Owen Wilson Is Not Bringing SexyBack

10/30/2006 2:29 PM PST

Owen Wilson Is Not Bringing SexyBack

Apparently, Owen Wilson's ass is for Kate Hudson's eyes only.

Wilson was filming a scene for his new movie "Drillbit Taylor" in Malibu on Friday and, much to the dismay of women and some men, required the use of a stunt-butt double.

While Owen rinsed off in an outdoor shower sporting swimming trunks, his double shook his naked moneymaker for all to see. Shanghai Moon, anyone?

The very next day, a still clothed but barefoot Wilson continued to show off his love for watersports, and his disdain towards the paparazzi, by dousing a photographer with his water bottle in Malibu.

Unless Owen is doing research to play Woody Harrelson, it looks like his anger management skills could use a stunt double too.