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Bruce Dern Collapses in L.A. ... Hospitalized with Possible Hip Fracture

10/19/2018 5:10 PM PDT

6:54 PM PT -- A rep for Bruce tells TMZ, the actor did indeed fracture his hip while he was on a run -- Bruce is an avid runner. We're told he's in good spirits and could be released from the hospital as early as Friday night.

Bruce Dern collapsed Friday in Los Angeles, and he's been hospitalized for a possible fracture ... TMZ has learned.

The 82-year-old Hollywood veteran was in Runyon Canyon around 3:45 PM when it happened. 

L.A. Fire Dept. responded to the scene. We've learned he was transported to a hospital to be checked out for a possible hip fracture. We've got a call in to his rep for an update on his condition.

Bruce, one of Hollywood's most beloved actors and Laura Dern's dad ... has been filming Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood."

He just joined the cast a few weeks ago -- taking over the role of George Spahn after Burt Reynolds died last month.

Story developing ... 

Pam Anderson Sacre Bleu!!! Injured on French 'DWTS'

10/18/2018 5:54 PM PDT

Pamela Anderson won't be doing that famous "Baywatch" run anytime soon -- she's on les crutches after she reportedly got banged up on France's version of "Dancing with the Stars." 

Pamela was hobbling out of her doctor's office Thursday in Paris, and her left leg was heavily wrapped in bandages ... especially around the ankle. Zut alors!  

We've seen TONS of injuries, almost weekly, on the stateside 'DWTS' ... so, good to know the Frenchies are no better than us.

Pretty sure there will be no lack of garςons willing to lend Pammy a hand while she heals.

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Hospitalized After Assault 911 Call

10/18/2018 9:41 AM PDT
Breaking News

Jenelle Evans house party ended abruptly with a visit from police and, apparently, a trip to the hospital for the "Teen Mom" star.

This all went down last weekend at Jenelle and David Eason's home in North Carolina. Cops reportedly got a 911 call for a woman being assaulted, and a request for an ambulance. However, when officers arrived ... Jenelle told them she didn't want to take any legal action, and no police report was filed. She also canceled the ambulance.

According to multiple reports, she was driven to the hospital -- either by a friend or her husband. A rep told People Jenelle had merely tripped and fallen by a bonfire they'd built for the party. 

The Ashley's Reality Roundup was first to report the incident. It's unclear what kind of injury Jenelle suffered. 

Rampage Jackson I Broke My Hand Beating Wanderlei Silva's Head

10/13/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Some good news, bad news for MMA legend Rampage Jackson ...

GOOD NEWS -- He beat up Wanderlei Silva at Bellator 206 last month. 

BAD NEWS -- He broke his left hand while punching the dude in the head! 

It was the 4th meeting between the two -- and Rampage was able to even the series with a 2nd round TKO. 

"I feel good," 40-year-old Rampage told TMZ Sports ... "I needed that."

Rampage revealed he was injured going into the fight -- "I hurt my right hand in my last sparring" -- but says he jacked up his other fist while inside the cage.

"I ended up fracturing my left hand on Silva's head."

Rampage showed us his hands -- you can see his left one is super swollen. He said he went to a hand specialist the very next day. 

"Sometimes we fight hurt, man," Jackson said ... "Sometimes you gotta kick through it."

Rapper Phora Meet & Greet Got Out of Control!!! I Took a Fan to the Hospital

10/9/2018 3:18 PM PDT

Phora's plans to meet his fans and hand out some swag went haywire when the massive Hollywood Boulevard crowd got out of hand ... and he ended up running a makeshift ambulance.

The SoCal rapper held a promo event at Shoe Palace in Hollywood Monday night to promote his new album, which included a giveaway of shoes and clothes to fans who turned out to give him love.

Problem is ... A LOT of Phora fans came, and the crowd of hundreds inside the store eventually spilled onto the street. Police were called in for crowd control, but things still got too crazy and a small stampede landed several people in the hospital.

Phora -- who signed with Warner Bros. Records last year -- is looking on the bright side. He says not only did he make people happy before the chaos erupted, but afterward he was able to get a fan to the hospital. 

More good news -- the injuries suffered by his fans were reportedly all minor.

As for the massive turnout, he says it's not a first for him. He's just getting more pub this time ... because location is everything.

ICP's Shaggy 2 Dope Tries to Dropkick Fred Durst ... Doesn't Quite Make It

10/7/2018 10:36 AM PDT

Insane Clown Posse's Shaggy 2 Dope attempted to do something truly crazy this weekend to fellow rocker Fred Durst ... a running dropkick -- which totally crashed and burned.

Fred was performing with his own band, Limp Bizkit, Saturday night at the 2018 Rock Allegiance Festival in Camden, New Jersey when Shaggy tried rushing him on stage with a WWE wrestling move that completely backfired. The dropkick ended up dropping Shaggy more effectively than it did Fred ... and security quickly dragged him away to the side stage.

Fred was hardly rocked by the kick, which came up just a bit short, and he calmly announced to the audience ... "What a p***y. Couldn't even pull it off." As the stage handlers attempted to contain Shaggy, it appears another person in ICP's camp got into it as well.

No word on what Shaggy's beef might've been with Fred -- the two have collaborated in the past, but it's anyone's guess what triggered this. We'll leave it to the Juggalos to decide.

Bengals Star Tyler Eifert Suffers Nasty Ankle Injury ... Carted Off the Field

9/30/2018 1:41 PM PDT

Those who are quick to get queasy should look away-- Bengals star Tyler Eifert's ankle went in a direction it definitely shouldn't have during a game against the Falcons ... and his season is likely over.

Cincinnati's starting tight end suffered a gruesome injury Sunday against Atlanta, where he was attempting to run the ball downfield ... but got pummeled by linebacker De'Vondre Campbell, who awkwardly fell on Tyler's right ankle, and snapped it sideways.

Tyler was eventually carted off the field, and he appeared to be in sheer agony as they drove him away. It's almost certainly a season-ending break, which sucks for the dude since he's had a series of injuries over the last few years that have kept him from playing.

He missed the entire 2014 season to an elbow injury, hurt his other ankle in 2015 and had both his 2016 and 2017 seasons delayed due to back issues. Tyler's 2017 season ended after just two games due to another injury as well. He's never played a full 16-game season.

2018 will be no different after this. Get well soon.

Dolphins Fan Suffers Gruesome Toe Injury In Freak Stadium Accident

9/30/2018 12:20 AM PDT

This is really, really, REALLY gross. 

A Miami Dolphins fan left Hard Rock Stadium last weekend without part of his toe -- when it was SMASHED TO BEJESUS in a freak accident during the game. 

Jean Michaud was hanging out at a bar area inside the stadium while the Fins were taking on the Oakland Raiders when a heavy piece of marble slab fell off the bar and smashed his foot. 

Michaud says he took off his shoe and noticed his big toe looked like a smashed grape ... and immediately called for help. 

Paramedics raced to the scene and began to treat Michaud on the spot. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery. The big toe was partially amputated. He was discharged the next day. 

It's unclear how the slab fell off the bar and onto Michaud's foot -- but he claims he wasn't leaning on it or messing with it in any way. He's since hired a lawyer and is weighing his legal options. 

We reached out to the stadium and the Dolphins for comment, but haven't heard back from either party. 

Lil Xan Here's How Hot Cheetos Sent Me Straight To the Hospital

9/26/2018 3:50 PM PDT

Lil Xan says he ain't about to quit Hot Cheetos cold turkey ... even if they did burn a hole in his stomach -- as he claims -- and he proved it right in front of us. 

We got Xan Wednesday at Irving Plaza in NYC, where he told us exactly what happened when he landed in the back of an ambulance a couple days ago. He eventually laid blame on eating too many Hot Cheetos ... calling it "one hell of a drug." 

A lot of people thought Xan was just trolling, but he assures he absolutely wasn't. It's kind of a wild story -- one filled with Chile Limon, stomach aches, vomiting ... and blood.

Despite the medical crisis, Xan's still down to clown around with his fave snack. Watch what happens when he busts out a bag. Let's just say he didn't shy away.

Fingers crossed he's fully recovered! 

Drake I'm Beating the Flu!!! Returning to Tour with Migos in NOLA

9/24/2018 1:20 PM PDT

Drake has taken care of his health -- and that nasty bout of flu -- and is now ready to be center stage again with Migos ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Drizzy tell us he will be front and center Monday night at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans -- the next stop on his Aubrey & The Three Migos tour. We're told he touched down in NOLA early Monday morning and is set to perform as scheduled -- this on the heels of being sidelined with flu for 2 shows in Miami.

We broke the story ... Drake postponed the concerts that were scheduled for Friday and Saturday. He later addressed the cancellations, citing a mysterious ailment that got him "so ill so fast" like never before in his life.

Our sources say Drake's symptoms included high fever, cold sweats and the shakes. We're told he had doctors and a nurse visiting his Miami hotel, where they administered IVs and other meds that appear to have done the trick ... 'cause now he's recovered enough to perform.

As for the aggressive approach to treatment ... we're told Drake chose to get extra medical care this weekend because there's a lot of money on the line with this tour.

Like we've told you ... the tour was already pushed back once before, and the quartet has had other issues on the road as well. For now, it's full steam ahead.

Andrew Wardle No Wood? No Problem! My Bionic Penis Works Just Fine!!!

9/12/2018 7:15 AM PDT

There are no limits to the lengths men will go to have sex … an English man born without a penis lost his virginity at 45 after doctors created a bionic one!!!

Andrew Wardle finally lost his v-card with gf Fedra Fabian after getting his new member … and he had to endure a 10-hour procedure and a 10-day erection before making his first trip to pound town … worth it though!

Doctors constructed the bionic member using skin from Andrew’s arm and nerves from his legs … and he says it’s even BIGGER than he expected.

Andrew was born without a phallus -- a one-in-20 MILLION birth abnormality -- and it wasn't until his 30s he discovered docs might be able to fashion him a schlong with a procedure dubbed a phalloplasty.

Andrew had the 10-hour procedure in June, then spent 10 days with a painful hard-on and was forced to wait another 6 weeks before getting down with his chick.

The cost of the procedure? About $65k. Hey, you can't put a price on love. 

NBA Youngboy Gives Fan the Ol' Heave-Ho

9/8/2018 12:49 PM PDT
Exclusive Video

NBA YoungBoy gave a fan who allegedly chucked something at him a taste of his own medicine ... by having his security chuck the guy off the stage!

The rapper was performing at the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis Friday night when we're told the young man tossed an object at him. So, NBA's security went into the crowd, grabbed the guy and forcefully yanked him on stage.

In the video, YoungBoy confronts the guy and asks him if he threw something at him. Then, at the crowd's urging, he has one of his bodyguards throw the guy back into the crowd like a rag doll.

We're told the fan was not injured.

Jockey Victor Espinoza Recovering After Near-Death Accident

9/5/2018 4:36 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Legendary jockey Victor Espinoza is out of his neck brace, and well on the road to recovery after nearly dying in a gruesome fall off a horse during training this summer ... TMZ Sports has learned.

We broke the story ... the Hall of Famer was severely injured after a horse he was riding went into cardiac arrest on the track on July 22 in Del Mar, California.

The horse's owner -- Brian Trump -- tells us Victor nearly lost his life in the fall when a bone chipped off his neck and just missed cutting an artery.

Espinoza had been in a big neck brace, recovering since the accident ... but he got it removed Wednesday -- and Trump tells us the jockey is "thrilled" with the progress.

We're told Victor will remain in San Diego to keep up with his physical therapy for the next 3 or 4 weeks ... but if the jockey gets clearance, he plans on riding again in the future.

If it's deemed too dangerous, we're told Espinoza will call it a career and could head to TV.

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