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Stormy Daniels Sues Ex-Lawyer ... He Was a 'Puppet' for Trump & Cohen

6/6/2018 12:57 PM PDT
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Stormy Daniels just sued her former attorney ... claiming he was in cahoots with President Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to get her to falsely deny she had an affair with Trump.

Stormy -- real name Stephanie Clifford -- filed docs Wednesday claiming Keith Davidson colluded with Cohen and hatched a plan to get her on Sean Hannity's show back in January.

The suit attached a series of texts Stormy says back her claims. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Cohen texted Davidson, "I have her tentatively scheduled for Hannity tonight." But, a few hours later ... Cohen texted Davidson, "The wise men all believe the story is dying and don't think it's smart for her to do any interviews." Davidson, according to docs, replied, "100%" ... with Cohen replying, "Thanks pal."

Stormy claims "wise men" is in reference to Trump, essentially alleging he knew Davidson and Cohen were communicating all along. Stormy also claims Davidson broke attorney-client privilege when he tipped off Cohen that she was about to get a new lawyer, Michael Avenatti, and announce in court she had an affair with Trump but signed an agreement to keep quiet about it in exchange for $130,000.

The suit alleges, "Mr. Davidson abdicated his role as an advocate and fiduciary of his client Ms. Clifford and instead elected to be a puppet for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump in order to advance their interests at the expense of Ms. Clifford."

Trump denies the affair.

Tommy Lee's Fiancee Oh, We've Made Sex Tapes ... But, Not For $ale!!

6/6/2018 7:44 AM PDT

Tommy Lee's fiancee ain't hiding it, they've recorded themselves bangin' ... you're just not gonna see it. At least that's their plan.

We got Brittany Furlan at the Topanga Mall Tuesday, and she spilled some tea about their relationship -- about their wedding fake out, when they're REALLY tying the knot and, uh, yeah ... sex tapes.

Brittany copped to it, but the long (ha ha) and short of it is ... sounds like it's something they've done more than once. She assured our guy, the recordings won't be for sale.

Not to burst her bubble, but the famous Tommy and Pamela Anderson tape wasn't for sale, either -- it was reportedly stolen out of their home safe. 

One more deet ... Brit tells us where she and Tommy definitely did NOT record their sex.

Girl's got limits.

Drake's Alleged Baby Mama Took Shot at Reality TV Fame ... 'Real Mistresses of Atlanta'

5/31/2018 8:37 AM PDT

Drake knows how to pick 'em -- the mother of his alleged son starred on a reality show ... about professional side chicks.

We dug up an old trailer for a 2012 show called "Real Mistresses of Atlanta," in which Sophie Brussaux -- who used her stage name, Rosee Divine -- is introduced as one of the four leading ladies. She called herself a French model who likes luxury.

In one scene she's seen talking to an anonymous NBA player over the phone, and he tells her to buy a condo she liked. The implication is pretty clear ... he's married, but he's also Sophie's sugar daddy.

A post shared by rosee divine (@frenchrosebud2) on

Producer Mickey 'Memphitz' Wright -- the ex-bf of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star K. Michelle -- created and produced the show. He reportedly shopped it around to TV execs, and sources at Oxygen tell us the network was very interested ... but, ultimately no one bought it.

There are no episodes or seasons listed on the Internet.

Sophie's still living well though. TMZ broke the story, Drake's been financially supporting her since the birth of his alleged son, Adonis.

Nancy Grace STFU, Weinstein ... O.J. Got a Fair Trial, You Will Too

5/31/2018 6:27 AM PDT

Nancy Grace says Harvey Weinstein needs to stop bitchin' about not being able to get a fair trial because he's not a victim here.

We got the former prosecutor and current TV host Wednesday at LAX, where we asked what she made of Weinstein's legal team's concerns that they're not getting access to info needed to defend their client.

Nancy unloads on Weinstein, asking if he ever thought it was fair to all the women he allegedly sexually assaulted. But she makes an even more interesting point ... if O.J. was able to secure an unbiased trial in L.A., Weinstein shouldn't have any trouble in NYC.

Nancy says God help Weinstein if he takes the stand, and uses a Thanksgiving metaphor to describe what will go down.

She's also got some advice for the prosecution on a potential plea deal ... DON'T.

Harvey Weinstein Won't Take Stand For Grand Jury in Rape Case

5/30/2018 9:08 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein's legal team feels prosecutors aren't sharing information ahead of his criminal case, and have therefore advised him not to testify before the grand jury.

Weinstein's attorney, Ben Brafman, says his office has been "unfairly denied access to critical information about this case." He added ... Weinstein won't take the stand as the rape case proceeds, because without that information he can't properly defend him.

Brafman also finds it troubling he hasn't gotten access to integral materials, especially since one of the allegations is more than 14 years old, and the rape allegation involves a woman with whom Weinstein insists he maintained a 10-year consensual relationship.

Pusha T I Didn't Go Too Far on Drake Diss ... In Fact, I Need Answers!

5/30/2018 7:05 AM PDT

Pusha T says he has no regrets about hitting Drake with some very low blows about the child he had with an ex-porn star and taking a pic in blackface.

Push spoke with Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy on "The Breakfast Club" early Wednesday after dropping his epic diss track, "The Story of Adidon." PT claims Adidon is the name of Drizzy's upcoming Adidas line, and also a reference to his alleged son's name, Adonis.

Push says Drake was asking for all his tea to get spilled because he dragged Pusha's fiancee into the beef. Drake name-checked her in his response diss track, "Duppy Freestyle" -- so, basically, all bets are off now ... the way Pusha sees it, anyway.

It's clear he doesn't think he crossed the line with any of his attacks -- which included making fun of Drake's longtime OVO producer, Noah "40" Shebib, for having multiple sclerosis. In fact, Pusha told the 'Breakfast Club' he's demanding answers for Drake's blackface photo shoot, which is real.

He might not get answers, but we're sure there's a response brewing at OVO HQ.

Southwest Airlines Investigating Alleged In-Flight Masturbater

5/29/2018 5:59 PM PDT

There was a possible hijacking on-board a Southwest Airlines flight ... and by that we mean some dude allegedly whacked off to porn on a plane. 

Southwest was alerted by a female passenger who says she spent her entire flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia "sitting next to a guy who has his iPad open on the tray table, watching porn, WITHOUT using headphones or anything."

The passenger added, "Twice now his body has started shaking in the throes of his orgasmic bliss. I’m so disgusted."

According to the passenger, the alleged dirtbag whipped out his penis in plain sight, ejaculated into a cocktail napkin and then handed it to a flight attendant to throw away. 

"There’s no way your staff working on this flight haven’t witnessed what’s been happening," the woman said. 

A rep for Southwest replied to the passenger on Twitter -- telling the woman to alert a flight attendant -- but the passenger refused because she felt it would put her "at risk." 

Southwest then told the woman to speak with a crew member after the flight landed. The passenger did not like that plan either. 

"Fine. I will stay aboard until everyone else gets off the flight, continuing the torture, because that’s exactly what someone who is being assaulted like this wants to do."

Southwest followed up with the passenger, saying, "I'm so sorry you had such an unpleasant flight, especially since you feel we should have done more to address this situation."

We spoke to the female passenger who tells us, upon landing, she waited in her seat to speak with the crew. She says the alleged masturbater waited a little while as well, then finally patted her on the head, said, "Hope you enjoyed the show" and left.

The female passenger says she spoke with the plane's crew who referred her to a local supervisor who could only offer her a dinner voucher. She's now in contact with SW's honchos. 

A rep for the airline tells us, "We're looking into reports that a Customer was viewing material deemed inappropriate by another Customer. At this time we have nothing further to share."

Southwest also said the incident report has been kicked up the chain to senior leadership. 

Dean Cain Goes to Bat for James Caan ... Defends Morgan Freeman

5/28/2018 2:58 PM PDT

Dean Cain seems to agree with his friend James Caan that the world's a strange place right now regarding how men and women interact ... and also shares his support of Morgan Freeman.

We got the former Superman actor out at the National Mall in D.C. on Memorial Day and asked about Caan's comments to us last week ... Dean tells us he sees where James is coming from, and dismisses a video tape many feel shows Freeman acting inappropriately to a reporter as "ridiculous."

Cain goes on to explain hitting on the opposite sex is fine if it doesn't go too far -- and he's seen that happen on both sides -- but the current culture's not going to stop him from talking to a beautiful woman.

He also says not to turn your back on Freeman simply based on allegations ... because he hasn't been convicted of anything yet.

Morgan Freeman Misplaced Humor, Not Sexual Assault Alleged Victim Calls Out CNN

5/26/2018 6:45 AM PDT

Morgan Freeman has issued a second statement, responding to allegations he sexually harassed a number of women, this time saying the incidents were "misplaced compliments or humor" and not sexual assault ... and now one of the women is calling out CNN for unfairly suggesting she's a victim.

Freeman says, "I am devastated that 80 years of my life is at risk of being undermined, in the blink of an eye." He goes on ... "It is not right to equate horrific incidents of sexual assault with misplaced compliments or humor."

Freeman does apologize, saying he will "continue to apologize to anyone I might have upset, however unintentionally."

A woman mentioned in the CNN story -- Tyra Martin, reached out to TMZ and said, "Hey, still getting a lot of nasty messages from people who think I AM one of the accusers. I'm not, never was. CNN totally misrepresented the video and took my remarks out of context." The incident involved an interview Martin did with Freeman, where she recounted, "When I stood up, I pulled my skirt part of my dress down and he did say, 'Oh, don't pull it down now.'"

Harvey Weinstein Prosecutors Eyeing Obscure Law in Investigation

5/25/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Harvey Weinstein is now in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors who are looking to possibly prosecute him under a law that some legal experts say is a giant stretch.

Law enforcement sources tell us, the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York is looking to see if Weinstein violated the Mann Act. It now prohibits people from taking others across state lines with the intent of engaging in illegal sexual acts. The law was initially designed to prevent adults from transporting minors across state lines for sex.

The law requires the suspect to have formed the intent to commit the act before taking the victim across state lines.

Our sources say prosecutors are looking at at least one actress whom Weinstein flew from one state to another. The stretch is that they will have to prove he asked the actress to travel, knowing that he was going to rape her when she arrived at the destination.

The difficulty in such a case ... Weinstein may have wanted to have sex, but didn't assume from the get-go he would have to rape the woman.

As we reported, Weinstein will turn himself in today on state sexual assault charges.

Weinstein has maintained the sexual encounters he has had were all consensual. 

Nicole Eggert No Regrets In Baio Case!!!

5/24/2018 1:31 PM PDT

Nicole Eggert says she knew it'd be a long shot for law enforcement to find a prosecutable case against Scott Baio -- but she doesn't regret for a second pursuing her allegations.

Nicole talked to us about her moral victory over Baio. We broke the story ... Baio won't be prosecuted for allegedly molesting Nicole while working on "Charles in Charge." Still, our sources say the D.A. believed Nicole's story. 

She says she doesn't regret pursuing the case as vigorously as she did, because she says she wanted her truth out there. Nicole also told us whether she'd accept an apology from Baio, at this point.

Baio's rep says “According to on the record statements from the Los Angeles District Attorney, TMZ's source on this matter is incorrect, and the status of the case is unchanged. Similarly, we do not believe the various claims about comments about the strength of Ms. Eggert’s allegations are accurate. Ms. Eggert is now also subject to a restraining order for stalking a Baio fan using social media, which she has already violated. We believe Scott will be fully vindicated when this matter actually concludes, and Ms. Eggert will then be held fully accountable for her untrue and defamatory claims.”

TMZ reported the fact the D.A. handling the case found Nicole "credible" after meeting with her Wednesday, and that Scott would not be prosecuted based on the statute of limitations.

Our information is based on unimpeachable law enforcement sources directly connected to the case.

Stormy Daniels Pushy Goon Squad ... Down at The Abbey

5/24/2018 6:48 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels was rolling deep with security for her appearance in West Hollywood -- and as they say ... there's strength -- and apparently jerk-offs -- in numbers.

We got Trump's alleged one-time mistress hitting up The Abbey in WeHo Wednesday night right on the heels of celebrating Stormy Daniels Day and receiving a key to the city.

She had quite the entourage around her -- some security ... and one rando who got into it with paps on the way in. The same dude who flipped off the cameras resurfaced on the way out, but it was one of Stormy's bodyguards who had the last shove ... and alleged theft.

There hasn't been a camera Stormy and co. have met that they didn't like ... until now. 

R. Kelly My 'Too Late' Speech Was No Diss, Just a Shout-Out to Me

5/23/2018 12:50 AM PDT

R. Kelly was recently filmed saying it's "too late" for those trying to #MuteRKelly -- but his speech was more about his strong legacy than it was anything else.

A new video shows Kelly making a toast with friends, and him saying "it's too late" as well as "They should've did this s*** 30 years ago." While some took that to mean his accusers were too late, we're told that's not what he meant.

Sources close to Kels tell TMZ ... Kelly was simply celebrating with his pals -- including former basketball player Antoine Walker -- rather than bashing any of his accusers. We're told his "too late" comment was in reference to those trying to silence him, like Spotify.

Fact is ... R. Kelly's streaming numbers have actually gone up since Spotify announced it was removing his music from its playlists. Sources say Kelly was simply pointing out his music has made its impact around the world, and nothing will change that.

We broke the story ... Kelly's now being sued by a woman who claims he sexually assaulted her, falsely imprisoned her and gave her herpes. She also secretly recorded Kelly earlier this month, trying to coax him into a confession. 

Kelly is facing many other allegations of sexual misconduct ... including running an alleged sex cult. He's vehemently denied that, though.

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