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Hot Teacher Busted Allegedly Had Sex With 3 High Schoolers

6/10/2017 9:09 AM PDT

Erin McAuliffe -- a 25-year-old math teacher -- has been arrested for carrying on sexual relationships with 3 male high school students.

The charter school teacher at Rocky Mount Preparatory in North Carolina was taken into custody Thursday and faces 3 counts of sexual activity with a student and one count of indecent liberties with a minor. Two of the boys she allegedly had sex with are 17 ... the other is 16.

Admin staff at McAuliffe's school reportedly tipped cops off and a month-long investigation was launched. All of her sexual activity with the students is believed to have taken place away from the school.

Along with being arrested and charged ... McAuliffe also got canned from her teaching job.

Von Miller Blocks Sex Tape Release Judge Orders Copy Destroyed

4/13/2017 9:34 AM PDT
Breaking News

Big win for Von Miller ... an L.A. judge has BLOCKED a woman from releasing the sex tape featuring the NFL superstar after months of fighting it out in court.

As we previously reported, Elizabeth Ruiz claims she owns the rights to 50% of the video which was shot during a trip to Mexico in June 2016. She claimed Miller knew he was being recorded and consented.

But Miller claimed Ruiz was trying to shake him down for $2.5 MILLION -- insisting she was only using the tape in a cash grab scheme.

She denied trying to extort Miller -- saying it was HIS legal team that made the first cash offer and she was down to play ball.

But earlier this week, a judge issued a permanent injunction in the case -- forbidding her from not only distributing the tape ... but she's not even allowed to let anyone see it. 

The judge also ordered Ruiz to pay Miller $50,000 in attorney's fees.

And get this ... the judge also ordered that a copy of the sex tape that Ruiz had submitted as evidence must be destroyed ASAP.

Ruiz had previously insisted on keeping at least 1 copy of the tape ... claiming she enjoyed watching it privately. No word if the judge will allow that.

Mel B Belafonte Targeted Playboy Mansion for 3-Ways

4/5/2017 8:46 AM PDT

Stephen Belafonte had a favorite place to take Mel B for 3-ways ... the Playboy Mansion, sources connected with Mel B tell TMZ.

Our sources say Belafonte would "hound and cajole" Mel B to go to the Mansion, which she generally didn't want to do. We're told he would badger her for hours until she was worn down and finally agreed to go.

Once there, our sources say Belafonte would encourage her to drink -- she has struggled with alcohol abuse -- and when she got drunk he would then zero in on Playboy Bunnies for 3-ways.

Sources connected with Belafonte say they had an open marriage. Mel B calls BS on that, alleging Belafonte would often videotape the 3-ways and then threaten to release the videos if she didn't continue to participate in the encounters.

Holly Madison Sues Penis Pill Co ... I Never Said Hef Took Your Pills!

2/16/2017 7:13 PM PST

Holly Madison never had Hugh Hefner take any testosterone pills before they got busy -- or at least she never endorsed it -- according to a new lawsuit she's filed.

Madison says she discovered an article online saying she did an interview with Dr. Oz describing how Hef took Blackcore Edge to cure his erectile dysfunction. In her suit, she says that's totally false.

According to the docs, the article made it seem like Holly said, "when Hefner took a pill, 15 minutes later his blood would start pumping! He got stronger, bigger, and lasted as long as an 18 year old." It also made it seem like she said all the girls in the Playboy Mansion benefited from the pills.

Holly not only denies the content of the article, but points out she NEVER did an interview with Dr. Oz. She also says the Blackcore Edge article was made to look like it was affiliated with Men's Health ... but it was a knockoff website.

She's suing the male enhancement company for using her name and image without consent, and for the fake quotes.

MMA Star Mayhem Miller 'Golden Showers' Take Center Stage In Dom. Violence Case

1/20/2017 12:40 AM PST

Jason "Mayhem" Miller's domestic violence case just took a weird turn -- his lawyer brought up his penchant for "golden showers" and freaky sex acts in open court.

The MMA star and ex-MTV host is accused of beating up and stalking an ex-girlfriend in 2013 ... and he appeared in court Thursday in Orange County, CA for day 1 of his trial.

During the proceeding, Miller's lawyer explained that his client and the accuser had a pretty twisted sex life complete with threesomes, sex parties, choking and golden showers (peeing on each other).

Unclear how Miller's lawyer plans on using this information in the case ... but damn.

(Note: the woman in the video is NOT the accuser).

Cowboys' Orlando Scandrick Sex Makes Him Play Better ... Says Draya Michele

1/13/2017 8:20 AM PST

Dallas Cowboys DB Orlando Scandrick has a pre-game ritual that powers him up before a game ... he bangs it out ... so says his fiancee, Draya Michele

We got Draya & Julissa Bermudez leaving Catch in L.A. when we asked her what the rules are on pre-game lovin' in the Scandrick-Michele house.

Some athletes -- especially boxers -- say a little booty weakens the knees ... and with a HUGE playoff game against the Packers coming up on Sunday, the Cowboys need all knees strong.

Draya promises Cowboys Nation her man will be tip-top, because she says their lovemaking is the magical elixir behind Scandrick's success ... and he dips into that elixir before every game he plays.

Check out the below vid ... you'd play better too.

A video posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

Kordell Stewart Furious Over Stolen Naked Video ... Blames Porsha

12/23/2016 9:54 AM PST

Kordell Stewart says newly surfaced video purportedly showing the ex-NFL star in the nude is real -- but it was stolen -- and he's pointing the finger at his reality star ex-wife.

TMZ Sports spoke with the former Pittsburgh Steelers QB who says he's outraged that the video went public because he had made it specifically for a woman he was dating at the time.

Stewart says he's already contacted his lawyers and plans to rain down hell on whoever released it.

Kordell says his #1 suspect is his ex-wife, Porsha Williams -- claiming she had sent him text messages warning him to "prepare for war" ... and he believes she was referring to the tape.

As for reports that Kordell had made the video for another man, the ex-NFL star tells us it's "bull****" -- and says that, while he respects gay people, that's just not who he is.

We reached out to Porsha -- but she had no comment ... for now.

Andy Cohen I'd Bang Bieber ... But No Kimye Threesome For Me

12/6/2016 11:17 AM PST

Andy Cohen didn't hesitate when asked if he'd hook up with Justin Bieber -- it was a resounding yes -- but he's a lot less turned on by the thought of sleeping with Kim and Kanye.

Andy was on Matt Weiss and Theo Von's "Allegedly" podcast where the guys asked the "Watch What Happens Live" host a flurry of provocative questions. Andy was game ... and even brought the Biebs' penis into the convo.

The biggest surprise, though, is Andy balking at a Kimye threesome ... which he says would be a boner killer. Then he gave his F***, Marry, Kill breakdown for the 3 Kardashian sisters. Good stuff.

Check out the full episode on iTunes today.

Von Miller Sex Tape Co-Star I Didn't Extort Him I Kept Footage for Masturbation

11/30/2016 12:50 AM PST

Von Miller's sex tape partner says the NFL star is full of crap -- claiming she NEVER set him up or shook him down ... and says she only kept the X-rated footage as a self-pleasuring aid. 

We spoke with Elizabeth Ruiz -- who says Von was the one pushing to record their sexual encounter in Cancun back in June ... and they BOTH shot portions on their own cell phones.

As we previously reported, Von filed legal docs in an effort to block Ruiz from releasing the tape -- and claimed she was trying to extort him for $2.5 MILLION.

Ruiz says the Broncos star is lying through his diamond grillz ... insisting she never asked him for a dollar ... until HIS lawyers made an unsolicited offer.

But Ruiz says the tape was never about getting rich -- it was just about getting off.

Monica Crazy Sex Made Shannon Brown Better at Basketball

11/18/2016 10:29 AM PST

Popeye had his spinach ... Shannon Brown has crazy sex with his hot, famous R&B singer wife. 

Monica was a guest co-host on "The Real" this week when she started dishing about how sex was her secret weapon to get her NBA husband to perform on the court. 

"Right before my daughter was conceived ... his career high was in Phoenix and he was jumping really high and we were going all the time," Monica said.

"That was in the earlier stages of marriage."

30-year-old Brown -- who famously played for the Lakers -- is currently on a comeback mission trying to get back to the NBA -- so, hope Monica's ready! 

Von Miller 'I Believe In Karma' After Sex Tape Lawsuit Goes Public

11/17/2016 10:26 AM PST
Breaking News

Von Miller got deep on social media today -- talking about karma and "curve balls" in life -- and it seems like a thinly veiled reference to his sex tape legal battle.

As we previously reported, Von has declared legal war on a woman he had sex with in Mexico -- a woman who recorded the session and allegedly tried to sell it back to the NFL star for $2.5 million. 

Von got a temporary injunction in court which blocks her from releasing the tape ... at least for now. 

The Denver Broncos star never mentioned the sex tape in an Instagram post on Thursday -- but the message seems clear ... karma will bite this woman in the ass. 

"I believe in God, luck, fate and I believe in karma, that the energy you put out in the world comes back to meet you."

"But life inevitably throws us curve balls, unexpected circumstances that remind us to expect the unexpected. I've come to understand these curve balls are the beautiful unfolding of both karma and current. #lifeisgreat #blessed."

Tennis Star James Blake I'm Proud Of Harvard ... For Dropping Hammer On Soccer Team

11/4/2016 3:48 PM PDT

Tennis star James Blake is PROUD of his alma mater Harvard for taking swift action against the men's soccer team -- saying he's glad the school didn't go the Penn State route and try to cover it up. 

Harvard's Dean cancelled the rest of the season after it was revealed players had compiled sexual "scouting reports" on incoming female soccer recruits -- complete with bang-ability ratings. 

But Blake -- who attended Harvard in the early 2000s -- says the University had a choice on how they wanted to handle it ... and made the right decision by "outing themselves."

Blake says the move sends a strong message to students -- no one gets a "free pass" at Harvard ... even if you're a star athlete. 

Harvard University School Suspends Soccer Team ... Over Sex-Rating Scandal

11/3/2016 3:29 PM PDT
Breaking News

Harvard University has suspended the men's soccer team for the remainder of the season after officials found that players had been creating detailed reports on women they'd like to bang. 

An investigation was launched into the program over allegations the 2012 team had created a ranking system for Harvard's female soccer recruits -- detailing who they'd like to bang and why.

Officials say there was essentially a "scouting report" in which the women were rated on a number scale and assigned a hypothetical sexual position.

The school says the investigation showed the "report" wasn't limited to 2012 -- and continued into 2016.

So, Harvard's Dean, Drew Faust, dropped the hammer on team -- which is currently ranked #1 in the Ivy League -- canceling the final 2 games of the season and banning them from the NCAA tourney.

Story developing ...

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