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Gisele Bundchen What, Me Worry about Tom and Ivanka?

9/19/2017 7:14 AM PDT

Gisele Bündchen was flyin' solo Monday, arriving at Boston Logan Airport shortly after former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci strongly insinuated Tom Brady didn't attend the Super Bowl celebration at the White House because Gisele had a jealousy thing over Ivanka Trump.

Gisele had been in Brazil to attend the Rock in Rio concert.

Scaramucci co-hosted "TMZ Live" Monday and suggested Tom and Ivanka had dated back in the day, and Gisele didn't want the 2 to interact. Sources connected to Ivanka told us, Tom and Gisele were friends but had not dated. BTW, in 2004 Trump mused it would be cool if Ivanka and Tom hooked up.

Sean Spicer No Peace Talk with Melissa McCarthy ... But I'm Open to It

9/19/2017 7:37 AM PDT

Sean Spicer's riding high off his surprise appearance at the Emmy Awards, and while it got him plenty of applause in the room ... it did NOT get him a sit-down with Melissa McCarthy.

Sean seemed pretty damn happy Monday night as he arrived back in Washington, DC ... and talked about keeping his cameo under wraps -- as well as his simmering beef with Melissa.

It's not fully heated beef between Spicey and McCarthy, but he's definitely been critical of her 'SNL' portrayal. So, with his moment in the Hollywood sun ... you'd think the duo could have seized the opportunity to meet. Maybe even at the podium.

Sean's take seems to be -- it'll happen, but he ain't rushing it.

Eagles' Joe Walsh I'm Not Joe Walsh!!! (That Dude's from Illinois!)

9/19/2017 7:10 AM PDT

Joe Walsh wants everyone to know -- HE PAYS HIS CHILD SUPPORT!!! ... unlike another Joe Walsh.

We got the famous Eagle Monday at LAX and asked about former Illinois GOP Congressman Joe Walsh, who was so behind on child support he had the distinction of being the only U.S. Representative to have his wages garnished.

Joe's taken a ration of crap from people who confused him with the deadbeat dad ... it's pretty clear ... Joe (the musician) is getting pretty damn tired of the confusion.

Michael K. Williams Spicer Was Funny ... Give Him a 2nd Chance!!!

9/19/2017 12:20 AM PDT

Michael K. Williams says if Sean Spicer's ready to turn the page on the Trump chapter of his life -- as his Emmys skit seemed to indicate -- then why shouldn't Hollywood welcome him with open arms?

We got the Emmy nominated 'Night Of' star Monday, and he sounded impressed with Spicer's bit on the award show. While some celebs have groused at the idea of "laughing with" an ex-face of the Trump administration -- Michael's way more forgiving.

He explained why Spicey deserves another shot, and as fans of "The Wire" know ... it's hard to argue with Omar. 

Hell, even Alec Baldwin extended an olive branch Sunday night -- so, maybe Spicer could have a future in Hollywood after all? As MKW put it ... never say never.

Killer Mike We Don't Need Celebs in Politics But I Might Run in 2025!

9/18/2017 3:31 PM PDT

There's a chance Killer Mike's name might actually wind up on a ballot someday in the near future, but it won't be for the office of President.

The outspoken rapper and activist was in D.C. over the weekend to pay his respects to comedian and civil rights leader Dick Gregory. Mike's never one to hold back when it comes to talking politics, but thinks there should be fewer entertainers running America.

He also explained why he hasn't run yet -- though we think he was kidding.

That said, Mike didn't rule out a post-rap political career completely, and he even has a time frame!

Anthony Scaramucci: Gisele Blocked Tom from White House ... Jealousy Over Ivanka?

9/18/2017 1:37 PM PDT

Anthony Scaramucci believes it was Gisele who stopped Tom Brady from joining the Patriots on their Super Bowl trip to Donald Trump's White House ... strongly insinuating the supermodel didn't want Tom around Ivanka Trump.

The Mooch -- Trump's former White House communications director -- guest hosted "TMZ Live" Monday -- when we asked straight-up about the alleged rift between the POTUS and the GOAT.

A.S. says he didn't have direct knowledge of the situation -- but strongly suggested Gisele shut Brady down ... saying, "I think she's possessive of him and probably didn't want him there."

Mooch suggests Gisele may have been jealous of Ivanka Trump -- saying he thinks Brady and Ivanka may have dated at one point in the past.

In fact, back in 2004 ... Donald praised Tom as a great guy who would make a "great combination" with Ivanka.

Despite the Moochsinuation, a source connected to the Trump family tells us, "While they have known each other for years, this is not true."

For the record, Tom claimed the reason he missed the White House visit was to spend time with his ailing mother.

'The Walking Dead' Star Emmys Went Easy on Trump

9/18/2017 3:00 PM PDT

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the guy known for bashing everything on "The Walking Dead" ... thinks Emmy-night celebs did something very un-Negan -- easing up on President Trump bashing.

We got JDM flying out of LAX Monday and he said the Trump attacks were toned down this year, but not because Hollywood, in general, approves of POTUS. Keep in mind ... there were still plenty of jabs at 45 and his administration-- just ask Sean Spicer. But still less than last year's slugfest on then-candidate Trump

Whatever the reason, Jeffrey's just happy folks are getting away from politics at award shows.

He also got a big laugh out of our on-the-nose name suggestion for the kid he and Hilarie Burton are expecting. 

Michael Bennett Black Power Fist Is 'Freedom of Speech' ... Says Keegan-Michael Key

9/18/2017 8:12 AM PDT

Got a problem with Michael Bennett throwing up the black power fist after his sack on Sunday? 

Keegan-Michael Key doesn't ... telling TMZ Sports he totally supports the Seattle Seahawks star expressing his freedom of speech on the football field.

Bennett explained the move this way -- "The raised fist represents unity or solidarity with oppressed peoples."

But some people had a serious problem with it -- once again arguing social activism has no place on the gridiron. 

Not Key ... he likes the fist and gave Bennett the KMK stamp of approval on his way out of an Emmy party in L.A. 

As for Bennett, with his alleged profiling incident with Las Vegas police ... bet this ain't the last on-field statement he'll make this season.

Sean Spicer Crashes Emmys to Mock Trump

9/17/2017 5:34 PM PDT

Sean Spicer seems to have fully turned on Donald Trump ... 'cause he just made a cameo at the Emmys to dog his former boss alongside Stephen Colbert

Colbert, who's hosting this year, was going in on the Prez at the start of the show Sunday when he eventually cracked a joke about the size of the audience, saying it was impossible to know how big it was without some help. That's when he intro'd Spicer, who came onstage with his signature podium. 

Spicer came out suited and booted and did a callback to one of his first press conferences under Trump, saying ... "This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, period! Both in person and around the world." Colbert quipped ... "Wow, that really soothes my ego."

The audience roared at the surprise visit from the former White House Press Secretary, who resigned earlier this year

Don Lemon to Trump Apologize To Barack Obama ... And Then ESPN Will Follow

9/17/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Don Lemon says if President Trump wants an apology from ESPN for Jemele Hill's remarks, he should man up and do one thing first ... say sorry to Barack Obama.

What would Trump be apologizing for? He was very critical of Obama during his presidency, including calling BO a racist, and of course questioning whether or not he was born in America.

Don's point seems to be that Trump, while a private citizen, did the exact same thing Hill did, and if her network has to apologize -- like Trump has asked -- then he should step up and do the same.

Don't hold your breath, Don.

Al Sharpton Calls Out Floyd Mayweather Real Men Don't Disrespect Women

9/16/2017 12:45 AM PDT

Al Sharpton is calling out Floyd Mayweather ... saying his recent comments on the way "real men" treat women are total CRAP ... and giving Money a little lesson on how to treat the ladies.

Floyd made the comments recently on "Hollywood Unlocked" when he said that Donald Trump's infamous "locker-room talk" (you've heard it) was just an example of how guys really talk.

It wasn't just that though, Floyd seemed to double down, and talked about touching women in a way that disgusted a lot of people.

We got Sharpton at LAX ... and when we asked his thoughts on Floyd's take, he gave Mayweather an old fashioned lesson in respect for women.

Listen up, Floyd.

ESPN's Michelle Beadle Trump Deserves No Apology from Jemele!!!

9/16/2017 7:08 AM PDT

ESPN host Michelle Beadle scoffed at the idea anyone owes Donald Trump an apology ... especially Jemele Hill.

Michelle was on her way to work in L.A., where she co-hosts SportsNation on ESPN, and she sure seems squarely on the side of Jemele, who called Trump a white supremacist on her twitter account.

Trump is demanding an apology for "untruth" but Michelle is clearly unmoved.

Floyd Mayweather He Can't Even Read, Don't Listen to Him! ... Says 'Shameless' Star

9/16/2017 12:30 AM PDT

When Floyd Mayweather says Donald Trump's "locker-room talk" is A-OK, no one should listen ... CAUSE HE'S ILLITERATE -- this according to "Shameless" star Cameron Monaghan.

We got Cam leaving Catch ... and the actor came at Floyd for claiming Trump's "grab them by the p***y" comment was how "real men speak."

"He's a great boxer, but he can't read! Don't listen to that guy, it's ridiculous."

Cam says real men have respect ... and would never talk like that.

FYI, Floyd's got video proof that he CAN read -- but the kid's got a point.

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