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Azealia Banks No More RZA Biz ... He Betrayed Me!!

10/19/2016 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-azealia-banks-rza-tmz-01Azealia Banks is pissed at RZA for not defending her when Russell Crowe threw her out of his party, and says she's cutting him off for good ... personally and professionally. 

Sources close to Banks tell TMZ ... she'd been negotiating a deal to sign with RZA's record label for the past 3 weeks. We're told RZA's rep called her this week about closing the deal, and she made it clear ... the deal is OFF.

RZA -- who invited Azealia to the party -- doesn't seem to be losing any sleep over it. His camp insists she's "full of it" when it comes to the events in Crowe's suite, and she was squarely in the wrong.

Johnny Damon I Got a SECOND Vasectomy 'First One Didn't Work All the Way'

10/19/2016 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There will be NO EIGHTH CHILD for Johnny Damon ... 'cause the ex-MLB star says he just got snipped for the second time ... after his first vasectomy didn't quite hold up.

Click here... it's not over yet

Beacher's Madhouse Mini Trump Storms Trump Int'l in Vegas

10/18/2016 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A smaller version of Donald Trump stormed into Trump International Hotel claiming he owned the joint ... but cops and hotel security caught him ... and it's all on tape!

Mini Trump -- a character from Jeff Beacher's Madhouse -- was suited and colored Tuesday as The Donald -- complete with his own motorcade and beauty pageant contestant. He muscled his way into the hotel ... only to be stopped by Metro police and security in the lobby. The Secret Service was also right there. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Mini Trump was detained in a security office and got slapped with a trespassing warning.

The stunt comes on the eve of the third and final presidential debate in Vegas.

Watch the video ... it's tremendous.


Gucci Mane Back On the Road ... With a Brand New Rolls!

10/19/2016 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gucci Mane is returning to normal life -- at least for a famous rapper -- rewarding himself with a brand new Rolls-Royce now that he can drive again.

Gucci was out in Atlanta showing off a red 2016 Phantom Drophead coupe right after he got his license back. Talk about enjoying his first ride since getting out of jail ... the whip he was rolling in is worth $500k!

The rapper announced some ambitious plans before taking his ride, and his sights are set on a top 5 list that might surprise you.



Ed Hardy's Christian Audigier Sorry, Kids ... I Left My Sperm Behind!!!

10/19/2016 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018_Christian-Audigier-tmzEd Hardy's late, great designer, Christian Audigier, left his $250 million fortune to his wife and 4 kids ... but if any kids are born from the sperm he left behind, they also get a piece of the pie.

Yes, sperm is front and center in the the legal docs filed with the court. Nathalie Sorensen, Christian's widow, has dibs on the sperm and can "use however she sees fit."

Nathalie was Christian's longtime GF and married him on his death bed.

Here's the rub. If Nathalie uses the sperm to have kids, they will get the same share of the estate as Christian's living children, which means with each baby they get less.

Nathalie hasn't said whether she'll grow the fam, so for now the sperm sits in a freezer at a cryobank, and his children worry.

Unmasked Michael Myers in Original 'Halloween' 'Memba Him?!

10/19/2016 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018_tony_moran_unmasked_michael_myers_halloween_movie_now_photos_launchTony Moran is best known for playing the unmasked Michael Myers -- opposite Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode -- in the original 1978 slasher film "Halloween." Guess what he looks like now!

In other news...

News Anchor's MORTIFYING Live TV Slip-Up Will NEVER Be Forgotten

A morning news anchor found out the hard way that one tiny slip up can change your career FOREVER -- how embarrassing!


TMZ Live Mary J. Blige: Ex-Hubby Wants a Fortune

10/18/2016 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

  • Adam Levine Caught Up in a Bogus Child Abuse Claim
  • Russell Crowe & Azealia Banks Fight: Caught On Camera!
  • More Celebs Trash Donald Trump
  • Billy Bush: That's A Wrap at NBC!

Ice Cube Tupac's a Hall of Famer! Rock and Roll Be Damned

10/18/2016 4:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ice Cube isn't concerned about Tupac getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and thinks hip-hop superstars should have their HOF anyway.

It was announced Tuesday ... Tupac is on the list of nominees for next year's ceremony. So, we asked Cube -- who got into the Hall earlier this year -- if he thinks 'Pac will get the nod on his first try.

Check out the vid ... Cube also dropped a few quick pearls about Donald Trump and the rash of sexual misconduct allegations. He said a lot with just 4 words.

Jim Carrey Late GF's Mom Is Money Hungry ... Also Threatened Suicide

10/18/2016 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-jim-carrey-cathriona-white-tmz-instagram-02update_graphic_red_bar4:40 PM PT -- Sweetman's attorney, Michael Avenatti, tells us "Carrey and his 'fixer' lawyers are trying to deceive the media and the public. They are attacking a grieving mother and making up facts they know to be untrue in an effort to save Carrey's career, which was over when he lied about not having STDs."

He also implored Carrey's team to release the results of a 2013 STD test he claims Carrey took under the pseudonym 'Jose Lopez.'update_grey_gray_barThe mother of Jim Carrey's late girlfriend hit him up for a house, and threatened to take her own life after Cathriona White's suicide ... according to new legal docs filed by Carrey. 

In the docs, Jim says Cat's biological mother, Brigid Sweetman, emailed him in November 2015 to say people were vandalizing her house with foul messages and leaving death threats in response to Cat killing herself. She believed she was getting blamed for Cat's death because of a "horrific and degrading" Facebook post she'd left for Cat on her birthday.

Jim says Brigid told him, "I am on the point of killing myself." He says she asked him to buy a house for her, but he declined and "she became angry and bitter." 

Carrey's filing is a response to the wrongful death suit Brigid filed against him. The actor's legal team is adamant Brigid's suing purely for a money grab, saying she did not love her daughter -- "she loves only money."

Carrey also denies giving Cathriona STDs ... and in the docs, says she profusely apologized for those accusations when they got back together in 2014. He says he thinks she only made it up because she was upset about their breakup. 

Jim went on to say, "I loved her face. I loved her Irish voice. I loved the way she smelled." He says from November 2014 they shared a "beautiful ten-month relationship filled with sweetness, caring and affection."

The docs include several photos of Jim and Cat together while they were dating.


In other news...

The REAL Reason Jennifer Lopez Broke Up With Casper Smart -- How AWFUL!

New details have emerged about why Jennifer Lopez allegedly broke up with Casper Smart -- this willINFURIATE you!


Tyga Kylie Makes Me Sick If You Ask How Much I Spend On Her

10/18/2016 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tyga went into serious medical distress mode Tuesday morning when the lawyer for a jeweler started asking him questions about how much loot he shells out for GF Kylie Jenner.

Celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills hauled Tyga into a hearing to determine if he has enough money to satisfy a $200k judgment for a fancy chain and timepiece.

Tyga, who flipped off our photog and aimed a pretend gun at him on the way in, was pretty accommodating, telling Jason's lawyer, Boris Treyzon, about his income and what he owns. But then Treyzon started grilling Tyga about various gifts he's given Kylie, and that triggered a 911-type emergency.

We're told Tyga said he started feeling extremely ill, lost memory and became confused, telling the lawyer he just couldn't go on.

The tricky part ... Kylie has cooed openly on social media about various gifts she's received from her BF, including a Mercedes as a birthday present. If he can afford that, he can afford to pay Jason. But, if Tyga says he didn't give Kylie all that stuff, he's effectively saying she's a social media liar.

The hearing's been rescheduled for November 1st ... the same day Kylie's set to come in for a separate interview. 


Sharon Stone What Sands Of Time?

10/18/2016 1:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018_sharon_stone_bikini_launchThere ain't a damn thing basic about Sharon Stone these days -- she's still rocking a bikini top and board shorts and looking good with 60 right around the corner.

Sharon showed off her bod while shooting her new flick, "A Little Something for Your Birthday," on Zuma Beach in Malibu. These pics prove she's still in the game -- and she's got some too when it comes to beach volleyball.

Now serving ... 

In other news...

AWWW! Adele's Boyfriend Delivers SHOCKING Surprise During Concert

Fans who attended Adele's concert in Nashville this week got a GIANT treat -- her boyfriend just topped every gift you've EVER received!


Tallulah Willis Feelin' Herself Very NSFW Shoot

10/18/2016 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018_tallulah-willis-tyler-shields-nude_photos_launch_3Tallulah Willis is highly provocative in new photos for shock photog Tyler Shields.

Shields has a history of getting young starlets to go out of their comfort zones ... and these shots of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's 22-year-old daughter definitely push the limit.

Tallulah's pics will be featured in Tyler's new book, "Provocateur."

Melania Trump Donald Accuser Fires Shot Your Wife's Doing What Hillary Did

10/18/2016 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-jessica-leeds-melania-trump-CNN-TMZ-02Jessica Leeds -- the woman who claims Donald Trump groped her on a plane 35 years ago -- says Melania Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton ... defending husbands who do bad things.

Leeds tells TMZ, she feels for Melania, who's now in the hot seat for defending Donald in the wake of various allegations by women. Leeds says Melania's defense of her husband is no different than Hillary's defense of Bill Clinton.

Leeds says, "The wives are in a difficult position if they want to save their marriage," adding, "They'll make compromises and accept the good with the bad." 

She also says, "I feel it's terrible Melania is being viewed as sympathetic when Donald is beating up on Hillary for doing the same with Bill."

As for Melania's comment that the allegations are suspicious because they're all surfacing just weeks before the election, Leeds repeated ... she was prompted to contact The New York Times after Trump denied ever actually doing the things he talked about with Billy Bush.

And she says, she never expected The Times to run her story because "it was 35 years ago and there was no way of fact checking."

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