Gere to Indian 'Moral Police' Kiss My White A**

4/27/2007 8:37 AM PDT

Gere to Indian 'Moral Police' -- Kiss My White A**

Richard Gere isn't bothered that a warrant's out for his arrest in India, and he's accusing a "very small right-wing, very conservative" faction in the country for coming after him for his public kissing of an Indian actress. "They do this kind of thing quite often," Gere told Jon Stewart on last night's "Daily Show." "I don't know that anyone has actually gone to jail ... It goes to a reputable court and they throw it out." Yesterday, an Indian judge issued a warrant for Gere's arrest in Jaipur, saying that he had "transgressed all limits of vulgarity" when he smooched Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS benefit.

Penn Tried to Bail Eve, Then Bailed to Avoid Paps

Wondering what Sean Penn was doing in the middle of the night to visit Eve in an LAPD station house, as TMZ reported exclusively yesterday morning? According to Rush & Molloy, he offered to bail her out – but when he saw that the press was gathering, he hightailed it out, telling Eve, "Let me leave before this becomes something bigger than it is."

The rapper-actress, says a source, was "surprised" to see Penn arrive at the Hollywood division, and when he offered to pay her $30,000 bail, she politely declined. But Penn then got skittish when he noticed that the paparazzi were assembling, though it was too late – TMZ caught him coming out. It's still unclear whether the pair were hanging out earlier in the evening.

Party Favors: Did Queen Breakup Wills and Kate? ... Beyonce Can't Tell Herself from Shakira ... "Idol" Gives over $60 Million Back

Could Queen Elizabeth II have broken up her grandson Wills and longtime galpal Kate Middleton for her own ego's sake? OK! magazine reports that the Queen didn't want a young "Diana type" to overshadow her reign, and thus didn't invite Kate to her big 81st birthday bash, precipitating the end. ... Beyonce is doing double-takes when she looks at her new video "Beautiful Liar" with Shakira, because she can't tell whether it's herself or the Latin lovely, reports WENN. ... The two-day "American Idol" special "Idol Gives Back" has already raised more than $60 million for relief programs in America and Africa, according to FOX.