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Steve Aoki First Rave in Zero Gravity!!!

2/8/2018 7:27 AM PST

Steve Aoki and Elon Musk's Starman have something in common ... they're both breaking records in zero gravity, but Aoki's doing it to the tune of his own music.

Steve became the first DJ Thursday to spin a set in zero gravity. He did it on planet Earth though, aboard a special converted A310 aircraft which took off from Frankfurt, Germany.

Aoki's flight lasted 90 minutes, and he and 20 other lucky partygoers experienced a total of about 25 minutes of weightlessness, which judging by the footage Aoki shared on Instagram looked way more fun than clubbing with two feet on a dance floor.

Lil Uzi Vert Hey Eagles, Come Rage with Me!! ... Hosting Victory Lit-Fest

2/7/2018 11:04 AM PST

The victory party's just getting started for the Philadelphia Eagles  ... 'cause Lil Uzi Vert is hosting the team's huge Super Bowl rager Thursday night!!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Philly native and superstar rapper is hosting a victory bash at NOTO nightclub on Thursday to thank the guys for bringing a Lombardi Trophy to the city of Brotherly Love. 

The club tells us ... stars like Darren Sproles, Jalen Mills and Jay Ajayi are slated to attend ... with even more getting the invite -- especially BOTH quarterbacks, Nick Foles and Carson Wentz.

We're told the event will be open to the public ... with tables going from $2-4k.

But partying with the Super Bowl champs?? Priceless.

Shawn Mendes Serenades Guests at Multi-Million Dollar Bat Mitzvah

2/6/2018 12:50 AM PST

Shawn Mendes played his first Bat Mitzvah Saturday ... the crowd may have been a bit smaller than he's used to, but the price tag certainly wasn't.

Shawn serenaded 275 13-year-olds at an insane bash, honoring the daughter of J. Darius Bikoff -- the guy who created Vitaminwater and Smartwater.

We're told the party cost between $5-7 million. Grandmaster Flash DJ'ed and the Bikoffs also had 40-50 horse carriages waiting to escort the guests from the temple to the party, which was at the ultra-swanky Plaza Hotel.

It's not Bikoff's first rodeo. In 2013, J. Darius surprised his wife with a Justin Timberlake performance at their 10th wedding anniversary that put the millionaire back $1.3 million.

Eagles Fans Make Super Gay Super Bowl Mix-Up

2/5/2018 2:40 PM PST
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The Eagles are a football team from Philly. 

The "Eagle" is a common name for gay bars all across the world. 

So, when a bunch of straight Eagles fans went to Minnesota for the Super Bowl and saw a watering hole called the "Eagle Bolt Bar" ... they didn't realize they were hitting up one of the top gay bars in town! 

The good news ... it didn't matter for some of the patrons who stuck around and had a great time, according to Star Tribune's Eric Roper

"I can confirm a number of Eagles fans here at @eagleBoltbar were drawn by the name. Including a guy from Hamburg, Germany," Roper reported. 

Good news ... if they stick around, they can hit "Gear Night" on Saturday -- where patrons are encouraged to wear their finest leather & chain outfits (dress code enforced). 

Philadelphia Eagles Rip Hennessy Shots ... In Locker Room Turn Up!

2/5/2018 8:19 AM PST
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The Eagles locker room was turnt to the max after winning the Super Bowl last night ... bustin' out a bottle of Hennessy and blasting the Meek Mill bangers to cap off the big win!!

Check out the players lettin' loose with "big shots" of cognac and getting cozy with their shiny new Lombardi Trophy while Meek's "Dreams and Nightmares" -- the team's unofficial anthem -- got the entire room jumping.

Thankfully, Bryce Treggs and Marcus Johnson captured the madness ... even the PUNTER was gettin' wild.

There's more ... Malcolm Jenkins went top shelf -- taking pulls of Johnny Walker Blue Label right out of the bottle. 

Philadelphia Eagles Team Turn Up at Raging Super Bowl After-Party!

2/5/2018 7:08 AM PST
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Hey Eagles, you just won the Super Bowl. What are you gonna do next?!


Everyone from coach Doug Pederson to running back LeGarratte Blount hit up the Minneapolis Armory after beating the Patriots to get their party on ... and TMZ Sports has the video. 

Doug danced with the trophy ... but the place went CRAZY when Diplo -- one of the biggest DJs in the world -- bumped some Meek Mill, the unofficial rap artist of the Eagles. 

Cardi B also performed -- the crowd loved her! 

BTW, that's Diplo in the Eagles poncho. Nice touch! 

Kevin Hart Wasted Drunk at Super Bowl ... Kicked Off NFL Network

2/5/2018 5:36 AM PST
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Kevin Hart got HAMMERED at the Super Bowl -- and was so drunk, he dropped an F-Bomb live on the NFL Network. 

Can't really blame Hart ... he's a hardcore Eagles fan and he had just watched his team beat the New England Patriots live in Minnesota. 

But when they brought him on the "NFL GameDay Prime" post-game show with Deion Sanders and company ... he was hyped up, slurring and, really, 3-sheets to the wind. 

After Deion personally escorted him off the stage, Hart left ... and made a drunken Instagram video trying to explain himself. It's pretty hilarious. 

Enjoy the hangover. 

FYI, Hart was also straight-up REJECTED trying to sneak into the Eagles' post-game celebration. Probably for the best.

Ricky Williams Super Bowl Pot Party: Weed's On Me!

2/1/2018 12:20 AM PST

Ricky Williams has a very important message for anyone who's thinking about hitting his Super Bowl 52 blowout ...

It's no longer BYOW -- 'cause he's got enough weed for the WHOLE PARTY.

Ricky updated us on his Super Bowl Sunday smoke-athon -- telling TMZ Sports he's going the whole 9 yards for his private party in the Hollywood Hills.

Booze, celebrities, vegan food, a massage therapist and now an unlimited supply of ganj -- Williams says he'll have "something for everybody."

And we got a feeling it's gonna be some seriously high-grade product. If ya need proof ... listen to what Ricky has to say at the end of the interview.

New Clippers Livin' it Up in L.A. GUYS NIGHT OUT!!!

1/31/2018 9:19 AM PST

Looks like the players who got traded for Blake Griffin ain't too broke up about leaving the Motor City ... 'cause they're already exploring the L.A. hot spots the day after the deal!

L.A., meet Boban Marjanovic, Avery Bradley and Tobias Harris -- the 3 ex-Pistons who will attempt to pick up the pieces left by Lob City.

TMZ Sports spotted the trio out at Toca Madera in Beverly Grove Tuesday night ... and though they weren't too talkative, it's clear they're already enjoying that West Coast livin'.

Hopefully they can cheer up DeAndre Jordan ... 

Usain Bolt Blastin' Bubbly ... in Cape Town Rager

1/30/2018 10:15 AM PST

Usain Bolt was locked and loaded in Cape Town this past weekend ... tearin' up the South African party city with the help of a gold-plated champagne super soaker!!

Bolt rolled through local hot spot Grand Cafe & Beach with a small entourage -- poppin' bottles, smokin' cigars and (of course) gettin' his groove on.

The retired sprinter's Sunday Funday wrapped a little before midnight -- but not before he blasted his homies with some heavenly Brut. 

Ain't no stoppin' the World's Fastest party train!

Ansel Elgort Baby Does Karaoke ... No Earbuds Necessary!

1/28/2018 11:49 AM PST

Ansel Elgort practically recreated a scene from his blockbuster film this weekend -- except this time, he actually belted out the words ... and it was just as charming.

The "Baby Driver" star hit up a high school pal's 23rd karaoke birthday party Saturday night with his GF, Violetta Komyshan, in NYC -- where he stepped up for at least a couple songs.

Ansel sang along to Khalid's "Location" and The Temptations' "My Girl" -- seemingly trying to channel his inner Baby from the flick ... and we gotta say, it's almost spot-on.

It's a little hard to tell through the group sing-along here, but this dude can actually croon. Just ask James Corden and Jamie Foxx

Post Malone To My 'Culture Vulture' Critics Congrats, You're a Hater

1/28/2018 10:56 AM PST

Post Malone had a message for his critics who've accused of him of being a "culture vulture" in hip-hop ... which turned out to be a perfect segue into music.

Post was one of tons of celebs who came out Saturday night for LIV nightclub's Boardwalk at Pegasus World Cup Invitational to celebrate the big horse race near Miami. Others included Ludacris, Jermaine Dupri, Pharrell, Lenny Kravitz, Olivia Culpo, and lots more. 

Toward the end of his set, Post took a minute to address some controversy surrounding his alleged misappropriation of black culture through his music -- this after saying last year that modern-day hip-hop was superficial and emotionless

Let's just say Post disagrees with his "haters" ... and he's happy to accept their "Congratulations" on all his success. 

NBA's Jayson Tatum DENIED at Hollywood Club ... Gets Rookie Treatment

1/25/2018 8:41 AM PST

Here's Celtics rookie stud Jayson Tatum learning the hard way that he hasn't completely made it yet, getting rejected -- more than once -- at one of the hottest clubs in Tinseltown.

It went down Wednesday night when the 19-year-old -- who's a Rookie of the Year contender -- tried to get his turn up on at Warwick in Hollywood, a 21 and over joint.

Warwick is known for sticking to its guns when it comes to the age requirement ... after all, D'Angelo Russell got denied in 2016 when he was just months from turning 21.

We're told J.T.'s teammate Kyrie Irving got through the door without a hitch ... which makes sense 'cause he's 25.

Oh BTW, Celtics did beat the Clippers earlier that night ... so at least there's that.

Try again in 2020, bro.

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