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President Trump Claims Hillary Destroyed Evidence ... Smashed Phones with Hammer!

6/15/2017 1:48 PM PDT

Donald Trump wants Hillary Clinton to feel the same heat he is over Russia ... and claims she smashed phones and hid evidence which he thinks rises to the level of obstructing justice.

The Prez insinuated the Clintons have their own ties to Russia that should be investigated ... then followed up with a blistering tweet about 'Crooked H' destroying phones, emails and Bill Clinton influencing the former U.S. Attorney General.

No reply yet from Hillary, but she hasn't been afraid to go toe-to-toe with Trump in the past ... on Twitter.

Congress Shooting GOP & Dems United ... We're Not Intimidated for Baseball Game!

6/15/2017 11:09 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Republicans and Dems in the House are united and, surprisingly, fearless the day after the shooting that critically injured House Whip Rep. Steve Scalise ... and they're ready to play ball for him.

TMZ spoke to a handful of congressmen playing in Thursday night's Congressional Baseball Game, and they tell us despite natural safety concerns ... they're not letting it keep them off the field.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Doyle -- who's the team manager for the Democrats -- says the game will be more solemn, but both parties agreed the game had to be played. He says ... "We can't let terrorists and would-be assassins change the way we live our lives." 

Two other Democratic Reps, Hakeem Jeffries from NY ... and Pete Aguilar from CA, tell us they have the utmost faith in law enforcement to keep them safe at Nationals Park, the stadium where game's being played. Aguilar added ... "We cannot be intimidated and our democracy is unbreakable." 

We also spoke with several GOP Reps who were on the field during Wednesday's shooting, where James Hodgkinson opened fire. One of them, Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois, said a silver lining is America finally getting to see the bipartisan friendships in Congress. Yes, they exist. 

According to a rep for Mark Walker of North Carolina, the game has already raised more than $1 million for charity. Last year, it raised just over $500k. 

Dennis Rodman Giving Out Trump's Secrets in N. Korea

6/15/2017 7:22 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman is spreading President Trump's word in North Korea after all ... at least when it comes to his business prowess.

The NBA Hall of Famer gifted N. Korea's sports minister, Kim Il Guk, Trump's 'The Art of the Deal' book. Dennis was clearly stoked with his gesture, and Kim looks ... less stoked.

He also left Il Guk a couple of jerseys with his old number on it, but they weren't even official NBA gear from any of Rodman's old teams, just generics. However, he also gave him bath products. Sweet.

Bath gels ... paving a path to normalcy with N. Korea!

Rep. Steve Scalise Still Critical Needs More Surgeries

6/14/2017 6:55 PM PDT
Breaking News

GOP House Whip Steve Scalise is still in critical condition at the hospital after being shot by James T. Hodgkinson during the congressional baseball practice.

Scalise suffered a single rifle shot to his left hip, but the bullet traveled across his pelvis, injuring organs and fracturing bones ... according to MedStar Washington Hospital. He immediately underwent surgery, and needed another procedure just to stop the bleeding.

Doctors says Scalise will need additional operations. For now, his condition remains critical.

President Trump and the First Lady went to the hospital to see Scalise and the others who were injured -- including 2 police officers -- during the intense gun battle.

MLB Commish We Support Congressional Baseball Game

6/14/2017 1:32 PM PDT

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred says the league fully supports the decision to play the Congressional Baseball Game in the wake of Wednesday's shooting ... saying he hopes it will help the healing process. 

Earlier today, officials announced the annual charity game will go on as planned at Nationals Park in D.C. on Thursday. 

Now, Manfred has issued a statement saying, "Our thoughts and prayers go out to Representative Steve Scalise, Congressional staff, U.S. Capitol Police and all those who were impacted by today’s senseless violence at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia."

"Major League Baseball is a proud supporter of the Congressional Baseball Game, a longstanding bipartisan tradition and unifying event that benefits worthy charities."

"Both teams have been practicing for weeks in preparation for the game at Nationals Park and we fully support the decision to play the game."

"We look forward to a full recovery for each of the victims and hope that tomorrow night’s game can play a constructive role in the healing process."

Virginia Rep. Don Beyer Dems & GOP Are on the Same Team ... In Shooting Fallout

6/14/2017 11:27 AM PDT

Alexandria, Virginia's own representative in Congress hopes the shooting that injured his colleague can be a uniting force.

We got Congressman Don Beyer -- who reps Virginia's 8th District, including Alexandria -- at Simpson Field Wednesday, where James Hodgkinson opened fire on the GOP's practice sesh ... injuring Rep. Steve Scalise, among others.

He tells our camera guy that this tragedy should get members from both sides of the aisle coming together -- for now, at least -- ahead of Thursday's congressional baseball game ... which is moving forward as scheduled.

Quick side note ... Simpson Field sits near T.C. Williams High School, which is the same school "Remember the Titans" is based on. Beyer's hoping it has the same unifying effect here.

Congress Shooter Intense Gun Battle Captured by Witness and Neighbor

6/14/2017 11:05 AM PDT

James Hodgkinson's rifle shots at congressmen rang out in the neighborhood around the baseball field ... and it was captured by one witness and a nearby resident.

The first video is from a witness close to Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, and really captures the intensity and horror of the shooting which injured 5 people, including House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise. At one point a man can be seen lying on the baseball field.

The second video is audio recorded on the back porch of a woman in the neighborhood. 

More than a dozen shots are heard as the woman and another neighbor tried to figure out what the hell was happening. The Hill first posted the raw video.

Hodgkinson was eventually taken out by responding officers ... and died later at a hospital.

Donald Trump: Congress Shooter Is Dead

6/14/2017 8:43 AM PDT

President Donald Trump says the man who opened fire on a congressional baseball practice has died from injuries in the shootout with capitol police.

The shooter has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson -- a 66-year-old man from Illinois who has publicly called for the destruction of Trump and his supporters. 

POTUS addressed the media moments ago and said Hodgkinson "has now died."

As we previously reported, Hodgkinson walked up to a baseball practice in Virginia early Wednesday morning and opened fire -- striking Rep. Steve Scalise and others.

Capitol police officers on the scene exchanged gunfire with Hodgkinson -- striking him. The officers were also shot. They survived and are being treated for their injuries. 

Trump called the incident a "very, very brutal assault."

He described Scalise as a "good friend, he's a patriot and a fighter."

Trump also praised the capitol police officers as heroes.

Congress Baseball Shooter Is a Trump Hater ... Called to 'Destroy' Him

6/14/2017 7:55 AM PDT

The man suspected of opening fire at a congressional baseball practice is 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson ... and judging by his social media, he REALLY hates Donald Trump

Hodgkinson's Facebook page is loaded with anti-Trump posts. He's also a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter.

Also notable, Hodgkinson is also anti-Hillary Clintonwith several posts about her as well. 

Among the posts on his page, there's one that stands out from March which says, "Trump is Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co."

9:30 AM PT -- Sanders just released a statement on Hodgkinson, saying, "I have just been informed that the alleged shooter at the Republican baseball practice is someone who apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign. I am sickened by this despicable act. Let me be as clear as I can be. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms."

Congressional Baseball Team Gunman Opens Fire with Rifle ... Rep. Scalise Hit

6/14/2017 5:41 AM PDT
Breaking News

7:48 AM PT -- Law enforcement has identified the shooter as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois.At least one congressman has been shot -- along with several other people -- after a gunman opened fire on a Congressional baseball team practice.

Police say the gunman fired an automatic rifle, and reportedly got off as many as 50 shots Wednesday morning as the team was gathering in Alexandria, VA. Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, was shot in the hip, and was in stable condition before going into surgery.

In total, 5 people were hospitalized -- that number includes the shooter.

Witnesses say Sen. Jeff Flake was at bat when the shooting broke out.

Sen. Rand Paul -- who was at the scene -- says if not for heroic police stepping in and saving the day, it would have been a "massacre." He added, "Nobody would have survived without the Capitol Police."

Rep. Mo Brooks helped one victim who was shot in the leg by using his belt as a tourniquet.

Police say they have the suspect in custody.

President Trump tweeted about the incident, calling Scalise a "true friend and patriot."

Congressional Democrats had gathered at a different field to practice for tomorrow's charity game against Republicans ... and they huddled in prayer after hearing about the shooting.

Story developing ...

Dennis Rodman in N. Korea Women & Children Come First

6/14/2017 7:17 AM PDT

Dennis Rodman stuck to what he knows, at least to start to his North Korea trip ... visiting with a hoops squad -- but he also connected with Kim Jong-un's roots.

The NBA hall of famer checked in with the Pothonggang women's basketball team Wednesday during their practice. We're guessing he emphasized rebounding.

Dennis also toured the town of Mangyongdae, the birthplace of Jong-un's grandfather ... Kim Il Sung. The 6'7" former basketball star quickly became the center of attention as a group of school kids also walked around the town.

He's reportedly meeting with N. Korea's sports minister this week, and also has bowling on the agenda ... for some reason. Still unclear if he'll get a sit-down with Jong-un.

Grant Cardone Motivational Guru Begs I Want Permission to Use N-Word

6/13/2017 12:33 PM PDT

A popular motivational speaker desperately wants the right to use the n-word freely, and he made a bizarre plea to do so while hosting his Internet show.

Grant Cardone -- a best-selling author with 1.1 million Facebook followers -- was in the middle of interviewing entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David a couple weeks ago. The conversation shifted to Miami's diversity when, out of nowhere, Grant straight-up said he wants a stamp of approval to use the n-word.

Important to note, Cardone wasn't following in Bill Maher's footsteps ... this aired before Maher's ill-fated slavery remark.

We've reached out to Cardone's camp, so far no word back.

U.S. Senate Pulls Old Kanye Move On Media ... No Interviews in Capitol

6/13/2017 10:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

3:33 PM PT -- The Senate Rules Committee just reversed the restriction ... so all is good with hallway interviews. U.S. Senators just collectively stiff-armed the media -- banning all recorded interviews in the hallways of the Capitol ... unless reporters get special permission.

The new rule essentially allows the Senate to cherry-pick who they talk to and where. It also means our guy in D.C. won't be getting candid moments with YOUR elected officials.

No more Sen. Burr boasting about his committee's TV ratings ... or Sen. Graham advising President Trump on his golf game ... or Sen. McCain pouring his heart out to Ashton Kutcher.

Hallway interviews will still be allowed if approved by the Senate Rules Committee, the Senate Sergeant At Arms or the Senate Radio and TV Committee.

Translation: more red tape and more booooring.

Kanye probably put it best ...

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