Kate Goes From Supermodel to Super Designer

9/19/2006 2:36 PM PDT

Kate Goes From Supermodel to Super Designer

Kate Moss' supercareer keeps on getting better and better.

After appearing in 14 advertising campaigns for everyone from Versace to Calvin Klein to Burberry this year, Kate is reportedly set to design outfits for the UK retailer Topshop. Rehab never looked so good!

While Kate may be used to wearing clothes from high end designers, Topshop has more in common with Gap than Gucci.

But that shouldn't be a problem for the fashion icon. Last week, Kate set off a shopping frenzy when she was photographed carrying a $5 bag from a drugstore chain. The bargain bin Balenciaga quickly sold out across England.

And Moss' lack of design experience shouldn't be a hindrance either, because, "Project Runway" be damned, that hasn't stopped fellow fashionistas like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani and Diddy from succeeding in the biz.

So as we await to see what the House of Moss will create, let's just hope the designs come in sizes other than small, petite and waif.