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'AMW' Host John Walsh We Need a Mental Illness Registry For Would-Be Gun Owners

3/11/2018 12:07 PM PDT

The host of "America's Most Wanted," who also helped create a national registry for sex offenders, says the same system is needed for mentally ill people looking to buy guns.

We got John Walsh Saturday at LAX and asked what he made of Florida's new gun law -- in which the age limit to purchase guns was raised to 21 ... and teachers can now be armed.

He says it's a step in the right direction, but also thinks arming teachers is the wrong way to protect schools from potential shooters -- he wants trained pros on the ground instead.

Here's the most interesting tidbit ... John apparently believes a national registry logging people with serious mental illness needs to be implemented for would-be gun owners.

It's a pretty controversial take ... so we gotta ask.

SNL 'This is Us' ... Trump Style

3/11/2018 7:07 AM PDT

It's one of the most biting parodies of the Trump Administration so far by "SNL" ... a spoof of "This is Us" called "This is U.S." and it spares no one.

Sarah Hucakbee Sanders is probably fuming today over her character, but Ben Carson may actually be getting a chuckle over his Sterling K. Brown-type character.  And who knew Pete Davidson actually resembled Jared Kushner and played him hilariously?

Check out t he last vestiges of Anthony Scaramucci, Hope Hicks and Sean Spicer ... again, hilarious.

"SNL" really went for the juggler this weekend ... doing a parody of "The Bachelor" but instead of Arie the main dude is Robert Mueller

You gotta think as much as they hate Trump the cast and crew might be a little torn at the 2020 ballot box -- if Trump makes it that far -- because the show hasn't been this good in a long, long time. 

L.A. Rams' Marcus Peters Burned By U.S. Ambassador!

3/10/2018 12:26 PM PST

Chalk one up on the scoreboard for U.S. ambassador to Portugal George Glass, who managed to completely route L.A. Rams superstar defensive back Marcus Peters.

As we previously reported, several NFL players are in Portugal with American Football Without Barriers, and Glass has been accompanying the players throughout the country. So far Glass hasn't had it easy ... he got sacked by Marshawn Lynch earlier this week.

But Saturday it was different story when Peters and Glass squared up at Estádio Algarve on the country's south coast. Glass split left and burned Peters off the line inside on a slant route before Peters could even flinch.

Peters was recently traded to the L.A. Rams. Dude better work on his footwork before football season starts.

David Spade Stormy and Trump? Here's the Thing About Porn Stars

3/9/2018 7:58 AM PST

Turns out David Spade has deep thoughts about Donald Trump's alleged affair with Stormy Daniels ... or, at least, some very funny ones.

We got Spade Thursday night in SoHo, and asked what he thought about the porn star suing the Prez over their "hush" agreement ... and her claim Trump's camp went all out to silence her right before the election. He had a VERY revealing response.

We gotta be honest ... this is the kinda political commentary you won't get on "Meet the Press." 

Their loss.

The Obamas Next Up for Us ... Netflix?!

3/8/2018 6:49 PM PST
Breaking News

Barack and Michelle Obama are reportedly saying screw politics and are joining an increasingly popular trend -- getting their own show on Netflix!

The 44th President and former First Lady are in talks with the streaming service to "produce a series of high-profile shows" and provide exclusive content on a global level ... according to the NY Times.

The focus of the shows will apparently be on highlighting inspirational stories, but there are other ideas as well. One is having Barack moderate conversations about topics that dominated his time in the White House ... like health care and climate change.

The terms of the deal are reportedly in advanced stages, but one thing seems clear -- the Obamas' content will not be used to bash President Trump or their critics.

That might be a bummer for a large portion of Neflix's 118 million subscribers.

Akon Hey, Mark Zuckerberg ... Let's Run in 2020 and Beat Trump!!!

3/9/2018 12:40 AM PST

Akon can see himself in the White House ... and he wants Mark Zuckerberg to help him beat President Trump in 2020.

We got the singer at LAX Thursday and wanted to know how he would defeat Trump, hypothetically speaking. Our guy barely finished asking the question when Akon pounced at the opportunity to debate 45, and obviously thinks he could take him down on several topics.

You can tell he's been thinking about how to make improvements, and even explained to us why he'd go with Zuckerberg as veep.

You'll recall ... Akon recently told us about his beef with the feds -- for rejecting his proposal to get electricity up and running in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and also with Trump's "s**thole" comment.

Still, he thinks Trump has what it takes to be a great prez. Or, at least, he did.

Florida Shooting Survivor Family Goes To FBI Over Online Threats

3/8/2018 12:40 AM PST

The family of outspoken Florida shooting survivor, David Hogg, is turning to the FBI after receiving several death threats online, including a particularly disturbing one from an NRA supporter.

The 17-year-old Hogg has been one of Parkland's most vocal gun reform advocates. His mother, Rebecca Boldrick, tells us that they've decided to go to the FBI after someone wrote in a comment on one of Rebecca's Facebook photos, “You can change your settings, but you can never change your faces, your whole family is exposed because of your piece of s*** kid."

The person who posted the comment called out her son's upcoming birthday, saying it "will be an interesting event" before co-signing the NRA and the right to bear arms, which the Hoggs are taking as a death threat.

We've confirmed the FBI has been contacted. Hogg's father is also an ex-FBI agent. Rebecca says they've also put in calls to Facebook as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, since the commentor's FB profile says he hails from Canada.

In a statement, Rebecca tells TMZ the family understands that, while some people don’t agree with their anti-gun message, that shouldn't give them the right to threaten or intimidate her family, particularly through social media. She says any threats they receive will have consequences.

Marshawn Lynch Sacks U.S. Ambassador!!! ... on Portugal Trip

3/7/2018 1:21 PM PST

Beast Mode has touched down in Portugal to be an ambassador for American football ... and his first order of business -- SACKING THE COUNTRY'S U.S. AMBASSADOR!!!

As TMZ Sports reported last week, Marshawn Lynch is on a trip to Cristiano Ronaldo's digs to show 'em what's up with Murca's brand of footy ... as a part of ex-Browns star Gary Barnidge's American Football Without Barriers organization.

On Tuesday night, Marshawn lined up opposite U.S. ambassador George Glass ... and took an honorary snap in front of all the boys.

Lynch didn't go full beast ... but he didn't exactly go light, either (watch the dining chairs, bro!).

George didn't seem to mind ... probably 'cause Marshawn also hit Browns QB Kevin Hogan with the sauce!!

Richard Pryor's Son Totally Bombs at the Apollo!!!

3/7/2018 6:54 AM PST

Mason Pryor is, no doubt, comedy royalty, but that still didn't save his ass at the legendary Apollo Theater -- and this video of his, umm ... performance ... will totally make you cringe.

Mason, Richard Pryor's youngest son, appeared on "Showtime at the Apollo." As you'd expect, host Steve Harvey gave the 31-year-old comedian the appropriate hype before he hit the stage -- but it was all downhill from there.

You gotta see Mason launch into some Trump-Putin jokes that fell completely flat. The boos rained down, and while some people shouted for him to keep going ... most of the crowd wanted him to get the hook.

The episode airs Thursday night on FOX. Producers aren't saying whether Mason pulls it out of the fire, but it sure doesn't look like it.

Stormy Daniels Sues Trump Used Alias and Never Signed Our 'Hush' Pact

3/6/2018 5:14 PM PST
Breaking News

Stormy Daniels is suing President Trump over a "hush" pact she says they drew up days before he was elected -- but he refused to sign.

In the lawsuit, Stormy claims Trump did her dirty by not signing the agreement, which intended to keep her from talking about their alleged 2006 affair, and hurting his presidential campaign. The ex-porn star says she signed on the dotted line, as did Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen.

She says they used aliases -- Trump was David Dennison and she was Peggy Peterson -- in the contract to maintain confidentiality, but he still never signed it.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Cohen contacted the ex-porn star shortly after the Access Hollywood tape came out. Stormy says Trump and Cohen caught wind she might go public, and "aggressively sought to silence" her with the "hush agreement."

As for her signing bonus, the now infamous $130k -- Stormy says it was routed through an entity called Essential Consultants LLC. She says the company was created right before the election purely to hide the source of the payment. Cohen has claimed he used his own personal funds to pay her.

She's suing to get a judge to rule the agreement is invalid ... which, presumably, would clear the path for her to tell all about her alleged relationship with Trump.

NBC News first reported the lawsuit.

Michelle Obama Has a 'Shake It Off' Dance Party With Famous Little Fangirl

3/6/2018 11:00 AM PST

Michelle Obama came face-to-face with the toddler who went viral for staring at the ex-First Lady portrait -- and the new dynamic duo had a dance party that deserves to go viral, too.

Mrs. Obama met up with 2-year-old Parker Curry ... the little girl who was photographed last week as she stood, staring at Michelle's official portrait -- which was painted by Amy Sherald.

Seems like Michelle took notice and wanted to give the kid a taste of the real deal. 

Aside from dancing with her to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," Michelle left Parker with a sweet message, saying ... "Keep on dreaming big for yourself...and maybe one day I'll proudly look up at a portrait of you!"

Inspirational stuff like this is kind of the Obamas' thing since leaving the office. This one should even get a smile out of Michelle's critics.  

Senator Jeff Flake Insinuates He'll Run for Prez in 2020

3/6/2018 7:52 AM PST

Senator Jeff Flake will not answer the question -- will he challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 primaries -- but he makes it pretty clear he's noodling the idea.

We got the Arizona Republican Monday at Reagan National Airport and pressed him on the rumors he's going after Trump. Trump has already named his manager for his re-election campaign.

Check out his smile and listen as our photog presses Flake. We didn't get a yes or no, but something meaningfully in between!

Compton Mayor Aja Brown I'm Gonna Run For Congress ... Because Stacey Dash is a Disaster

3/6/2018 1:00 AM PST

Stacey Dash is going to have some stiff competition in her run for Congress, because we've learned one of the most popular politicians in Southern California is about to throw her hat in the ring to oppose her. 

We've learned Compton Mayor Aja Brown will announce on Thursday that she is running for Congress in the 44th District ... which covers Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach.

Our sources say Brown had no intention of running as late as a week ago -- the day Dash announced she's running for a seat in the House of Representatives. We're told a number of members from the California Congressional delegation contacted Brown and urged her to run against Dash.

Brown has been an ambassador for Compton, often praising people like Kendrick Lamar who grew up in her city and went on to greatness.

A source who has interacted with Brown tells TMZ the Compton Mayor has privately groused that Dash is "running for notoriety" and has no relationship with the district.

Brown -- a Democrat -- is a super-popular mayor whose voice has been strong on various issues, including protecting food programs and housing initiatives.

We're told Brown herself feels it's by no means a shoo-in that she'll win, because of almost unparalleled voter apathy in the district. We're told, although she thinks the district is heavily democratic, the Republicans just get out and vote more often.  

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