Constantine's Greek Tragedy

9/13/2006 6:46 PM PDT

Constantine's Greek Tragedy

Appearing on "American Idol" can lead to great success and even Grammy Awards or... not!

For every Kelly Clarkson there are record store bargain bins littered with the failed careers of the reality show's contestants.

Former "Idol" non-winner Constantine Maroulis may not exactly be slinging hash at Applebee's yet, but the once buzzed about rocker is slowly watching his career hit the Guarini zone.

Although he has landed a role in the Broadway musical "The Wedding Singer", Maroulis is also still making ends meet by performing in local food festivals. Ay-yi-yi!

The Brooklyn native is scheduled to perform at the Greek Food Festival of Dallas at the end of the month. And for a whopping $10 admission price, hungry fans get entrance to the festival, lunch and Constantine's performance.

Not even Paula Abdul can find something hopeful to say to Constantine about that.