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LeBron James

LeBron James is a NBA player for his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was drafted by the Cavs in 2003 straight of high school and eventually transferred to the Miami Heat from 2010-2014, where he won two NBA Championship rings in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, James returned home to Cleveland, taking the team to victory in 2016. “King James” represented Team USA at three Olympics. He won gold in 2008 and 2012 and bronze in 2004 in Athens. Off the court, James has a philanthropic side. He launched the LeBron James Family Foundation in 2004, which in conjunction with the Akron Public Schools, aims to improve graduation rates. James appeared in the film “Trainwreck” and is in discussions to star in the “Space Jam” sequel. James created and voiced the YouTube animated series “The LeBrons,” which lasted three seasons. James was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, OH. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson James, since September 14, 2013 and the couple has three children, LeBron, Jr., Bryce Maximus, and Zhuri.

Shannon Sharpe Breaks Out Goat Head, Biceps for LeBron James

Shannon Sharpe
Breaks Out Goat Head, Biceps ... For LeBron James

Shannon Sharpe wanted to rub Skip Bayless' nose in LeBron James' greatness Monday morning -- so, he put on the goat head, ditched his sleeves ... and even busted out a Black & Mild!  ...… READ MORE >

Dwyane Wade Says He's Trying to Do a Movie with Gabby Union!

Dwyane Wade
I'm Trying to Do a Movie with Gabby!

Dwyane Wade's trying to get that Hollywood money ... telling TMZ Sports he's trying to do a movie with his wife, Gabrielle Union!! The Miami Heat star and Gabby hit up Craig's in West… READ MORE >

- 6 days ago
LeBron's Wife Hit Australian Fashion Show While Cavs Lost

LeBron's Wife
Hit Australian Fashion Show ... While Cavs Lost

LeBron James had a rough night ... but his wife was LIVING IT UP in Australia!! Savannah James was spotted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday ... rockin' some pretty… READ MORE >

- 8 days ago
Doc Rivers Says He's Happy for Chris Paul

Doc Rivers
I'm Happy for Chris Paul

They haven't always had the best relationship, but Doc Rivers says there's no hard feelings when it comes to Chris Paul ... and he's rooting for him in the NBA playoffs. Remember, when Paul left… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
Michael Rapaport Says LeBron Shut Me Up, 'Can't Talk Sh*t'

Michael Rapaport
LeBron Shut Me Up ... 'Can't Talk Sh*t'

LeBron James got Michael Rapaport to cut the trash talking and shut his mouth ... and even Rapaport says he's pretty damn impressed.  Look, Rap has said a lot of crap about Bron over the… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
LeBron James' 'Don't Trip' Hat Helps Company Sell Out Overnight

LeBron James
Fans Rush To Buy 'Don't Trip' Hats ... Sell Out Overnight!!

The LeBron James effect is VERY REAL ... 'cause the hat he wore to the Cavs game Monday completely sold out at an insanely fast rate ... and now the company behind it is scrambling to restock!!… READ MORE >

- 15 days ago
Bob Baffert Raves About 'Justify,' He's the LeBron James of Horses!

Bob Baffert
Raves About 'Justify' He's the LeBron James of Horses!

The horse that won the Kentucky Derby can be one of the greatest of ALL TIME ... so says trainer Bob Baffert, who just compared Justify to LeBron James! Yes, LEBRON JAMES!!! Justify beat… READ MORE >

- 17 days ago
Chris 'Kid' Reid Says He Trusts LeBron With 'House Party' & NBA Title

Chris 'Kid' Reid
I Trust LeBron With 'House Party' ... And With NBA Title

LeBron James has two very big wins coming in the near future ... 'cause according to Chris "Kid" Reid, LBJ is going to kill it doing the new 'House Party' movie ... and raise the trophy as an NBA… READ MORE >

- 25 days ago
Julius Randle Cares About His Own L.A. Future, Not LeBron's

Lakers' Julius Randle
I Care About My L.A. Future ... Not LeBron's!

Julius Randle says you can jam it with all the questions about LeBron James on the Lakers ... because there's one Lakers future he's much more interested in ... HIS OWN. Randle is coming off a… READ MORE >

- 33 days ago
LeBron Says Back Off Allie LaForce, Popovich Question Was Cleared

Back Off NBA Reporter ... Question on Pop's Wife Was Cleared!!

LeBron James wants people to "get off [Allie LaForce's] back" -- saying she did NOT blindside him on air with a question about the death of Gregg Popovich's wife. LaForce was catching hell… READ MORE >

- 35 days ago
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