did. The little arrest thingy didn't stop her from hitting the Paper Magazine party the next night.


NFL's Josh Gordon Partying with Manziel at Coachella

4/18/2016 10:40 AM PDT

0418-johnny-manziel-coachella-GETTY-01Josh Gordon was part of Johnny Manziel's party crew at Coachella this weekend ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Several people told us they saw Gordon -- we were able to confirm by the tattoos on his arm.

0418-johnny-manziel-josh-gordon-coachella-MAIN-GETTY-02With several teams reportedly still interested in signing Gordon for next season, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver hit up the California music festival with Manziel ... despite the fact Gordon has been in major hot water for not being able to stay sober. 

Still, Gordon decided to road trip with Manziel -- where the two spent the weekend partying in the desert with a bunch of Johnny's friends ... including OVO Ryan

The two were spotted at one of the bars at the festival -- where it looks like Manziel was ordering vodka and Red Bulls. 


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