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Brittany Furlan

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Brittany Furlan is known for her work on We Are Your Friends (2015), How to Have Sex on a Plane (2015) and Facebook Is Not Your Friend (2014).

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Tommy Lee's GF Brittany Furlan Confirms He's Still Got, Y'know ... It

Tommy Lee
Hot GF Proudly Displays Junk in His Trunks

Tommy Lee may be aging, but he ain't shrinking -- in fact, his much younger gf wants you to know he's still living very large. Brittany Furlan and the Motley Crue drummer are vacationing in… READ MORE >

Tommy Lee and GF Brittany Furlan Reveal Truth About 'Mile High Club'

Tommy Lee
'Mile High Club' Was Less Bang-y, More Sickly

Tommy Lee and his smoke show gf are coming clean -- they claim -- about their entry into the "Mile High Club" ... and, for once, the tale doesn't involve Tommy's famous junk. When we got Tommy… READ MORE >

- 149 days ago
Desiigner Thanks Tommy Lee for Paving the (Mile High) Way!!!

Hey, Tommy Lee ... Thanks for Paving The (Mile High) Way!

Desiigner sends a big thank-you to Tommy Lee for opening the door to sex 35,000 feet in the air. We got the "Panda" rapper at LAX Monday and he was gleeful about the video TMZ… READ MORE >

- 184 days ago
Tommy Lee's Mile High Club Video Apparently Not Against American Airlines Policy

American Airlines
Hey Tommy Lee ... Bathroom Bangin' is AA-OK!!!

Tommy Lee won't be busted for possibly busting with his girlfriend in an American Airlines bathroom, because what the 2 did inside is nobody's business but theirs ... TMZ has learned. Our… READ MORE >

- 187 days ago
Tommy Lee, Inducted into Mile High Club with Hot Girlfriend

Tommy Lee
Inducted into Mile High Club With Hot Girlfriend

Tommy Lee can vouch for American Airlines, because he definitely got something special in the air.  The Motley Crue drummer and Brittany Furlan had one last hurrah as they left Nassau by… READ MORE >

- 187 days ago
Vine Star Brittany Furlan -- The Secret to Six Million Followers Is ...

Vine Star Brittany Furlan
The Secret to Six Million Followers Is ...

How does someone you've never heard of amass SIX MILLION followers on Vine? Allow Brittany Furlan to explain ...Our photog spotted the Internet sensation out on Larchmont yesterday with her dad… READ MORE >

- 1387 days ago
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