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Willie Nelson Walks Off Stage Due to Illness

5/27/2018 6:50 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Willie Nelson bailed on his show Saturday night in Charlotte, North Carolina ... apparently due to illness.

The 85-year-old country legend was set to perform at the Outlaw Music Festival and even readied his guitar with his red, white and blue strap ... but quickly unstrapped himself, hurled his hat into the crowd and walked off stage.

He seemed pissed, but Live Nation Carolina said Willie was under the weather and just couldn't put on a performance. Live Nation asked fans to hold on to their tickets for a new concert date. It's unclear if they've offered refunds.

Some of the concertgoers said he had walked off stage earlier in the evening but walked right back off. They say they waited an hour the second time around before someone said the concert was off.

A rep for Willie tells TMZ Willie had a stomach bug but he's now well enough that he'll perform Sunday night in Washington D.C. He also promises to do a make good for his North Carolina fans.

Offset Cardi Was Right ... I Crashed 'Cause of a Crackhead

5/23/2018 4:29 PM PDT

Offset is back on his feet and looking healthy after getting into a nasty crash last week -- one he says he got into due to a "crackhead" he almost hit on the road.

We got the Migos rapper Thursday in Bev Hills, where he thanked God his injuries from his nasty car crash last week weren't worse -- though they were kinda bad. He even says the big man upstairs was the good Samaritan who allegedly took him to the hospital. 

Yeah, we're not sure what he means either. One thing we are sure of ... Offset won't face more questions about the crash, not from cops, anyway. 

There's also this ... our guy asked if a since-deleted tweet from his fiancee, Cardi B, claiming he swerved to dodge a crackhead was true. Sounds like it is.

Georgia Surgeon Accused of Dancing During Operations

5/23/2018 3:11 PM PDT

A plastic surgeon in Georgia is now being put under a microscope after allegedly putting patients under the knife with music blaring ... and her body groovin'.

Dr. Windell Davis Boutte has reportedly been sued multiple times over the last few months  -- and in some cases, reportedly settled -- for alleged malpractice after being accused of dancing during her surgeries ... and posting the clips online. 

A lot of the videos were reportedly used as evidence in the malpractice suits -- and it sure looks like Dr. Boutte was getting her boogie on while cutting patients open. One malpractice case allegedly left one woman, Icilma Cornelius, with permanent brain damage.

According to reports of the lawsuit the woman's son filed against Boutte, the doc allegedly had to call an ambulance after Cornelius suffered heart failure during a tummy tuck surgery since she didn't have the proper equipment to deal with the emergency at her practice.

Before paramedics could rush her away, Boutte is accused of needing to stitch Cornelius' skin back together to avoid the infecting the wounds, delaying transport. Not only that, but the son claims her office's elevator couldn't fit the stretcher, and his mom had to be carried down.

Once at the hospital, her son says she was diagnosed with permanent brain damage, leaving her requiring lifelong care. The case was reportedly settled ... unclear if dancing was alleged.

UFC's Luke Rockhold Opens Gnarly, Bloody Leg Gash ... So Many Stitches!

5/22/2018 4:52 PM PDT
Breaking News

UFC star Luke Rockhold banged his shin -- and accidentally opened a gash on his leg that needed so many stitches, the guy lost count. 

We spoke with Rockhold, who says his shin was surgically repaired after his fight with Yoel Romero back in February ... but the wound reopened while he was training this past weekend. 

So, Luke went back to the doctor who needed to sew his shin shut -- and the whole thing was insanely graphic ... we're talking lots of blood and gore. 

There's bad news and good news ... 

The bad news ... Luke says he can't fight again until at least October, so the fight he was targeting with Alexander Gustafsson is off for now. 

The good news ... Luke says he'll heal up and still wants to take a fight in 2018, whether it's Gustafsson or someone else. 

Offset Gnarly Car Crash Injury Pics ... 'I Could Have Been Dead'

5/19/2018 12:58 PM PDT

Offset's injuries from his car accident last week show just how serious it was ... he even admits he's lucky to be alive.

The Migos rapper shared several grisly photos of his busted up face, hands and arms Saturday, and wrote ... "This is why I thank God Every day I could have been dead from this accident thank you all for you prayers all I can say is (G O D I S R E A L G E T W I T H H I M ) H E S A V E S L I V E S."

As we reported ... less than 24 hours after his crash, Offset was back in a recording studio flaunting his bandaged wounds and puffing on a joint.

TMZ broke the story ... the rapper was briefly hospitalized after the wreck. Cops responded, but he had already left the scene. Law enforcement sources tell us there's an investigation into why he left without reporting the accident.

NBA Legend Bill Russell Rushed to the Hospital

5/19/2018 10:17 AM PDT

11:00 AM PT -- A rep for Russell tells TMZ ... he was hospitalized for dehydration. He was kept overnight for observation, but they expect him to check out today.

11:15 AM PT -- Russell just responded himself, saying he was taken to the hospital last night for dehydration and joked his wife likes to remind him that he doesn't drink enough. He says he's on his way home.

Bill also playfully denied having any heart issues, saying ... "my friends know I don't have a heart to give me trouble."NBA Hall of Famer Bill Russell is in the hospital in Washington state dealing with some apparent heart issues ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... an ambulance was called to Russell's home in the Seattle area Friday night, and the 84-year-old Celtics legend was rushed to a nearby hospital.

We're told Bill was having heart trouble and shortness of breath ... and is still hospitalized. We've reached out to get an update on his condition.

The 11-time NBA champion center was also hospitalized in 2014 after collapsing at a speaking gig in Lake Tahoe, but recovered quickly.

Bill's considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and recently attended Game 1 of the Celtics playoff round vs. the 76ers. Obviously, the crowd went wild.

Get well, Bill!

Pro Wrestler DJZ I Almost Died From Brutal In-Ring Injury

5/18/2018 12:23 PM PDT

Impact wrestling star DJZ says he came thiiis close to dying from an injury he suffered during a 2017 wrestling match ... and it's a miracle he was able to recover and wrestle again.

DJZ -- real name Michael Paris -- unknowingly ruptured his colon during a match in Mexico City ... but didn't realize the severity of the injury until after the match.

"I sh*t pure blood," DJZ says ... noting he collapsed at his hotel and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

Once he was admitted, doctors told him he was in very bad shape and internally bleeding -- and needed emergency surgery.

Doctors told DJZ there was a 20% chance he could die or become severely disabled from the operation ... but he had no choice.

Fortunately, the wrestler was able to pull through -- and he's got the gnarly scar on his stomach to prove it.

Now, he's not only fully recovered ... but wrestling again -- and on Thursday, he and Andrew Everett won the Impact Tag Team title against Scott Steiner and Eli Drake.

Offset My Hand's Messed Up After Crash ... Still Blunt-Ready, Though!!

5/18/2018 7:52 AM PDT

Offset's no slacker -- less than 24 hours after wrecking his car, he was showing off his injuries and making it clear they wouldn't stop him from recording ... or puffing on a joint.

The Migos rapper's hand is wrapped in a bandage, and he has several smaller cuts and scrapes on his arm after crashing his Dodge Challenger early Thursday morning.

He flaunted the battle scars early Friday morning in a recording studio, where he was still able to smoke with that banged up hand. Priorities.

TMZ broke the story ... Offset was briefly hospitalized after the accident. Cops responded, but he had already left the scene. Law enforcement sources tell us there's an investigation into why he left without reporting the accident.

He was still rocking his hospital band in the studio. Can't knock the hustle.

Offset Hospitalized After Car Wreck

5/17/2018 9:59 AM PDT

Offset totally destroyed his muscle car, and got a little banged up himself in the process ... TMZ has learned.

The Migos rapper wrecked his green Dodge Challenger late Wednesday night in Atlanta, and had to be taken to a hospital afterward for minor injuries ... according to our sources connected to Offset.

We're told he's already been released and is expected to be okay. His car ... not so much.

Our sources say Cardi B rushed to be by her fiance's side after she heard about the accident.

According to law enforcement, no cops or emergency medical workers were called to the crash scene, and no accident report was taken. Offset's wrecked car was towed away afterward.

It's unclear at this point if anyone else was involved -- but that seems unlikely since no one called police.

Helen Mirren Takes a Spill ... But She's OK

5/12/2018 11:56 AM PDT

Helen Mirren went tumbling down after leaving an interview at the Cannes Film Festival ... but fortunately the dame is a-okay.

The 72-year-old actress went down Saturday morning after being interviewed on Martinez Beach during the 71st annual film fest ... but was quickly helped to her feet and handed her shoe, and appeared to be relatively unharmed.

She told reporters afterward she sprained her wrist but is doing fine, and the good news is ... she still looked as elegant and fancy as ever in her royal purple coat.

The isn't the first fall for Helen at Cannes -- she tripped going up the stairs at a movie premiere in 2016 -- but hopefully it's her last.

Be careful, Dame Helen!

Yadier Molina Avoid Sex for 6 Weeks ... Say 'Botched' Docs

5/8/2018 6:40 AM PDT

After undergoing surgery to save his testicles, St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina should avoid stimulation to that area for at least 6 weeks ... so says the doctors from "Botched."

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif were both shocked to learn about the injury Molina suffered when he took a 102 mph fastball to the groin during a game on Saturday.

The team officially described the injury as a "pelvic injury with traumatic hematoma" -- but his brother noted that doctors were able to save both of his testicles during a 45-minute emergency surgery. 

So, when we saw the "Botched" docs in NYC ... we asked if they had any advice for Molina's recovery.

"The 'in general' for an injury is R.I.C.E. -- rest, ice, compression, elevation," Dubrow said.

"In this situation, I would recommend ice, not so much compression and stay away from any elevation down there ... if you know what I mean."

Don't worry, the guys say Molina should be cleared for boning in about 6 weeks.

Ken Jeong Helps Woman Who Suffered Seizure ... During His Stand-Up Set

5/6/2018 10:29 AM PDT

Ken Jeong often plays a doctor on TV, but his real-life medical training helped out tremendously when a woman suffered a seizure during his live show ... TMZ has learned.

Ken was doing a comedy set at Stand Up Live Saturday night in Phoenix, where a lady began seizing in the third row toward the beginning of the show. Eyewitnesses tell us Ken appeared to think it was a heckler, but the audience quickly made it clear she needed help.

As soon as he realized what was happening, we're told Ken hopped off the stage and rushed to the woman's aid. Sources say he cleared the area and attended to her while paramedics arrived. An audience member who was also an EMT assisted as well. Oh, and in case you didn't know ... Ken actually obtained his M.D. back in the '90s. So, he's legit.

Ken stayed with the woman until an ambulance arrived -- we're told at some point she regained consciousness while under his care and was brought back to her feet. She was eventually taken to a hospital, and Ken resumed the show. We're told he quickly addressed the situation, saying he was happy to be able to help ... and got a round of applause.

Paging "Dr. Ken" never sounded more serious. 

Amy Schumer Hospitalized with Kidney Infection

4/27/2018 9:05 AM PDT
Breaking News

Amy Schumer's spent the week in the hospital with a kidney infection, and she's still in recovery mode ... which means her job is taking a back seat for now.

The comedian says she was supposed to travel to London for the opening of her new movie, "I Feel Pretty" ... but doctors put the kibosh on that plan so she can focus on her health. She says the infection kept her laid up for 5 days, so makes sense she'd choose recovery time instead of overseas travel.

Schumer's giving props to her doctors and nurses for taking care of her, and thanking her family -- including her still brand new husband, Chris Fischer -- for being by her side.

Get well soon, Amy!

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