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Floyd Mayweather

Closing the Deal on $4.8 Mil Super Car

6/28/2015 7:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0628-floyd-mayweather-car-Gallery-Launch-TemplateHow do you upgrade from a $3.8 million Ferrari?? Easy ... you get a $4.8 MILLION super car to take its place ... at least, that's what Floyd Mayweather's planning to do ... TMZ Sports has learned. 

Sources close to the boxer tell us ... he's thiiiis close to closing the deal on an ultra-rare sports car called a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita ... one of only THREE of its kind in the entire world. 

The car is lightning fast ... 0-60 in 2.9 seconds ... and tops out at 250 miles per hour! 

Our sources tell us Floyd has had his eye on the car for a while -- but now, he's finally pulling the trigger ... and we're told his car guy Obi Okeke at Fusion Luxury Motors has already imported it to his L.A. showroom specifically for Mayweather.

Floyd is currently in L.A. for the BET Awards -- don't be surprised if he's rolling around town in the car by the 4th of July. 

fishwrapper promo

Conrad in Dr Seuss'

"The Cat in the Hat"


6/29/2015 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626_spencer_breslin_cat_in_the_hat_launchSpencer Breslin is best known for playing Conrad Walden -- opposite Dakota Fanning as his sister Sally -- the in the 2003 feline family film "Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat." Guess what he looks like now!


Dej Loaf

Fist Fight with Manager

During BET Soundcheck

6/28/2015 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0628-dej-loaf-INSTAGRAM-01Dej Loaf checked someone during a BET soundcheck, and the guy ended up in the ER.

The rapper, who's nominated for 3 BET Awards and scheduled to perform, was at rehearsal Saturday at the Nokia Theatre when 2 of her former managers showed up unannounced.

We are told Dej Loaf and the hired help ended on bad terms just a week ago.  The 2 managers wanted to "talk it out" with her and, needless to say, it didn't go well.

Dej Loaf, her brother and her new management got into a scuffle with the old manager... leaving him with a cut forehead.

The manager went to the hospital for stitches.

You know what they say ...

Bristol Palin

So This Pregnancy was Planned

And I Don't Regret It

6/28/2015 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0628-bristol-palin-TMZ-03Bristol Palin makes no apparent sense ... now she says her latest out of wedlock baby was planned.

Bristol just posted what looks squarely inconsistent with what she wrote when she announced her pregnancy. She says in her latest blog post, "This pregnancy was actually planned."

Bristol -- who became an abstinence spokesperson and urged women to prevent such pregnancies -- says there's a big difference between her pregnant at 17 and 24. 

It's unclear how this was a mistake if it was planned, and the regret that laced her previous sentiments is now gone. She also says she can't wait for baby #2.

The only possible explanation we can think of ... maybe she and her fiancé got pregnant in anticipation of marriage but then they broke up.

Bristol ends by saying, "Deal with it." We're trying.

Kanye West

Gets 'Taylor Swifted' at Concert

6/28/2015 8:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West just got a dose of his own VMA medicine when a known stage invader did his thing during a concert.

Kanye was performing in Glastonbury, England when Lee Nelson danced center stage.  Kanye kind of gave a 'WTF' gesture to his security, who promptly ramrodded the guy off stage.  As far as we know, Nelson was not arrested.

Nelson has crashed other big shows as well, including the 2014 "X Factor" live shows.

Nelson didn't let it go, tweeting, "I Kanye'd Kanye."

Nicki Minaj

Only the Best TP Wipes This Ass!

6/28/2015 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626-nicki-minaj-backstage-demands-fun-art-02The most pampered person on Nicki Minaj's tour is ... her ass, which has very specific needs when it comes to feeding it AND wiping it.

We got ahold of Nicki's concert rider, and the list of demands -- from her meats to her crapper -- is spectacular. 

First, the ins:
- 12 pieces of fried chicken
-  2 strip steaks (well done)
- 4 bottles of Nicki's MYX Fusion Muscato wine
- 4 mini-bottles Sutter Home chardonnay

Now, the outs. Barbie's bathroom must have:
- 4 rolls of "good quality" toilet paper (Quilted Northern or Charmin Ultra only)
- 1 box of baby wipes (gotta have backup)

Bottom line? Nicki ain't going Downtown Julie Brown when she's on the road. If you don't know ... Google it. Carefully. 

Bobbi Kristina

Houstons and Browns Make Peace

In Final Days

6/28/2015 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobbi Kristina's family came together Saturday as they kept a vigil for her.

Pat Houston comforted Tina Brown outside the Peachtree Christian Hospice near Atlanta. It's the first time Pat and Tina have been seen together since Bobbi Kristina was admitted to the hospital back in January. The two families have put their differences aside, at least for now.  

As we reported, Bobbi Kristina has been taken off life-sustaining medication and it's only a matter of time until she passes.  

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Shia LaBeouf

My Head Is So Jacked Up ...

After Stunt Disaster

6/28/2015 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626-sbs-shia-labeouf-tmz-02Shia LaBeouf was sporting fresh head gear -- as in layers of bandages -- the morning after putting his head through a glass window ... and we got the first pics.

TMZ obtained these shots of Shia in Williston, ND on Thursday -- the day after he got 20 stitches and 13 staples. We broke the story ... Shia cut his head, left ear, and right index finger while shooting a scene for his movie, "American Honey."

The director and Shia agreed he would do the stunt himself ... for realism, and yes -- he really bled. A lot. We're told he actually gave it a 2nd go, and nailed it without injury.

Stuntmen? We don't need no stinkin' stuntmen.


Tori Spelling to Candy

Hey Mom ...

Charity Begins at Home!

6/28/2015 7:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0628-candy-spelling-tori-spelling-together-WIREIMAGE-01Tori Spelling and mommy Candy Spelling came together Saturday night, looking like one big happy family. The one with the sparkling dress is really, really rich.  The one with the braids is selling used pots and pans.

Candy, her son Randy, Tori, Dean and their kids were all at a charity event for Better Educated Students for Tomorrow.  

As we reported, Tori and Dean had a fire sale on Father's Day on their front lawn, unloading everything in their San Fernando Valley rental that wasn't nailed down.

Candy, who is reportedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars, has had a rocky relationship with her daughter.  

Maybe Candy's in the market for some used books.  Every little bit helps.


In other news...

Kate Hudson's father says she's dead to him

Bill Hudson no longer considers Kate and Oliver Hudson his children after Father's Day Instagram photo incident.



Frantic 911 Call

They're Holding 'White Guys' Hostage

6/28/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626_plies_mike_caskey_music_videoPlies and one of his friends took a white guy hostage ... at least that's what was reported to Florida cops, but it wasn't what it seemed.  

Cops were called to the St. Cloud home of Mike Busey (Gary's nephew, aka the white guy) after a passerby saw what he thought was a hostage situation. Someone called 911, saying 2 black males with assault rifles were holding a white male hostage.

Deputies rolled up with sirens blazing, then discovered the guns were unloaded and the only thing the guys were shooting was a music video.

The scene had Plies picking up guns from Haitian gangsters with assault rifles.

Check out  the video ...  the crew gets a stern talkin'-to by the cops.

In other news...

Kelly Rowland, LaLa, And Ciara Go on Triple Date.

Kelly Rowland, LaLa, and Ciara brought their hunky husbands and boyfriend to a special date night in West Hollywood.


Bill Cosby

'Terribly Embarrassing'

If 2005 Sexual Assault Allegations Made Public

6/28/2015 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Bill Cosby's lawyer is fighting to keep his 2005 sexual assault settlement confidential, claiming it would be "terribly embarrassing" if details of the allegations came to light.

Cosby's fighting a media request to unseal Cosby's settlement with Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee.  Cosby's lawyer was in court Friday, arguing Cosby's deposition in the case contains info about his marriage, sex life and Rx drug use, which should remain confidential.

Constand accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her. 

The judge was puzzled, noting a lot in the case has already been made public.

Cosby's lawyer said, "Frankly ... it would embarrass him [and] it would also prejudice him in the eyes of the jury pool in Massachusetts."  Cosby faces 3 defamation lawsuits in that state from a woman who claims Cosby defamed them by calling them liars.

The judge has yet to rule on whether he'll unseal the settlement.

In other news...

Want to live in Reggie Bush's home?

Reggie Bush has listed his suburban Detroit home for $2.49 Million.


Shawn Marion

Sells Miami Home

After Super Bowl Ticket Bribe Fails!

6/28/2015 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0626_shawn_marion_house_launch_ipadShawn Marion FINALLY unloaded his Miami condo ... the one he was so desperate to sell, he once offered up Super Bowl tickets to any takers!

The former NBA champ closed the deal on the massive, 7,373 sq. ft pad, which features six bedrooms and seven baths. It's located in a super exclusive Coconut Grove gated community.

Marion lost money on the deal -- he sold it for $1.8 million after buying it in 2008 for just under $2.5 million.

Marion's been trying to unload the place for years. He was so motivated, back in 2010 he offered up a private jet and four club seats to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas ... but no one bit. 

Missed opportunity.

Celebrity Scramble


6/28/2015 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0616_scramble_post_launchThere's a world class wrestler under this wonky warped face -- Take a leap off the top ropes and see if your ring intuition is right!

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