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KATHY =( ^-^ )=

Anaheim, CA.
2535 days ago
About Me
Live in Anaheim,Ca. now been here since April 2013..Down the street from Disneyland (I can literally walk there)..I'm a Widow with 3 adult Kids, .I used to have Cats but they all died of old age 18 years.. Ok .I'm a Fan girl of mature age.. (so what I say)...I beyond mind's comprehension, LOVE TOM HIDDLESTON sooo much and LOKI... Love Fantasy Sci-Fi ,& Movies, Marvel movies Thor movies,The Avengers LOTR Series, Star Trek Movie Series,Harry Potter Movie Series.Horror And am determined to meet TOM HIDDLESTON one day for my bucket list.Then I can die....I would also love to see Daniel Radcliffe too :) Have seen more Celebs then I can count & box up in my photo albums/and computer hard drive.The nicest Celeb upon meeting was Johnny Knoxville whom I have seen more than twice..Went to 4 Green Day Concerts which spent my last time in the mosh pit.yikes,a challenge,but got good photos! Been to Jimmy Kimmel a lot too...Other concerts like Kiss,& Aerosmith,& many others.. Have went to see a lot of Red Carpet Movie Premieres too One of my daughters has worked at Disneyland, and currently they're working House of Blues..2 daughters work at Knotts Halloween Haunt as Monsters during October. which makes me a Haunt Mom. I have in the past done Background work along with one of my daughters . My son is an Artist who did training graphics for NASA,and now works for Chevron's graphics dept... And so on. I'm not rich....and I live in an Apartment..and as mentioned before I see the stuff above mentioned on eBay.. And Oh.. I hate Autograph Hunters,they disturb & interfere with REAL Fans that are trying to meet their favorite Celeb.. Those guys are trolls that feed off Wish that TMZ would cover more of Tom Hiddleston..NOT Kim K. and the other U.S. trash (I know you want the screw ups) I get it. Tom Hiddleston's perfect so you can attack him. So I guess that's why he's not on your radar..
I Sell my deceased husband's Vintage Collectibles on eBay Comics Books...Action Figures ....Models......and so on... Seller ---> kats9livesfive

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