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virginia beach, va
2081 days ago
About Me
Married ( happily, seems rare today ). Grew up in single parent house with an older brother and sister. Got my first gun shot in 1973( yes I was 4), that started a pattern for my life that I joke that I am Gods hacky sack! At 13-16 was locked down in the worst drug rehab in American history ( straight incorporated) been run over by 2 cars and 1 truck. Too many fights to remember, especially when your mom was one of the 1st female police employees in Cincinnati ( a dispatcher), and since I grew up in a rather rough area it seemed my name was "target" for getting jumped. Was in a coma due to viral infection, Dr told my mom and future wife that I would 95% change I would not come out but if I did I would have severe brain damage and would NEVER walk . Hmmmm , they were wrong on all counts. Yet I still don't look at those things as stuff to justify being negative or messing me up for life , yes they effected me but I don't use them as an excuse to justify being a butt head. I use them as learning experiences and keep ky sense of humor to help me get through life !
Helping kids (foster parent). Building hot rods, playing bass, then anything else that my kids enjoy or want to learn.

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