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Black Panther & Robin Join Forces For ... Super Power Lunch

8/14/2018 10:50 AM PDT

Chadwick Boseman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt crossed comic book lines for a little POW wow while chowing down ... superhero costumes, sadly, not included.

The Black Panther and Robin grabbed a bite to eat Monday afternoon in L.A. and, judging by the huge grins on their mugs ... it hit the spot. We're guessing they didn't compare Marvel and DC box office numbers. Let's be honest, Joseph wouldn't be smiling if that was the case.

Maybe King T'Challa's just in the market for a new sidekick? In yo' face, Dark Knight!

Debra Tate Margot Brings Sharon Back to Life In 'Once Upon a Time' Role

8/14/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Sharon Tate is about to be resurrected in spectacular fashion in Quentin Tarantino's new movie, thanks to Margot Robbie ... so says Sharon's sister, who watched the action on the closed set. 

Debra Tate says QT's flick "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" -- which centers around the murders of her sibling and her friends at the hands of the Manson Family -- is magnificent because Margot is capturing all the nuances from the slain actress. 

It's a hell of an Oscar pitch. Debra says Margot's taking the role incredibly seriously ... and it shows from what she's seen firsthand on set. And, of course, the resemblance is uncanny.

There's also this ... Debra says all the A-listers attached -- including Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, just to name a few -- are actually super friendly in real life. How 'bout that?!

Debra had previously bashed Tarantino and his cast for not reaching out to her for her blessing, but that's all changed. She came out fully supporting the movie late last month ... and it sounds like the film has come to exceed her expectations since then. 

Tyrese to Ex I Can't Afford My Lifestyle I Damn Sure Can't Pay Your Lawyer

8/13/2018 2:12 PM PDT
Breaking News

Tyrese is dipping DEEP into his piggy bank, so deep there's nary a cent left to cover his estranged wife's attorney fees ... according to his financial records.

Tyrese just filed docs responding to Norma Gibson's request for him to pay for her divorce attorney, and they reveal some serious monthly expenses. According to the docs, Tyrese says he's dropping about nearly $114k each month for his mortgage, child care, groceries, utilities and $10k in child support payments to Norma.

Here's where that number becomes a problem -- Tyrese says in the docs he's only bringing in $51k on average each month. Doesn't take a math genius to see he's in the red. In fact, he says his savings have dwindled from $800k in cash last November to just $130k now.

He's also blaming Norma for his lack of income these days -- saying the negative coverage he got last year when she accused him of domestic violence ... has made it hard for him to book movie work.

Sylvester Stallone The Summer of Sly Next Stop, Cabo!!!

8/13/2018 7:01 AM PDT

Sylvester Stallone and his beautiful family were soaking up the sun in Baja California ... hitting another vacation hot spot during the Summer of Sly.

Sly and his daughter, Sistine, kicked off their Mexican beach vacay with a dip in the hot tub and some sunbathing in Cabo San Lucas. That's 20-year-old Sistine in the white bikini. As they say south of the border -- que linda! 

The Stallones have been stamping their passports this summer ... looking hot on a yacht in the French Riviera. 

Gracias for the hot pics, Stallone clan. 

Actor Tab Hunter Died From Heart Failure ... Also Had Prostate Cancer

8/13/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Tab Hunter -- the 1950s heartthrob actor -- died after his heart gave out but, according to his death certificate, he was also battling a debilitating disease ... prostate cancer.

According to the doc -- obtained by TMZ -- Tab died from cardiogenic shock ... which is when the blood suddenly can't pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. Another contributing factor to his death was a massive pulmonary embolism. The doc also says he had prostate cancer.

As we reported ... the actor known for his surfer-boy looks and roles in "Damn Yankees" and "The Burning Hills" died last month -- 3 days shy of his birthday -- at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

Tab always felt he would have been blackballed from Hollywood if people had discovered he was gay, so he later revealed in his memoirs that he had studio setup relationships with women.

Tab was 86. 

Lindsay Lohan Sorry for 'Weak' #MeToo Comment Didn't Mean It Like That

8/12/2018 12:41 PM PDT

Lindsay Lohan is backtracking on some eyebrow-raising comments she made about #MeToo -- calling women who speak out as looking "weak" -- and is setting the record straight.

LiLo issued a statement Sunday apologizing for her remarks and any harm inflicted. She says ... "The quote solely related to my hope that a handful of false testimonies out of a tsunami of heroic voices do not serve to dilute the importance of the #MeToo movement, and all of us who champion it."

She continues ... "However, I have since learned how statements like mine are seen as hurtful, which was never my intent. I’m sorry for any pain I may have caused."

The original comment came out recently in a Times interview, in which she criticized some women for coming out with their stories of sexual abuse way after the fact -- rather than address it in the moment -- and added speaking out now made strong women "look weak."

She's clearing that up now though, insisting she has "the utmost respect and admiration for the women brave enough to come forward and speak out about their experiences."

Kanye West Rapper. Designer. Porn Director?!?

8/11/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Kanye West just got an offer he might not refuse ... directing a porn movie after giving his fav a shout-out on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Greg Lansky -- widely considered the Steven Spielberg of porn -- runs a high-end porn production company, including, which also happens to be Kanye's XXX of choice. The rapper said as much to a late night national TV audience

Didn't take long for Greg to craft an offer and fire it off to Ye ... first thanking him for mentioning Blacked. As for the offer -- let Kanye direct a porn movie. According to the letter -- obtained by TMZ -- Kanye will have full artistic control.

And, how's this for an enticing offer? Greg also has 2 porn stars in mind for Kanye's film.

If the deal doesn't do the trick for Kanye -- Pornhub's got his back (and his front) too -- telling us they'd like to extend a free lifetime membership to the site's HD, on-demand streaming service, Pornhub Premium.

Ball's in your court, Kanye. #PunIntended

Howard Hughes Palm Springs Playhouse ... Rich With Celeb History

8/11/2018 12:10 AM PDT

Palm Springs has been a celebrity playground for decades ... and it's also where the former home of Howard Hughes, one of the world's weirdest and wealthiest people, just changed hands.

Hughes' sleek mid-century home has sold for $1.3 million ... not bad for an area that regularly fetches 7 figures.  

The 3 bedroom, 3 bath gem was built in 1957 and had been a vacation rental before hitting the market for the first time in decades. 

Whoever bought it now has a home with a rich celeb history ... it was previously owned by actress Eva Gabor and comedy writer Paul Keyes. Legendary film producer (and cocaine trafficker) Robert Evans chose it for his honeymoon. The home was once a fave vacation spot for Smokey Robinson.

Check out the vintage bathrooms, master bedroom complete with fireplace and the sprawling back deck that looks like it belongs on a cruise ship!

The listing agent for the sale of the house was Leonardo Montenegro and Josh Morrow represented the buyer. 

'Ace Ventura' Sean Young Video Allegedly Shows Her Loading Up SUV ... With Stolen Production Gear

8/10/2018 3:16 PM PDT

It appears 'Ace Ventura' actress Sean Young was brazen in her alleged burglary ... loading up an SUV with gear in broad daylight.

Young was allegedly caught on surveillance video outside an NYC production set Thursday with an unidentified male. You can see in the video -- obtained by TMZ -- it appears Young certainly doesn't seem to be in any rush ... taking her time while loading up.

TMZ broke the story ... Young was wanted by the NYPD for questioning after she allegedly took 2 Apple laptops and video production software, worth about $12,000, from a set where she was allegedly fired from months ago.

We've reached out to both Young and her rep for comment ... so far, no word back.

Angelina Jolie Money Suddenly Tight ... In Brad Pitt Divorce

8/10/2018 7:20 AM PDT

Angelina Jolie is sounding the alarm ... all is not well in the money department.

TMZ broke the story, Brad Pitt loaned his estranged wife $8 million to buy a house ... a little weird for an actress who has raked in millions for years.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us, Brad's income and net worth far, far exceed Angelina's ... it's not even close.

Fact is ... Angelina has not made money an issue in her divorce until several weeks ago, when she asked a judge for a formal child support agreement. As we reported, Brad has paid Angelina $1.3 million in support over the last 2 years and she didn't complain until late last month.

Our sources say Brad and Angelina don't have a prenup, which means anything they earned while they were married is a 50/50 split. That benefits Angelina, but the problem is ... they married in 2014.

Brad made more than her throughout their relationship, which began in 2004. The only way Angelina could get a cut of Brad's income from 2004 - 2014 is if she could prove they had an agreement that he would support her.

We're told she's talking about filing such a claim. But sources connected to Brad say that's laughable, because they were both extremely rich and such a promise wasn't necessary and never made.

What's super interesting ... Angelina and Brad delayed tying the knot until gay marriage became legal in California. Brad made that statement in 2006, and it took 8 more years for them to finally walk down the aisle. Had they married in 2006 she'd be entitled to millions more in community property.

Ronda Rousey SLAYYYYY At 'Mile 22' Premiere

8/10/2018 7:00 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ronda Rousey took some time away from murdering WWE wrestlers to light up the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie "Mile 22" on Thursday ... and she was straight fire.

The UFC Hall of Famer had been working on the action flick with Mark Wahlberg since last year -- and was stoked about the premiere in Westwood ... where she rocked a black strapless jumpsuit with some cheetah pattern stilettos. 

Ronda has previously told us she thinks the flick has real Oscar potential -- and hopes it can help her fulfill her Hollywood dream of starring in "Kill Bill 3" ... if Quentin Tarantino decides to make it! 


'Ace Ventura' Star Finkle Is Einhorn ... Einhorn Is Wanted By Cops!!

8/10/2018 12:45 AM PDT

8/14 -- Young tells TMZ that she had set up a time to pick up her personal belongings from an apartment where she was staying, and had let herself into the apartment at the agreed-upon time. She states, "I gathered what I believed to be my property but later discovered I was mistaken."

She claims she has since tried to return the 2 laptops, but has been unable to do so. She adds, "I have not been contacted by the police or any lawyers regarding this matter."Sean Young -- who famously played Lt. Lois Einhorn/Ray Finkle in 'Ace Ventura' -- is wanted for questioning by the NYPD after she was allegedly caught on surveillance video stealing laptops and video production software.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they were called to a commercial location in Astoria, Queens Thursday for a burglary. We're told employees at the location turned surveillance footage over to cops that allegedly showed Young and a male breaking in and stealing the gear.

Cops say two Apple laptops and video production software, worth about $12,000, were taken. We're told Young allegedly worked at the location at one point, but was fired months ago.

You was a huge star back in the '80s -- starring in movies like "Stripes," "Blade Runner" and "Dune" ... and broke out in the '90s playing Jim Carrey's "Captain Winkie-havin'" nemesis in "Ace Ventura."

We reached out to Young and her camp ... but so far, no word back.

Kesha Says 'I Do' Officiate Weddings ... And I'll Do Yours Too!!!

8/10/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Kesha's making a name for herself in a new field -- the wedding officiant biz -- and she just booked another couple of happy clients.

The singer was at the premiere of her new documentary, "Rainbow: The Film," at Metrograph theater in NYC Thursday night when a couple approached her and asked if she'd marry them ... and she said she'd love to!

This isn't just all talk from Kesha either -- not only did she hook the ladies up with her scheduling peeps ... but she's got a happy history of officiating same-sex weddings. She's already done 3.

As for the wedding date ... it sounds like Kesha's got an important decision to make ... for the couple. 

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